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petak, 12. veljače 2016.

Travel Channel's "World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides" Henry Cole In Croatia (+Video)

Scenes during the episode while motorcycling Croatian roads.

I came across these videos regarding an earlier story I did last year (post here), so I should finish this story. I used to have a motorcycle for a time also, so I didn't mind doing this topic. In a nutshell, earlier last summer the famous British motorcycle enthusiast, writer, adventurer and TV presenter Henry Cole, was in Croatia filming for his long running TV show on the Travel Channel, a series which is broadcast to around 200 million people in 130 countries.

The episodes took him from Slovenia then through Croatia and then all the way to the Balkans and finishing in Bulgaria. Unfortunately during the Croatia segment he rode his motorcycle mainly along just the coast, well actually only along the coast and not in Zagreb, central or northern Croatian regions, mainly the Istrian peninsula and islands and then along the Croatian Dalmatian coast towards Split. I was really surprised though that he didn't at least make a pit stop in Rijeka for a beer, and maybe get a quick tattoo, or even one in Zadar or Split.

Anyway, the majority of the filming in Croatia took place last May on less well known but scenic roads and locations on the islands of Cres, Krk, Rab, and Pag, but he did manage to spend some time in RovinjPula, Zadar, SkradinMakarska and Split also. But then again, the episodes and show is mainly about motorcycles and riding the roads presenting his viewers with the best motorcycle routes.

Serving up some local dishes near the town of Pula before hitting the road again.

Because the filming took place in May, he avoided the much busier summer season that starts up in July, so he does give the viewer a more authentic and less touristy version peak of some roads, countryside and other views. On his trip he also took in some local traditions and cuisine, beach volleyball, gladiator fighting, cooking in the kitchen, learns how to make the famous Pag cheese (aka "Paški sir", why he didn't visit one of the sausages/smoked meats making facilities is beyond me, no tattoo and no Croatian salamis, pršut or smoked sausages? that's weird and a sin, Oh yeah, it's mainly about riding the roads), as well as stopping off at Hajduk Split football club for some hijinx and ball kicking as a finale, all this between fixing and refuelling his motorcycle and giving motorcycle riding tour tips.

(Interestingly, I should also add that the host of the series Henry Cole wasn't always a motorcycle riding show host, because in 1995 he was actually in Sarajevo as a news cameraman and witnessed the bestial Serb church cult blessed orgiastic shelling, sniping and bombing of the unarmed civilian residents of the city in person. He was there and saw first hand the people and children being torn to bits and murdered, with limbs flying, bits of skull and brains splattered against walls like beefaroni by bloodthirsty Serbs in the streets, markets and schoolgrounds for years. (He wasn't privy to the many Serb rapings though because those took place outside the city). It hasn't been just fun travelling around places on motorcycles for years like you may think).


The Croatia segment starts around the 42 minute mark and the subtitles are in Slovenian. In this episode he crosses the Slovenian-Croatian border, runs out of gas, and then firstly rides to the very small tucked away hilltop town of Motovun (which also hosts the annual Motovun Film Festival btw)...

In this episode he spends most of the time island hopping to less well known locations and talks to locals, buys some truffles at a road side stand, is a hotel room critic in the town of Rovinj, becomes a gladiator in the town of Pula (which is one of the biggest and best preserved Roman amphitheatres still in existence btw and these days annually hosts the Pula Fim Festival, he also forgot to mention Zagreb Bears hockey games were played in the arena), he mentions how James Joyce spent time writing in Pula, he then becomes a chef for a day, bumps into the Olsen twins (not really, but that would have been funny if he did because they could about talk leather jackets over wines and truffled pork loin), before finishing with a a ferry ride to the island of Krk...

Lastly, still island hopping he plays some beach volleyball on the island of Rab, sees how the famous Pag cheese is made on the island of Pag, visits Zadar and then off to the city of Split to kick some balls in Poljud stadium, the home of Hajduk Split soccer club. The Croatia segment of the trip ends at about the 35 minute mark.

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