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nedjelja, 10. srpnja 2016.

Croatian HPB Bank Introduces New Croatian Super Hero Mascot 'Hrvatko' In Latest Advertising Campaign

'Hrvatko' is a new Croatian company mascot super hero, and he could very well save parts of the world in the future.

This post is just for the hell of it, basically something amusing for me to quickly comment about and throw some ideas around. In a nutshell, recently the Croatian HPB bank (Hrvatska Poštanske Banka) started a new advertising campaign in Croatia, along with a new so-called bank "mascot" to be used on television, billboards and in various advertising. The name of the new mascot? Why it's none other than the new super hero "Hrvatko." (a nickname based on the name of Croatia in the Croatian language...Hrvatska)

Over the last month he's been featured in a television commercial by well known Croatian actor Goran Marković, appeared in HPB advertising comic strips in magazines and newspapers, on billboards in Zagreb and across the country, on HPB bank merchandise given out to people and even showing up in person at locations. The topic has been commented on in the media and social media, with some people thinking the idea as tacky and comical, and some people really liking their new mascot and commercial.

What do I think? I like it, what's not to like. He looks better than their previous mascot and way better than a talking and dancing teller stamp or calculator. Now this is not a new Croatian super hero (super junak) comic book character remember, it's just HPB's new advertising campaign mascot character, but I think this "Hrvatko" could very well be one in the future, there's potential if he's used more in their upcoming commercials and advertising campaigns. Hrvatko would just need to be tweaked a bit, spruce up the uniform eventually, perhaps some sort of horns like the Zvončari or the Dare Devil, and maybe given a weapon of some sort, maybe a hammer, shield (a shield would make sense, being that the Croatian COA is in a shield), or maybe a smart phone that turns into a weapon or has all kinds of magical gadgets, or a magical and powerful ages old pendant or ring (maybe a even a magical ring or orb belonging to one of medieval Croatian Kings, the one from the famous "orb prophecies")...that can turn into a phone and shoot forth bullets of ancient pure frikin ten thousand year old lightning. Then throw a title or adjectives in like they do for most super heroes...."The Invincible Lord Hrvatko"..."The Astonishing Hrvatko"..."Hrvatko, Magician of the Underworld"..."The Unconquerable Warrior, Major Hrvatko"..."Commando Hrvatko, Lord of The Hyperborean Guards"..."Hrvatko, Defender of the Galaxy and beyond" etc, something like that, something for the kids to really get a kick out of and hope to grow up and be someday. They could also give him a cool background story, that he used to be a soldier or special ops or whatever, maybe some experiment or secret ancient relic in a cave discovery.

Besides, there are plenty of super hero characters specifically connected to countries already, Captain America of course, but also Superdupont, Captain Britain, Captain Sweden, Shamrock, Capitão Falcão, Captain Switzerland, Polish Biały Orzeł (White Eagle), Alberto Barbosa, Denmark DukseDrengen, Comandante Italia, Romanian Harab Alb, Slovenian Martin Krpan, Hungaria Kapitanya, Captain Sweden, Captain Lithuania and many others from various countries. (In case you were wondering about Superman, I left him out because he's not really even one of the humanoid populations of earth or even a mammal from earth, techically a foreign alien from another planet and sun, it's a whole different solar system altogether, so he can't be an earth super hero)...and some comic super hero characters over the years have been just plain awful and ridiculous, just pathetic. Bird-BrainZooman the Human FlyMadam FatalSkatemanUSA. 1Color KidChlorophyll KidEl Guapo, Hindsight LadMatter-Eater Lad, Tagak Leopard Lord3D ManBouncing BoyLeap-FrogDoll Man are just a few examples, but there's many, many more absurd and laughable super heroes. Hrvatko looks practically like a mighty immortal god compared to many of them, totally worthy of his own comic book in the future.

Besides also, we can't expect Shazam, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor or the Green Lantern to always come to save the day, where was even Batman in the 90's anyway? He actually died in the 90's, well, he actually died quite a few times over the years, but always came back from the dead. The main point though is that Hrvatko will always be around on home soil or in the area. After the ecomomy and defence, this is probably the most important issue going on in the world these days, as in every country and nation should have the unequivocal inherent right to their very own super heroes. He will also protect the country from Walmart people and those always scheming, lurching and lying through their teeth subversive televangelists in the process, (pure frikin' subversive evil). which will help save civilization as we've known it.

Case in point, Arby's mascot is an oven mitt, and Geico uses a gecko.

Well look at this, it's the mascot Senhor Testiculos in Brasil (Mr Balls, I don't make this up). Hvatko is probably seeming like a pretty good choice as a super hero mascot now. (why the pantyhose arms? is he healthy or diseased testicles? is that girl walking over to hug him? is so why?). Don't ask me about the Ernest Angley toupée, it is what it is and no further comment about the fiasco...

Well, you have to admit that at least Hrvatko doesn't have a cup for a nose or shoebox on his head, so that's a good start.

Some good comic book plots worth considering, Hrvatko's main nemesis in the early years, SuperSerb and SuperSerbBoy in Vukovar.....

...Hrvatko's main adversary in a later comic edition scenario, resurrected and brought back to life in Serbia through a strange Serb voodoo church ceremony...the dreaded return of the Amazing ZombieSerb, the world shudders in horror as he flies the skies. (Including pitched battle scenes with Hrvatko in the skies above Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka and Zagreb, lightning all over the place. wow! pass the popcorn)...

