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utorak, 12. travnja 2016.

Swatch Red Bull Beach Volleyball Series Returning to Croatia In 2016...& McDonald's Introduces A New HRburger

I already mentioned this sporting event last year, and it's good to see that the Swatch Red Bull Beach Volleyball Series is returning to Croatia again in 2016. It's still chilly and snow in some places right now, but this would be a great event to attend come July or even just watch on television. Besides, there's a hole lot worse things to be coming or crawling into your country these days or things to organize, (you just have to read or watch the news, plenty of religious subversives, mind-control cults and anti-civilizational anarchist guru types also trying to permeate various countries, and that's on top of various subversive fashions and just pointless fuckos etc)

Yep, good ol' wholesome beach volleyball, volleyball isn't one of our most popular or played sports, but in the summer you'll come across plenty of beach volleyball scenes, and it's a great spectator event to watch also. (beach handball has been more popular lately but a volleyball net is usually not far away on Croatian beaches) There's also lots of things to see and do between the volleyball action even for the small coastal town of Poreč. (which is located in the northwestern Istrian peninsula region of Croatia, the Italian minority there also call it Parenzo) You can hit my previous post and related links below for more information about the tournament.

As for the second story, just some amusing recent news also worth quickly mentioning. Over the years variations and different McDonald's menu choices around the world are nothing new, and I already saw some extra options my last time in Croatia. I don't eat at fast food restaurants all that much these days either, but I do have some favourite burger places and still do occasionally order at McDonalds. The Rijeka McDonalds also had some interesting menu options that were a little different and not available or seen on this side of the pond, but it's cool that now there's a specific Croatian burger option also.

For those not in the know or familiar, "Hrvatska" is how you say Croatia in the Croatian language btw (see exonym and endonym for more about that) Anyway, not important or really even news but sort of interesting, because they throw some Croatian cheese, red peppers in the burger patty, sauces, slightly different buns and even young potatoes as a side order option. Based on the commercial below I would probably order this one because all the ingredients combination sounds good to me, local Croatian flavours used in many dishes for many years, so it gets my approval. The red peppers in the meat patty is a good twist for some extra peppery zing. (I like my burgers to have some zing and not taste like I'm just eating some bland grounded up dead animal carcass and monosodium glutamate between bread) You're two new Croatian facts of the day, now you have the option of eating a McDonald's HRburger while watching beach volleyball and drinking a Red Bull while admiring your new Swatch wristwatch to see what time it is.....amazing.

Swatch Red Bull FIVB Beach Volleyball Series Returning to Croatia In 2016

The coastal town of Poreč during the Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series in 2015.

International Volleyball Federation’s (FIVB) most prestigious Beach Volleyball series coming back to Croatia for the second time this summer…

The Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series, which is part of the FIVB World Tour, will start its 2016 calendar with in Poreč from 28 June – 3 July. Peškera Bay will for the second year in a row host the world’s best men and women beach volleyball players. This year the tournament prize money will be a record USD 800,000.

Peškera Bay in the coastal town of Poreč hosting the tournament in 2015.

It will again be more than just a sports event. The fantastic stadium and entertainment in and around Peškera Bay will make it another successful few days again this year. Last year Poreč built five smaller courts and one centre court at Peškera Bay, and all 5,000 seats were jam-packed with fans creating a special atmosphere in the hot summer days.

Lat year the Dutch men’s team and Brazilian women’s teams were victorious in Poreč, while pilot Peter Besenyei took care of the entertainment above the court with air acrobatics, and Felix Baumgartner flew in 2CELLOS in his helicopter on finals day to the court, where they played the Croatian anthem ahead of the start of the finals.

This year’s tournament will be a great introduction to the Olympic Games in Rio. The series this year starts in Poreč before moving to Switzerland and Klagenfurt.

There will be more of the same beach volleyball action as last summer. 

Highlights of what took place in Poreč last year. (way better than terrorists beach volleyball and other weird volleyball that's for sure)








McDonald’s Offer A New HRburger In Restaurants Inspired By Croatian Flavours & Ingredients

Now a new Croatian ingredients themed HRburger is being offered by McDonald's restaurants in Croatia. Including meat spiced with red pepper, darker seasoned buns, Podravec cheese, lettuce, spring onions, horseradish sauce. bacon sauce and young potatoes on the side.



And it does look HRtasty.

To surprise its customers across Croatia, McDonald's has revealed its HRburger, the first McDonald's burger based on Croatian recipes. Along with the tasty new burger, McDonald's has also introduced young potatoes that fit perfectly into the story of the most popular "Croatian" flavours, reports on April 12, 2016.

This new addition by one of the most popular fast-food chains worldwide consists of dark delicious buns, juicy 100 percent beef hamburger meat spiced with red pepper, Podravec cheese, lettuce, tasty spring onions, horseradish sauce and bacon sauce.

"We have long thought about how to thank our customers in Croatia for their loyalty and their love during these past 20 years. For many years, McDonald's in Croatia has been a synonym for tasty snacks and friendly service, but it has also become an important part of the community. We have been giving back to the community through a number of projects, and we have now decided to go a step further. We are saluting the popular Croatian flavours, and the first reactions of our customers have shown that we have made the right decision”, said Pavel Pavliček, director of McDonald's Croatia.

Another recently opened McDonalds restaurant in the coastal city of Zadar.

McDonald's has prepared another surprise for all of its guests and football fans. As the European Football Championship in France approaches, the company will, as a global sponsor of FIFA and UEFA, organize a special lottery from 13 to 27 April with the title "To UEFA EURO 2016 with HRburger".

If the reader is already in Croatia and wins the tickets to Euro2016, the chances are that the Paris McDonald's aren't going to have the HRburger. You're probably going to have to freeze a few, put them in plastic baggies and then tin foil into a cooler, and back in the freezer in your hotel room. Then you can nuke them later on.

Lucky winners will get the tickets to a game of the Croatian national football team during the UEFA Euro 2016 while one "especially lucky winner" will receive two tickets for the spectacular final game of this popular football competition. To participate in the contest, after you purchase an HRburger, it is necessary to register using McDonald’s special Facebook application and enter the number and date of the receipt that shows the purchase of at least one HRburger.

There's already a new television commercial for theis new Croatian themed burger. (If you need the calorie/nutrients info:

As a bonus for the readers, you have to check this out. It's been replayed all over the news here the last few days and gone viral. An actual human mattress dominoes world record. Wow, you don't see that everyday, it's just like one of those miracle healing crusade dominoes on television except it's with mattresses. Now that's incredible!

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