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petak, 15. srpnja 2016.

Cro-Cop Looking For Pokémon At Frankfurt Airport (+Video)

Former Croatian champion heavyweight mixed martial artist, kickboxer, boxer, (and former politician, soldier, elite anti-terrorist unit member cop, hence the nickname) was seen recently in Germany caught up in the world-wide Pokémon craze.


This is not a sports post, it's just another short amusing post like my previous one about the new super hero/mascot Hrvatko that I did last week. (which come to think of it, could very well include Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipović on a list of potential actors to portray Hrvatko in a future television series or film, he's still in descent shape and retired so he has the time anyway)

Basically a humorous recently uploaded video of Mirko at Frankfurt Airport, doing what? Why playing that new Pokémon app game of course. (It's all the rage now as everyone knows and for the last week has been all over the news, people are so obsessed with it and that they're falling off of cliffs, into holes and crevices, off of rooftops and even walking into traffic and in front of trains and buses all over the place playing the addictive game, even baseball players in the major leagues are playing it between their ball scratching and chewing spitting between the innings. Now that's an addictive game)

Actually he's not really playing the game, he's just making it look like he's playing Pokémon, it's a brief impromptu sarcasm comedy video to make it look like he's playing Pokémon to the casual observer, because Pokémon is all the rage again and everyone just cant stop talking about it. I've been to Frankfurt Airport a few times and that's what goes on, plenty of agents, operatives, assassins and professional hitmen are walking around Frankfurt Airport all the time, just making it look like they're browsing tourists or innocently smoking cigs in the glassed smoking area room. He was probably really just texting, checking his flight schedule, hotel reservations, emails or ordering some schnitzel and sauerkraut to go, but it sure looks like he's part of the whole huge Pokémon game craze phenomena.

That's about it, the new Pokémon game is big news now and everywhere and all the rage, not much more to explain. Watch Cro Cop obsessively playing Pokeman at Frankfurt Airport....

I might as well throw this in too, because like I said at the beginning, Mirko could very well be put on a list of possible actors to portray super hero Hrvatko in a film or television series, along with other possible candidates. Because many people probably don't know that he even already has some film and acting experience. For instance, this movie 'Ultimate Force' was definitely not a big budget blockbuster star studded movie like Sharktopus and every Anaconda film ever made, but if we replace the black leather coat and shoes with an updated and more sleak looking Hrvatko outfit, maybe have him grow his hair out a little more or wear a wig, add more lightning, explosions, flying and super hero special effects and of course that epic super hero orchestra music, then it just could be the next big thing in Croatian cinema. (and comic books of course also)

And here's a few other previous commercials acting roles...

* Update - Then incredibly the next morning after doing this post, news came that surprised even the whole Pokémon world. It seems Cro Cop officially announced on his Facebook page that he's coming out of retirement one more time. First the return of Pokémon and now this? How much nostalgia can the world take? (I feel like I should throw on some Stone Temple Pilots and drink some Jägermeister, White Russians or Mezcal tequila and then watch Scream, Lost Highway or X-Files on VHS to complete the time traveling to 1996 experience). According to the press conference, he couldn't resist the offer from the Japanese organizers and was also just plain bored at times, so he will be part of the 16-man openweight Japanese mixed martial arts RIZIN FF tournament which starts up Sept. 25 in Tokyo. More information at;

Footage from the press conference. (In Japan Cro Cop is sometimes also known as the World Executive)


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