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petak, 1. srpnja 2016.

"Happy Canada Day" From Croatianicity

This one may seems strange or weird at first, but it makes total sense. You see, not long ago some Portuguese guy comes up to me at the local grocery store. He asked if I wanted to make a bet about the upcoming Euro 2016 match. I said, "Well I'm really not religious fanatic about it, I just like wearing the Croatia jerseys occasionlly because it's my background and they look cool and are comfortable in the summer, but ok, what to bet?" So anyway long story short, he bet a can of those popular Portuguese Lupini beans – (Tremoços) and I decided I'll wager some Croatian Ledo ice cream or Kraš cookies or chocolates. (see my previous Ledo Medo Ice Cream post for more information about that)

But then he says instead, that if Croatia loses I have to post something about the Portuguese flag on my blog. I said "Geez, that's a pretty big wager on my part, it's a Croatian related good news information publication and blog, about bringing the good news to the masses and readership about Croatia related stuff, but what the hell ok." So that explains that, pretty simple and it should make total sense now. These past few days with the Euro's on there's plenty of the various national flags and celebrations going on anyway, more flags than usually seen downtown, (there's even stores that sell various flags), so it's just a bonus and apropos timing that it's Canada Day today too. I didn't have to buy the ice cream either so everyone actually wins. (And Croatia still has more Olympic medals so that trumps one soccer game) On that note then, Happy Canada Day to one and all! Eat and drink and be merry all ye citizenry.

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