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utorak, 9. kolovoza 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Zagreb Airport Terminal 2 Construction Update (Officially Named Franjo Tuđman Zagreb International Airport)

Visuals of the new Zagreb Airport Terminal 2 before construction began. (similarly to the examples of Prague's Václav Havel Airport and Poland's Lech Wałęsa Airport , it's been announced that it is officially named the Franjo Tuđman Zagreb International Airport after Croatia's 1st modern era democratically elected President). When fully operational next year it will mean quicker and more efficient arrival and departures and processing will shorten waiting times, lineups and also increase capacity to 5.5 million passengers a year, and then increasing to 8-10 million through planned expansions. Many of the visitors from other parts of Europe especially, will be processed and drinking Croatian beers and eating palačinke in no time at all. In 2015 about 2.7 million passengers travelled through Zagreb even though the airport's original annual capacity was built for 2.5 million.

I posted last time that I wasn't going to touch this topic again until the new airport terminal was officially completey finished and up and running, but these are recent fresh pics that should be spread around. I've been to a few airports here and there and I'm definitely no airport guru or expert, but it's just good to see that the construction is going according to schedule, and that now you can actually see it taking form and starting to actually look like in the preliminary finished project images and videos This is what the traveller will be landing at in 2017 onwards, as the current Pleso airport terminal will be used just for low fare-flights. helicopters and personal aircraft.

I will just add that I touched upon this topic before even one shovel full of dirt was digged up, and I added extra information and media about some other airport expansion projects currently going on in Croatia, those links are below.

I also added personal commentary there about what stores or shops should be part of the new terminal, (Guess Jeans, Diesel, Mustang, Hugo Boss, what restaurants/bars/fast food etc) Also about how many armed security personal there should be and where they should be stationed, security attack dogs, sniper nests, stationing one of the new fully loaded Croatian Kiowa helicopters nearby etc. (I can't stress enough the importance of having at least one nearby fully fuelled and loaded helicopter on standby at all times, even the first sign of someone taking out a lighter out of their pocket for anything other than lighting a cigarette, cigar or to burn off a loose thread, well then that's plenty reason enough for a red alert and all systems go...ASM, grenade launcher and machine gun away at the potentially dangerous subversive and suspicious target infiltrator. We simply can't take any chances of ripped and torn to shreds Hugo Boss suits, various jeans, shirts, boutique soaps, plates and condiments, luggage and especially duty free items being destroyed or put in peril) Important topics like that.

Anyway, if this is news to you, then at least now you will know what to expect when you land in Zagreb in about a year. A totally new modern and much more efficient running terminal that's going to also look not too shabby, it was also announced recently that it will officially be named Zagreb Franjo Tuđman International Airport, after Croatia's first President of the modern era. (officially in Croatian; Međunarodna Zračna Luka Franjo Tuđman Zagreb) Which seems apropos and very fitting actually, as not long after Slovenian and Croatian and later BH declarations of independence in the 90's, Serb church supported terrorists and ethnic cleansing paramilitaries were shelling and rocketing the city of Zagreb including this airport also, (which btw is considered a holy day in the their Sanjak Smedervo church calendar, where Non-Serbs must be smitten by the mighty hand of Serb mortars from Serb heaven), and coincidentally again the Serb jihadist mastermind leader behind it is currently staying at the Hotel Hague, where they've even been building the popular "Greater Serbian Wing" as part of the hotel complex for him and his comrades)

It's good to know that construction is going according to plan and that the 331 million euros project will be a reality soon. It's been on the back burner for years, but then that world economic crisis happened, then the bidding process/paperwork, technical details etc and so on.

With over 13 million tourists arriving to Croatia in 2015, it's important that the capital city has a state of the art up to date modern 21st century airport facility, it's the door to the country and first thing you see. You want the passenger to see and know that it's a top notch modern facility and safe and secure. Interestingly, according to 2014 statistics the top-5 foreign visitors to Croatia in terms of overall numbers were from Germany (24 %), Slovenia (11 %), Austria (9 %), the Czech Republic and Italy (both 8 %) and probably surprising to many, it has actually been the large numbers of visitors from China, Japan and Koreans that has been the fastest growing segment the past few years. (Which is good, because lotsa hot single ladies from the far east is good for Croatia's image, there's much worse things to be crawling around, it also helps explain why camera sd memory cards are selling like hotcakes and many times sold out wherever they go, probably, and of course the Chinese restaurantsJapanese restaurants and other Asian and other restaurants). This new four-floor Zagreb Airport terminal will now be able to handle 5.5 million passengers a year, increasing to 8-10 million through planned expansions in subsequent years.

At the time these photos were taken they were already doing various systems and programs testing, 7 months ahead of the original schedule, which means the terminal should be fully operational shortly after the new year. Anyway, below are some pics to show the civilized world what's going on in Croatia. If this is your thing there's more background information at the links below.






*Updated photos from the official grand opening at photos-of-day-new-zagreb-airport

A couple updated interior views videos from just days before the official opening in March 2017.

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