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četvrtak, 12. svibnja 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Timelapse Video Of Foggy Hilltop Town Of Motovun &..."Just What The Heck Is A Festival Visualia?"...

A foggy scene of fog surrounding the hilltop village of foggy Motovun. Old local legends passed down for many centuries tell of many strange otherwordly beings, occurences and happenings unfolded when the full moon comes out as well. Thousands of years old fog that has many tales to tell.

Well, looking around I just noticed that it's just about that time for another post of some sort. I lost track of time while being in touch with my acquaintances regarding various paranormal and unexplained phenomena taking place currently, including some information not known by hardly anyone that would blow most peoples mind. (A couple of them were actual paranormal and anomaly investigators and told me some very interesting things). As well as some of the updated Walmart People websites and videos floating around. (Which may very well also blow some peoples minds actually). On top of that, recently even the Brazilian soccer star Rivaldo went beyond my telling it like it is and is actually encouraging tourists and people to stay away from the Rio Olympics this summer because it's too violent and dangerous and then all the "rape culture" protests going on there too. I briefly touched upon this topic during the last World Cup and have now been vindicated it seems, because you simply can't argue with facts/statistics/news headlines and your very own sports star. And I'll tell you, I'm not too keen on the Euro's taking place next month in France either, because with all the recent goings on in Paris and Belgium recently and lots of other happenings that mainstream media doesn't report or care about, the number of Isis and Talibans living just in Paris alone is incredible, many even going to fight for them and then coming back. If the reader is in Croatia, I say don't even bother and just save the money and just watch the games on the big screen downtown or in your local bar/pub and drink the Croatian beers there (Karlovačko, Ožujsko, Osječko, any of them), which I'm sure will probably be much harder to find in France anyway. (Heck, order a French beer to make it feel more authentic if you want, order some Hachis Parmentier or Cassoulet for the full effect, even sing Frère Jacques or some Léo Marjane and Odette Dulac songs to feel like you're among the French, get a Brigitte Bardot hairstyle to feel like you're really there among all that fromage) I stopped over through De Gaulle Airport a few years ago and it was already hellish chaos even then, (like a massive packed flea market from hell, people hopped up on sweets yelling and making noises and then lugging around all their luggage on top of that), but now you won't even know who has a National Enquirer and Doritos or who has a bomb ticking/loaded weapon in their carry-on baggage. (Is that a cellphone or a detonator? they have detonators now that only make people think it's a cellphone, sometimes the person babbling around on a cellphone is just a diversion for the guy with the detonator, the mighty Detonator of God I think it's called, there could even be a strange subversive standing with you in line somewhere attempting to control your mind and identity with some sort of voodoo spell talk and stories). Just drink the Croatian beers, relax, chill out and stay alive from the various kooks, subversives and crazies I say. (Don't forget, there will also be various religious cults and subversive mind control sects people, probably trying to brainwash and shove their propaganda pamphlets at you, some even including cartoons to draw you under their nefarious voodoo spells of trickery and fabricated deceit, to believe in flat earths and talking 7 headed golden beasts with lamped feet and eyes floating in the sky and worse, terrible happenings all the way around just to spoil your trip). If you do decide to go to the Euro's anyway even after warning you, then just take the train or bus and bring your own loaded weapon just to be sure, you simply have to take precautions these days. God forbid that your soccer jersey gets splattered with blood or torn to shreds because they're not cheap or easy to clean stains from after all, jeans, shoes, shirts and even limbs and family members are easy to replace these days, but jerseys are another thing altogether, that's the way I see it.

Anyway, I'm just throwing in a video this time, this also is not any sort of tourism post because I don't do those, just some interesting and cool images and scenes. I've used some videos by photographers Romulic and Stojcic at some previous posts, who have recently become especially known for their award winning timelapse photography videos. However, this time there's absolutely no city or urban views, no pedestrians, no vehicles or boats, no fireworks, city buildings skylines scenes, just mainly scenes of the small sleepy hilltop village of Motovun....and that primordial shapeshifting fog.

The Croatian Medieval hilltop village of Motovun is an unmistakeable symbol of the Istrian peninsula interior, near the Italian and Slovenian borders, who also have a large part of the Istrian peninsula and similar medieval villages. Narrow streets, historical buildings and romantic views go hand in hand with excellent local vineyards, wines and cuisine, as if it was plucked straight out of ancient history, or at times like out of some new Hollywood spooky horror or fairy tale fantasy flick, like they did in that movie with the fog, that movie where all that fog is going on and all those things happen in the fog, the various ghouls and Fifa officials ghouls galavanting and hiding in the fog and all that. (oh wait, that last part is real life, but still). At the foot of the Motovun hill before there even was the village of Motovun, Jason and the Argonauts of Greek mythology during their many travelling adventures and after capturing the Golden Fleece, are said to have sailed along the Mirna River below, (this way back when the Croatian tribes were still living well north of the Danube in ancient White and Great Croatia according to Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine VII sources, aka the land of Hyperborea in and around the Carpathians and beyond). It's not always this way though, quaint and quiet all the time, far from it, every summer the annual and little known about Motovun Film Festival also takes place there among other activities, so these are some less seen views of foggy Motovun. Actually, that would pretty cool, watching some supernatural or horror movie at the film festival and then the fog coming below out at the same time, just perfect. (see previous posts and links below for more about that)

Theses kinds of timelapse videos have become more commonplace these days, but this one looks so surreal at times you would swear that magical video editing, CGI or special effects were used, including fake fog above the Mirna river valley, but they didn't. Some of their other videos are interesting too. They even recently did one of Nina Kraljic's Eurovision song 'Lighthouse' videos with their 'Hvar in the Storm' timelapse, which also looks surreal at times.

They were lucky too; hundreds of hours were involved and the fog lasted only a few hours – just enough for Romulic & Stojcic to film the effect using their timelapse technique. This one they named “Misty Motovun”, for self-explanatory reasons, check it out below...


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pula-motovun-film festivals-10th-year

Misty Motovun - timelapse movie from Romulic & Stojcic on Vimeo.

"Festival Visualia" 3D Mapping Project in Pula Makes 3rd Stop in 2016 

This is just another interesting video I came across and decided to throw in, footage from last year's "Festival Visualia" in the downtown of the city of Pula.  This one isn't time lapse photography but footage from a 3D projection mapping event that took place in 2015, which is not far from Motovun and coincidentally starts up the 3rd edition today again for 3 days. I don't think I have to expalain what 3D mapping and visual lighting technologies and software is all about, the end result is some pretty amazing visuals. The combination of mixing various modern lighting technology onto modern, centuries old and renaissance/baroque era buildings, and even on buildings remaining from the Roman Empire times, all amounts to a very cool creative ambiance over the 3 days. The video footage pretty well explains it all, you can hit the links for more information.

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"Festival Visualia" 3D mapping in downtown Pula from last year......

....and from 2014 also. This one is cooler because it has footage of those diabolical LED drumming evil mimes that are all the rage these days and almost everywhere you go, they're like Spawns of Satan practically with their diabolical subliminal choreographed drumming and outfits. (all the boys and girls reading may want to close your eyes when they appear because they're pretty creepy and scary looking) They're probably there to usher in hellish torment from the Beelzebubs and apocalyptic plagues too, but still)

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