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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Metallica Display A Croatia Flag On The Wall During Studio Rehearsals (+Video)

Metallica guitarist/singer James Hetfield seen in the rehearsal studio a few days ago. Image: Facebook screenshot.

This one from a few days ago is interesting enough to throw in here I think, quite the change of topic from the last while, but if it's Croatia related in any way whatsoever it can find it's way on this blog. This one is especially interesting because I used to listen them and went to one of their concerts before hardly anyone even heard of them. The 8 time grammy award winning and cult metal genre gods Metallica recently announced a soon to be released new album "Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct", and a tour to follow after an eight year break. And thanks to the world renown band, a Croatian flag displayed in a Facebook post will be seen by millions of people and fans around the world.

The screenshot above is from rehearsal footage that the band posted on their Facebook page just a few days ago, but I just by chance came across the rehearsal footage video below also. The band these days consists of singer James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo. For those who are unfamiliar, the band had originally planned to play in Croatia already back in 1991 after Croatian and Slovenian independence as part of that summer's popular "Monsters of Rock" tour, but the concert got cancelled after the Serb-Yugoslav attacks and ethnic cleansing sprees started up, However, they kept their promise that they would come back again and eventually played to over 30,000 fans at Zagreb's outdoor Hipodrom in 2010. (see video below)

Ahhh...Metallica. What more is there to say? The iconic band who's very name is based on a fusion of the words metal+vodka, that new band that at the time suddenly and out of nowhere brought forth those new unheard of melodies, vocals and sounds, that crunchy new aggressive yet spine tingling guitar sound that was like nothing else at the time, something refreshingly new, distinct, sonic otherwordly rhythms and sounds and it left you wanting more, telling you it was time to put the Led Zeppelin, Boston, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Cinderella and a whole bunch of other bands being played on the radio at the time, back on the shelf, this was something different completely. Why I remember it just like it was yesterday, some heavy duty Dokken fan once asked me in high school what I was listening to on the Walkman, at the time I said "Oh, some Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin and Metallica",  and then he said "who's Metallica?" Same thing happened when playing hockey while on the bus or in the change room. (Probably another good question would be is "Where's Wham, Culture Club, Baltimora, The Fat Boys, Samwell and Vanilla Ice now? Where the hell are they dammit?, Who's wearing their shirts these days?"). Boy have I got some good Metallica related stories, I saw them live at Maple Leaf Gardens when Jason Newstead was bassist, I remember this one guy later during my military days, he was a huge Metallica fan, he even went out and immediately got a tattoo of that snake on the cover of their 1991 self-titled album when it came out. (which is originally from the Culpeper Minutemen Flag btw). You see, this is the kind of music you wanted to listen before going out in the field, before sports, before doing weights, training and stuff like that, something to really get the adrenaline going, get inspired, really prepare and focus, because those other acts just won't cut it.

I should explain though, just like I said at my previous Croata Squad post, that I listen to and have listened to various stuff and many genres for the longest time, so I'm not by far close to what pople call a metalhead or whatever other label people come up with. I'm just what you call eclectic. I'm not a raver, rambler, disco freak, headbanger, country twanger cowboy, alternative, nu metal, classical, pop raver, rocker, punker, trancer, ambient dark waver, nu techno dancer, progressive techno nu trancer etc and so on. I just know what I like and what I don't like. Basically, it's very simple criteria I go by just like food and clothes...if it sounds good to me then I'll like it. If it sounds shitty and does nothing for me then I won't listen to it. I listen to various genres depending on my mood and my mp3 player song list would probably surprise many.

Besides, it's sort of funny these days, because I've come across plenty of pics of what people call Hollywood "celebs" where they're strolling around town and wearing "Metallica" tees. Heck, I've even come across some pics of some of them wearing Slayer, Dimmu, Misfits, The Cramps, Rammstein, The Louvin Brothers, Satyricon, COF, Anorexia Nervosa, Theatres des Vampires, Lacuna Coil, Iron Maiden and plenty of other hardcore music/punkish band tees, not just the usual popular hard rock tees. It's sort of trendy now in a way, like naming your daughter Ivana or Ivanka, doing yoga, cooking stir fry and rice dishes and playing Pokemon now. (Iron Maiden is another one of those 80's metal bands that never went away but instead just got bigger and gaining a larger following through the years, they actually just completed one of the biggest world tours ever selling out arenas and stadiums everywhere, they even recently sold out Spaladium Arena in Split just a few weeks ago). Just a few examples...

Anyway, this particular Croatian flag in the rehearsal footage is one that was given to them by some fans during their last Zagreb concert at the outdoor Hipodrom in 2010, (see previous post HERE), the fans had a memorable great time at the concert and the band did also, hence the flag. That's about it, a nice gesture to remember their various fans from their last world tour concerts and worth mentioning here, I guess you can now run out and get your Metallica tee also so you too can look like a cool celeb.

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The first view of the flag during the rehearsal footage is at the 20 seconds mark.

Some decent amateur footage of their Zagreb Hipodrom concert in 2010 during their massive 187 city World Magnetic Tour, over 30,000 fans showed up with pouring rain included.

 Zagreb concert footage and behind the scenes stuff from 2010.

Bonus extremely rare live footage of Metallica performing the Pokemon theme song in concert.

(Update) And lastly perhaps the most rare bonus footage, rehearsing with Lady Gaga before their 2017 Grammy's performance. Yep you read that right...

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