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srijeda, 20. srpnja 2016.

Photo Of The Day: Clothed Statue In Podgorica Croatia Shocks Thousands

This is of absolutely no importance whatsoever or any news at all really, just interesting and amusing enough to throw in here quickly. Basically just a popular statue on the Croatian coast near the small Dalmatian town of Podgora near Makarska on the Adriatic sea, (about 65 km south of Split and 135 km north of Dubrovnik)...the statue locally known as "the siren" ("sirena", as those sirens of mythology), that someone decided to adorn with a Croatian top.

As a show of support for the upcoming Olympics, someone took on the witty endeavour probably late at night after too many drinks probably, or just bored, but whatever. Also between July 11-22 is particularly a popular time for beginning of summer celebrations in Croatia anyway, a glorious and joyous time when many Croatians will have bbq's, roasted pork and sasauges, various smoked bacon and ham dishes, and of course beers, plum brandy (rakija), wines and other drinks to usher in the coming joyous summer and water festivities, (from March 24th to June 10th is the spring time pre-summer festivities with similar happenings) Nobody was actually shocked like the title of this post suggests, I'm just humorously mimicking the way many media and entertainment stories and articles are titled many times to sensationalize for ratings or divert from reality. (I could have used "Croatian Citizens Up In Arms Over Defaced Landmark Statue" , "Terrorist Defaces Podgora Statue, Croatians Enraged & Military On Standby", or "Croatian President Declares Statue Terrorism Act A Crime Against Normalcy & Civilization")

The statue normally looks like this, and is one of numerous other popular local landmark statues dotting the whole coast. It sort of is artsy or artistic too when you think about, an artistic statement. Sort of like if you put a jersey or top on a famous historic landmark or well known nude woman art statue in Athens, Rome or Munich etc, or a hijab, grass and feathers skirts, Tupac tee or one of those banana-pineapple hats on the Famous 5 women statues in Calgary to give it a more authentic Canadian ambiance. I would actually have no issue having this as a framed photo hanging on a wall in a room somewhere, it's artistic, interesting, different, amusing, philosophical and even just a good conversation topic while drinking some adult beverages. ("Oh hey there, what's the story behind that photo in the hallway anyway? better than those Elvis oil paintings one comes across here and there at shitty garage sales and flea markets) Maybe even as a 3D version with glow in the dark neon paint, that would be pretty cool. That's about it, art and the arts and an amusing interlude between my usual stuff.

(Come to think of it, this would probably be a cool topic for down the road, about some of the many interesting statues along the coast. Or maybe about the many cool lighthouses too, there are some really frikin cool lighthouses worth posting about also, some of them you can rent complete with furniture, modern amenities and wi-fi, even your own private island lighthouse which is a pretty cool idea)


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