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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

13-Year Old Mia Negovetić Wows US Audiences On Show "Little Big Shots"

Firstly, I don't watch these kinds of shows and it's really not my kind of music. Just a quick easy post and information for the benefit of the reader.

In a nutshell, 13-year old singer Mia Negovetić from the city of Rijeka, (I spent 2 whole summers there as a kid, great ice-creams and some other things), was the winner of the first season of  "Zvjezdice" (little stars), a Croatian produced television talent show when she was 12. Now again recently she showcased her singing talents to US audiences in the second episode of "Little Big Shots", a new TV show produced by Ellen DeGeneres which aired on March 20, 2016. (I thought she was dead before doing this post, I read somewhere something about some surgery or a bizarre carnival or shopping stampede accident or something like that, I guess she's still alive after all)

The episode was taped almost 6 months ago, so Mia and her parents couldn't say anything about the performance until now. Mia performed 'Listen' by Beyonce and she thrilled those in attendance and the show's host, that Family Fued Miss Universe guy. (that's two other shows I never watch, they're right up there with baseball and that documentary about the history of baseball dingleberries). The show host also commented "You're in Holywood, you made it!" (and I always thought it was New York like that song says..."If you don't ever make it anywhere, you can make it here")

She originally got the nation's attention with her rendition of the Croatian national anthem during a military freedom celebration and Nato parade last year, (see post link and video) Earlier this year she was offered the role of the mangled corpse and fucked anally with a rusty led pipe character by film producers from Serbia, the great minds behind A Serbian Film, however she had various other singing event obligations and also had to wash her hair. Below is video from this recent episode.......



One of her appearances last year on the Croatian talent show "Zvjezdice."

12-year old Mia Negovetić singing the Croatian national anthem at the opening ceremonies of a military freedom parade in 2015.

During the rehearsals.

Just in case the reader was wondering or to avoid any confusion, the hat in the above photo is the older woodland camo version Croatian army cap, not the newer digital pixelated camo version caps

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