...Hrvatko's main adversary in comic book number 12, "Hrvatko saves Osijek", the scene brought to life where the main villain even attempts to hold his dynamic duo partner hostage just to save his own puny and soon to be snuffed out pointless existence. Will Hrvatko even bother trying to stop him? (the viewers at home yell out "No Hrvatko! Don't stop him, just let him do it!) Tune in to find out what happens next...spills, thrills and chills!

.....SuperSerb flying out of Belgrade to go forth and rape fuck your baby superbly, will Hrvatko be able to stop him? (wow! pass the refreshing soft drink and Cracker Jack)...

...Hrvatko is given a mission by the UN and US Congress to eliminate 7,000 Bloods and Crips under the leadership of Chris Brown (that guy who beat the crap out of Rihana) and Snoop Dog, Perun grants Hrvatko magical powers to shoot forth holy 50 megaton bolts of lightning. (wow! pass the M&Ms and licorice)

Capitão Falcão, an example of a foreign super hero. (see previous mentioned list of foreign super heroe links)

Another example of an actual real foreign comic super hero...Superdupont. (I'm not making these comic super heroes up). I don't think the Croatian public would really have anything to complain about if Hrvatko gets his own official comic book publication eventually. Let him send forth lightning from the rooftops and mountaintops I say. Zoom! Bam! Crackle! Crrash! Wow!

If he becomes popular enough, I think he should be developed into a real super hero character with his own official and regularly printed comic book. He's only in the television commercial for a few seconds near the end, but he seems to be able to transform with the aid of lightning and magic. So maybe when he utters some kind of word or phrase he can transform into "Hrvatko." Almost like a Thor or Captain Marvel/Shazam etc, perhaps he transforms with the aid of those old Croatian chthonic and primordial deities and spirits from antiquity.

In the brief 30 second commercial, the character is informed how he can instantly transfer his bank account free of charge into a new HPB bank account right over the phone, which according to the commercial then helps transform him into the new super junak (super hero)...Hrvatko. Campy and cheesy yes, perhaps even humorous, but an amusing and entertaining commercial, and that's how adversting works after all, many times nothing even has to make any sense at all, or even be related to the products being advertised. Selling coffee? paint? window cleaner? tupperware or chewing gum?...just throw in a bunch of men and women Guess or Diesel jeans models laughing and sitting around doing absolutely nothing related to the product and it's a guaranteed advertising success.

The few seconds ending automatically reminds one of some of the super hero characters in the movies these days, which are all the rage and coming out on a regular basis, (because Hollwood is running out of quality movie plots/writers, but mainly because people are actually hoping for a real life super hero to fix their real fucked up world, that the movie screen world is the real world, that the fictional super hero will save their world, or just plain not to think about the real world)

It's time for a real Croatian super hero too I say, why not? I say it's a great idea with lots of potential. Best case scenario maybe his own official comic book down the road, or television series or even a whole feature length movie. (He will also travel to other cities, Split, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Osijek etc, and even outside of Croatia, battling all kinds of terrorists, subversive groups and infiltrating scum, summoning ancient spirits and deities for amazing magical powers, working with the other EU countries, their governments, militaries and special agencies to make Croatia and the useful good parts of the world a safer and better place)

Anyway, below is the short commercial clip......

Articles and images sources:

Youtube screeenshot: The final sequence in the 30 second commercial, Hrvatko looks down below at the city of Zagreb. (something to consider down the road would be adding a cape, hammer, shield, pendant ring or even a magical razor sharp boomerang option)

Croatian actor Goran Marković  who portrays Hrvatko for the commercial, for only about 10 seconds unfortunately, but 10 inspiring seconds worth many volumes of encylopedias. The next commercial needs some more lightning and action scenes.

A recent comic book adverstisement in a magazine, the same story as the commercial.

One of the new billboards seen throughout the country. (much better than Color Kid and the other mentioned super heroes I think). Image: Twitter.

'Hrvatko' showing up at a newly opened branch in the town of Slavonski Brod. Image:

"Hrvatko" promotional merchandise and gifts. (I say grab some of those tees while supplies last, a future collector's item for sure at least)

An updated image after originally doing this post, an actual real "Hrvatko" postal stamp and seen with a new campaign commercial character "Crna Luca" (Black Lucy). Image:

Commercial synopsis; Croatian actor Goran Marković's character is coming home through an alleyway after a day at work one late windy rainy evening. Long line-ups at the bank, illegal foreign migrants try to mug him, he feels tired, weak and confused. He manages to make it home, he receives a special message on his phone that he can transfer his account free of charge to a new HPB account right over his phone instantly. He feels refreshed, empowered and mighty, he is suddenly and magically transformed into.......Hrvatko! Campy and cheesy yes, but Hrvatko doesn't care what you think because he's on a mission.

And lastly since already on the topic of mascots, here's some related news that Croatians the world over have been waiting for on pins and needles. The official mascot for the 2018 European Men's Handball Championship which will be taking place in Croatia has been chosen and it will be....(drum roll)....the Croatian Tornjak dog. (His official name to be decided through a later contest) And as added bonus related news, this summer in Brasil will be the first time since 2008 that the Croatian Handball, Waterpolo and Basketball team each qualified for the same Olympics, so that's a good sign for the future. (For more information about the Tornjak and other Croatian dog breeds, see everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-croatian-dog-breeds)

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