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četvrtak, 21. travnja 2016.

Photos Of The Day: "Tour Of Croatia" Cycling Stage Races Taking Place (+Video)

Well, all the constant and incessant extremists, homegrown terrorism and fundamentalists news on the television is boring the fuck out of me, that's just the local stuff and not what's going on overseas, and that's on top of all the local shooting stabbing, drug deals and protesting protestors news. I was watching todays 3rd stage of this Tour of Croatia cycling stage races and later came across some various interesting pics from the first 3 stages. Really interesting views and perspectives in many of the photos, below are just a few to show what's been going on. I posted this topic last week but that was about the 1st Tour of Croatia from last year. Your can hit the link below to read that one.

Like I said before, I really like the whole concept and organization of this international cycle stage racing event, the way it's spread all across the country through the various regions, different scenery travelling through cities, small towns and highways and the plans they have for it in the coming years. It's only the 2nd annual edition but has already become a sort of warm up to the Tour de France which takes place later in July, attended by even World, Olympic and other world class champions and other cycling elite. It makes for an interesting 6 days and televised around the world also. I'll probably do one last all encompassing synopsis post about this topic after this years Tour of Croatia is finished with more cool images and videos.

Just as a reminder for those unfamiliar, there are 6 stages this time including over 1000 kilometres distance travelled by the racers, passing through 12 host cities and more than 100 different sites, as well as almost 10 hours of live TV broadcast beamed around the world by Eurosport, Croatian Radio Television (HRT) and other television stations from around the world, also including 20 teams representing Switzerland, United States, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and more. Also the Croatian Meridiana - Kamen Team is back again and 8 Croatian riders in total, Radoslav Rogina, David Jabuka, Emanuel Kišerlovski, Mateo Franković, Paolo Rigo, Bruno Maltar, Matija Kvasina and Josip Rumac will be representing their respective teams. This 2nd edition is comparable to a Croatian version of the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia or Vuelta a España and other UCI World Tour stage races.

Also, I should quickly mention that I'm very impressed with the English language commentators at Eurosport. Not only very knowledgeable in relaying specific information about the stage races and the racers, but also throwing in extra interesting information for the benefit of the viewer during the aerial views also. For instance as just one example, during some stage 2 aerial views from Knin to Split, he actually briefly informs the viewer how Knin Fortress and Kliss Fortress were built in the 9th century, used as residences of Croatian Kings and were capitals during the Croatian Kingdom in the middle ages. Now that's some useful interesting information for the average viewer that they may not have known. (I touched upon this topic also at a Croatian castles and fortresses post HERE btw) He could have easily just said something like... "Oh, well look at that there, we see some nice views of the mountains and some buildings over there, clouds, some old fortress on a hill and it's a nice sunny day and the birds are chirping, there's a 20% chance of precipitation..." They did similar things like that a number of times during the stage races, adding brief informative tidbits during the aerial views. Now that's top-notch professionalism and colour commentating all the way I say, which adds to the ambiance of the cycling stage races viewing experience because then the viewer knows what the hell it is exactly that they're looking at.

(You know come to think of it, I hope someone writes a book about this event, because these days people are writing books all over the place, throw a banana, spinach and some yogurt in a blender and you can practically write a recipes cook book, even have your own cooking show and dvd's and even go on book signing tours. A book with lots of quotes, before, during and after photos, the inside scoop during the different stages, the training and preparations and the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. Now that would be pretty interesting as a coffee table book actually)

*You can also watch live streams of the races at HRTi, Eurosport and a bunch of other places I came across, but if you don't have the time to watch live you can also keep up to date on results and daily happenings at:

More information about the teams, riders, locations, routes, plans for future Tour of Croatia events and other media at the Tour of Croatia official website:

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Images from the first 3 stages are random and in no particular order.

Highlights from the opening day. The 1st stage was 259 km from the eastern city of Osijek to the northwestern town of Varaždin by the Hungarian and Slovenian border, this is the longest stage of the 6 stages.

Highlights from the 2nd stage are from Plitvička Lakes National Park through the Dinaric Alps to the coastal city of Split, a distance of 230 km.

Highlights from todays stage 3, 193 km along the southern Dalmatian coast from the town of Makarska to the city of Šibenik.

Extra bonus video footage from the first 3 stages. The final kilometers of the 259 km 1st stage from the eastern city of Osijek to the northwestern town of Varaždin.

Final kilometers of the 249 km 2nd stage from Plitvička Lakes National Park through the Dinaric Alps to the coastal city of Split.

Final kilometers from Makarska to the city of Šibenik, distance of 193 km.

Race stages in 2016:

1. Osijek – Varaždin (259 km)
2. NP Plitvice – Split (249 km)
3. Makarska – Šibenik (193 km)
4. Crikvenica – Učka (156 km)
5. Pula – Umag (162 km)
6. Sveti Martin na Muri - Zagreb (160 km)

Tour of Croatia 2016 racing stages starting and finishing points.

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