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ponedjeljak, 20. lipnja 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Croatian Fans In Downtown Rijeka Watching Euro 2016 &...A Czech Life Guard's Hellish Tormenting Existence In Split

Just a few pics today of Croatian fans recently watching the Euro 2016 matches on the large screen near downtown of Croatia's 3rd largest city of Rijeka. During this time large outdoor screens have been set up downtown in a number of the larger cities, and some of the smaller towns also. I'm not going to comment about any of the matches, any of the various fans hijinks and shenanigans happenings, whether the ball is gonna bounce this way or bounce that way scenarios or even some of the ridiculous and absurd looking hairstyle designs, I'll do something down the road afterwards maybe.

Actually, lately I've been following more of some of the other simultaneous things going on, a number of terrorist plots that were foiled only at the last minute, security issues and other various terrorism suspects stuff also. It's just really absurd, over 1700 people have gone on to fight for Isis from France over the last few years, many of them even coming back and then doing it again, and again, and mostly from Paris. King Louis IX is probably puking blood in his grave disgusted right about now with what's been going on, same goes for the Merovingians. (And you know what else? the same thing goes with Belgium I found out, call me crazy but I think this might have something to do with the recent terrorism attacks there. Perhaps it's far fetched and fantasy talk and it may sound weirdly absurd, but I think there's some sort of connection or thread that connects these events and people in some way, it's almost like they're all part of the same club or team using the same playbook or have something in common, there just must be some sort of underlying connection, I have a strong hunch so I'll Google around and try to find out more about just what the heck is going on and then let you know with an update)

All of which helps explain my position that I mentioned not that long ago, as in if I was in Croatia and was given the option of watching the matches live or at one these types of things, I would probably just stay put and enjoy the action on the big screen or some other pub or bar screen in Croatia. Firstly, it's way cheaper than the Euro 2016 tickets, plus the hotel and flight costs and various other costs, (fromage costs, crepes costs, the Louvre and other art galley admission costs, souvenir costs etc). Heck, on top of that you'll get to enjoy the Croatian beers which are harder to find in France anyway, as well as that new McDonald's HRburger which will probably be nowhere to be found there at all. (And perhaps the best part, win or lose just steps away is downtown and even more Croatian beers, foods and other stuff)

But the main thing and probably most important reason is the risk of possible damage to the soccer jerseys, which aren't cheap either. And good luck trying to repair a soccer jersey that's been torn or ripped to shreds from a possible bombing, shrapnel or assault rifle attack. Family members and even limbs are easy to replace these days, but fixing a torn or even stained soccer jersey? Red wine, greasy sauces or dried blood? Don't get me started, it's just one big headache requiring hours of surgery on the jersey. That's about it, the atmosphere really isn't all that bad either and there's practically a zero chance of shrapnel damaging your jersey. The last time I was in Croatia I got a tattoo not far from where these pics were taken, so it's actually like I'm practically there anyway too. There's plenty of pics floating around of fans in France, so here instead are a just few scenes showing the atmosphere from the city of Rijeka the other day, after a 2 goal lead the match ended in a tie, jubilation and then disappointment pics, afterwards they may have all walked over to the downtown and have some beers, which isn't really such a bad thing either.

(For the regular reader of this blog who may wonder why I'm not adding any commentary, pics or highlight videos from the current Euro 2016 taking place, I'll just remind that quite some time ago I made it clear that I decided to avoid doing sports type posts in general to instead elaborate more about other topics and news. Probably because it's still quite early and also because Croatia is not just a one sport nation either anyway. We don't have all our eggs in one basket as the saying goes, and so I am not as super-duper religiously soccer fanatic about this topic. For quite some time I already touched upon the numerous other sports topics, accomplishments, medals and championships, such as in handball, water polo, basketball, hockey, swimming, martial arts and boxing, tennis, skiing/ and athletics sports to name just a few, and of course the summer and winter Olympics successes even just from 1992, even though the history of Croatian Olympic medalists extend even back to the times Croatia and the Croatian lands were a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. (It may sound unbelievable or made up baloney to many, but the very first Croatian Olympic medalist was actually in the sport of fencing won by Milan Neralić in 1904) That was just another one of my inadvertent yet apropos Croatian "fact of the day" additions. So that explains that, for now you will have to get by with just the below fan images)

Images are in no particular order.

