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ponedjeljak, 1. veljače 2016.

Ultra Europe 2015 Produces Most Depressing Video About Split Croatia (Warning: Very Disturbing & Depressing Images)

I'm quickly touching upon this recent news topic not because I'm trying to advertise this annual Ultra Europe Croatia music event. because there's already plenty of articles and media floating around so they definitely don't need my help regarding any promotion or advertising. Rather, the title of this post pretty well explains why. It's a warning....because I care. A warning that if you inadvertently come across this video on your own while browsing around the internet world, then you may very well become scarred for life, or at least put your temporary life joy and exciting exuberance into peril.

An example of just some of the depressing imagery in the video. It gets much worse though. (Youtube screenshot)

What do I mean exactly? Look, the below video footage is from last year's 3 day music event that took place in Split and on the islands of HvarBrač and Vis, and during my last couple of stays in Split I travelled around and walked these very same streets and walkways, saw the sights, ate at those cafes and restaurants, swam in those very same waters and was even in Poljud stadium also, so I know what I'm talking about. And I'll tell you, even though it's not summer there now and the video was uploaded in January and I'm posting this on February 1st, it's strictly as a warning like I said. To warn you that if you watch the video you may very well end up getting flashbacks of some of the footage during your day and then get depressed.

It's not even so much about the concert footage, because I listen to various electronic music occasionally and have my own electronic music favourites, and I don't mind the music in the video, although I'm not the jumping around making circles with glow sticks type, or wearing really weird big hats. (unless of course it's one of those 19th century Dracula top hats because those would be cool at one of these things, especially with the right shades. And probably one of those horned Zvončari hats wouldn't be a bad idea either, because they'd be perfect for walking around the pool drinking martinis and various beers and liqueurs. I discussed this topic a little more at my post croatia-squad-dj-spreading-word-around) It's just that some of the various scenes and scenery and goings on in the video may depress you. The choice of locations and street scenes in the old section of Split especially, is almost like they planned on depressing the viewer with all sorts of shockingly depressing views of hellish street scenes hell. Almost like it's scenes of some other sort of reality from some other universe tormenting you just to ruin your quality of life and real happiness in your personal joyous environment.

I told you so, yet another depressive street scene from the video that will assault your eyeballs with hellish and tormenting flashback imagery. 

For instance, you may be at the Walmart next time, or maybe waiting for your train, taxi or bus, or maybe at a mall food court, or some other grocery store or other type of store. Maybe even sipping suds at your local beer emporium watching the game or shaking your junk in the trunk on the dance floor enjoying the booty dancings life and so joyful and already feeling top notch wonderful. Or perhaps maybe you'll be standing there in some store deciding which cereal to get, which dip to go with what chips, smooth peanut butter or crunchy? rice or pasta? Important and exciting things like that. Maybe standing around deciding and really concentrating about which fries or combo platter to get from the menu and really enjoying life and so happy. Even when dabbing your cards at the bingo hall is when you may very well then suddenly stop and look around, listening to all the exciting banter going on in the line up all around you and all the neato views, you suddenly may not even understand what's being said and feel a strange odd sensation. That's when you may very well get flashbacks from watching this depressing video.

Worst case scenario, you could be sitting on the sidewalk enjoying yourself or in the backyard sipping on some suds in the plastic pool, splashing around and really enjoying life, and then all of a sudden the video images flashback will come haunting you to just ruin your day. (It's not my video though remember, I didn't make it or upload it so don't blame me)

You'll probably get all depressed at that very moment and then go hunting for them various types of prozacs and yummy florescent pills to make you forget the video and everything in it assaulting your eyeballs. I'm telling you, some of the scenes and scenery will make you forget about even why exactly your standing in that line and what you're doing there in the first place. You'll just be haunted by the depressing images in the video and vomit and then your day will be ruined, but I'm warning you now.

I posted about this Ultra Music Croatia electronic music event when the news first came out, (link below), and this summer will be the 4th edition of a 5 year deal in Croatia, but I felt I really should warn the reader about the depressing images and after effects, because it's all information for the benefit of the reader after all. Sure it's more busier during the 3 days of the music event, but all that depressing imagery and scenes are still there all read round. You can watch the video if you want, but I'm warning you it's depressing and chock full of depressing images and scenery. (That's why I put the warning in the post title)

*(I should note, it's very obvious that this Ultra Music Croatia event is not attended only by Croatians. Many music fans attend from other parts of Europe, as well as from North America, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and even as far as Argentina and Chile)

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You've been warned, the following depressing scenes were uploaded by Ultra Europe and not by me. (If you run for them prozacs now or can't decide between which hot dogs to buy all because of the disturbing scenery and images, it's not my fault)

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