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ponedjeljak, 13. lipnja 2016.

Former England Captain Following EURO 2016 in Croatia...& First Trailer Of NBC's 'Emerald City'

Something quick, light and airy today, just interesting and amusing. I don't particularly care or follow about which celebs are vacationing in Croatia, or anywhere actually, but the timing of this one would probably seem very odd to most people probably. Firstly, because former England captain John Terry opted to watch the Euro 2016 matches on the large screen in Croatia while on vacation with his family, instead of watching them live. He could have easily gone to cheer on his team in France in person, and probably have the best seats, hotel rooms, free vip passes to this and that, lots of free celeb attended shindigs and plenty of free foie gras and fromage parties etc to attend, but instead he decided to do a relaxing vacation tour along the Croatian coast and islands. I already explained at a previous post HERE why I would probably have done something similar if in the same predicament, except at one of the downtown outdoor large screens or adult beverage drinking emporiums. Mainly because of taking into account the incredibly high number of Isis and Taliban fighters and supporters these days that are living in just the city of Paris alone, the current possible risks and fundamental crazies scenarios involved is an important fact to consider, and then even the possible damage to a soccer jersey on top of that. (because I explained before how limbs and even family members these days can be easily replaced, but torn or stains on soccer jerseys is a whole different thing altogether and a very complicated topic)

Even deciding to watch the soccer matches live in Croatia instead of in England could be construed by some hardcore soccer fans (aka extreme religious soccer fanatic types) to making him and his family traitors, (during that Queen's 90th birthday extravaganza celebrations on top of it all), but that's another point of view and topic altogether. Yep, there's a lot less fundamentals, kooks, subversives and subversive literature and organizations crawling into Croatia these days, ideal for a relaxing getaway. The main thing I guess is that at least his over 2 million Instagram followers will know that there's no massacres, bombings or other similar threats scenarios going on in Croatia and that it's not a bad place to chill out, so that's good to know. He also picked a good time to go as the summer crowds don't really pick up until July, which is probably the whole point anyway.

Some updated pics from Dubrovnik for those "celeb" and "celeb fashions" gotta know types:

Terry with his family in Croatia (Instagram)


After a poor season with Chelsea it seems more football is the last thing former England captain John Terry wants to see…

Instead of heading off to France like many former players to watch EURO 2016, Terry has opted to take a holiday in Croatia instead.

The 35-year-old seemed to be enjoying his stay in Croatia, posting photos to his 2.3 million Instagram followers from Krka National Park  and on a jet ski on Croatia’s Adriatic sea.

Terry was also captain of the England national football team, holding the post from 2006 to 2010, and again from 2011 2012.

Krka National Park (Instagram)

While moored near the costal city of Šibenik. (looks like hell)

NBC Show 'Emerald City' Partly Filmed On Location In Croatia, Sneak Peek Video Trailer

Not much new to add here, I updated the original post with the recent trailer, so I'll throw it in here too. For those not in the know, parts of the new NBC television series were filmed in Croatia this year, this time mainly in and around Dubrovnik and the Plitvice National Park waterfalls in central Croatia. (I've been to Plitvice Lakes before, and actually during the winter season the frozen waterfalls really can look otherwordly surreal and fantasy-like at times even without any cgi or special effects)

I don't really watch much television series or shows these days, but personally I've always liked watching "Wizard of Oz" as a kid, and so this series seems worth checking out. I like that they made it a more updated darker and edgier adaptation of the classic story, without straying too far away from the original plot and characters. The Wizard and a few other characters in the trailer don't come across as wimpy and blithering bumbling as in the original film, more interesting blood and magic talk and less Toto, Auntie Em and musical singing. Also it still comes across as the Wizard of Oz and doesn't seem like a Wizard of the Rings. Wizard Wars, Wizard Potter or a Wizard of the Labrynth Avengers vs the Transformer Ghouls. Anyway, see the previous post link below for more background information.

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