This second part I added because it's sort of interesting and related to the above Croatia-Czech football match pics, but from a few days previously and down the coast in the city of Split. And also because it just goes to show you that Croatia, (and the city of Split in this example) is basically a problem filled backward shithole inhabited by all kinds of weird mutants and undesirables with really nothing interesting to see or do at all. Large parts of Croatia actually have worse crime and higher murder rates than even Brazil and Jamaica combined. (and that's specifically why in this case Croatia has to import lifeguards, because nobody wants to do it or risk their lives along the slummy freako-infested coastal areas especially)

I also came across some related sites about Croatian lifeguards and the process of becoming a lifeguard in Croatia, this article also gives some interesting behind the scenes information and tidbits about Croatian lifeguards (spasilac) duties whether at the coastal beaches, in the city parks, lakes, pools or elsewhere in the country, sort of like the Croatian version of Baywatch..."Hrvatski Baywatch."

Czech Lifeguard Living in Split Talking About Croatia – Czech Republic Match

By Goran Antonijević, 16 Jun 2016,

Nikola Stracarova, a Czech lifeguard and sport management student living in Split talked with TCN’s Goran Antonijević, and not only about the upcoming clash between Croatia and Czech Republic at EURO 2016.

We met a few weeks ago, as we were reporting about lifeguard training in the coastal Dalmatia region of Croatia, and were surprised by the fact that one of the lifeguards getting the licence for that hard job is from Brno. Nikola Stracarova came to Split to study sport management at Aspira University, but she would like to stay longer, as she is overwhelmed by the quality of life in Dalmatia. We met again on June 16. 2016 to talk about her life in Split, and of course, about tomorrow’s game.

When did you come to Split, and how long do you plan to stay?

I came in March, and as I am on a student exchange, the plan was to leave these days, but I decided to stay for a bit more and work as a lifeguard, and if I find some internship, I would like to prolong my stay here.

What do you like about Split so much that you decided to stay?

I love Split and its lifestyle. I love the atmosphere, people, sea, the smell of it all, everything about Split. And what I simply adore is the “pomalo” way of life. That is the best thing about life in Split. I want to stay here as long as possible.

I have to ask this question; do you miss Czech beers?

(laughing) No, Croatian beers are good too, and I do like beer, I am Czech after all, but I like wine even more, so Dalmatia was the obvious choice.

Czech girls adopting "pomalo" attitude at Split's Riva. ("pomalo" meaning "chilling out/taking it easy/relaxing")

Ok, beer aside, do you follow football?

Of course, especially when there is a big tournament going on. And living in Split, I could not avoid attending the Hajduk – Dinamo match this spring. I was stunned by the atmosphere. Of course, when I mention my Czech origins in Split, I get reminded that Hajduk was founded in Prague.

And on the subject; have you watched the first round games of tomorrow's opponents?

Yes, of course; I think that our team was good in the first game, I was afraid that they would be humiliated, but it ended up ok at the end, even though we lost in the end, but Spain is one of the best teams in the world.

What about watching Croatia with its supporters?

I watched that game in the big campus hall; it was crazy. The hall was packed, and when Croatia scored, everybody went nuts. Firecrackers, horns, and much more… But I really like that emotion.

What is Your prediction for the game tomorrow?

Oh, that is a hard question. I think that the match will be a tough one. I hope that we will win, but that is just hope, I am afraid, as I think Croatia has a very, very good team. I would be happiest if both teams would go through to the playoff round.

As we felt it was the perfect way to end the interview, we agreed on that note and wished for this Czech young lady’s hopes to come through, and not only football ones.

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