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petak, 12. kolovoza 2016.

Reese Witherspoon, Members Of U2 & Ivanka Trump Holidaying In Croatia...During Olympics?

Well, I've said quite some time ago how I don't plan to do anymore "celeb" type posts anymore, or when any famous or just well known athletes/personalities holiday in Croatia either, because it's really not the purpose of this blog or what it or I'm about. (I'm even cringing as I'm typing this because of this conflict of topics, as if I just sold my body to Whoopi Goldberg for a bag of stale Doritos and a warm flat can of Diet Mountain Dew, that would be pretty low in the self-loathing category). And of course this is absolutely NOT any kind of tourism post either, because I quite simply really have no personal interest where any so-called "celebs" or well known "personalities" holiday because it doesn't affect me personally or is of importance to me. It basically means fuck all to me for the most part where they go or what they say or think. (excuse the language, just blame Joe Rogan and Yucko the Clown)

But I just found these ones strange and oddly weird and so decided to quickly comment a few words. Now, plenty of celebs and well known personalities have been vacationing in Croatia over the years like I said, that's really nothing new and it's pretty ho-hum actually, but wouldn't it make more sense to have vacationed in Brazil since the Olympics are going on there right now? You know, then cheer on the athletes, the festivities etc. Besides it's all trendy now and the place to be, the worlds eyes are all glued at the goings on in Rio. Also, these three people are exceptions, (because I do have exceptions) and I wouldn't throw them in that same category of pontless talkers/lowest and least interesting form of "celebs" or those untalented and uninteresting stooges being passed off as "celebs" in various media. It would unfair to the reader and these below people to simply thrown them into the same "celeb" pile, for obvious reasons.

It's just really surreal and odd the way I see it. Then after thinking about it, perhaps maybe one reason could be is that the waters off the Croatian coast are actually pretty clean. It's a proven fact, and regularly getting superlative results after water quality assessment tests is something to not be ashamed of, it could actually be a good thing when you really think about it, and it helps save the fish and marine life too. (in retrospect, even these very personalities holidaying in Croatia is in effect bringing exposure and awareness to the plight of threatened sea life as well as the importance of keeping our oceans and waters clean, see my pray-for-the-croatian-dolphins post for more info about that), and from what I've seen on television and read here and there on the internet, the water around Rio is not exactly all that wonderful, as in infested with waste way thousands of times beyond healthy acceptable limits in other countries, (yep, thousands of times more viruses and bacteria filled, dumping more than half of Rio's raw sewage into the rivers and sea without any treatment whatsoever is maybe cost-effective but really not a good idea in retrospect, as the innocent marine life is the one that suffers, and on top of that is the contraband ), so I'm pretty sure she or her friends didn't want to accidentally get a mouth full of all the sewage, bacteria, piss and shit particles floating around. That's understandable though, it's not yummy or cool at all as most would probably agree. (although there are some people who like that, but that's another topic). I have a feeling that probably Catherine Zeta-Jones or the Olsen twins recommended the holiday trip because it's pretty well paparazzi free also.

Anyway, the timing for this holiday is just really odd and strange that's fore sure. I personally don't watch all that many movies these days, but I have seen some of her stuff here and there over the years, she was pretty good in Ironman 2, Scream, Grindhouse, Jurassic World, how she didn't win an Oscar for No Country For Old Men is still beyond me and as bizarre as this whole post topic, and a few other movies. Basically I'm glad she and her girlfriend palaroonies had a good time, that they weren't mugged at knifepoint, abducted or blown up, which is always a plus in my books. (if she was swimming in Rio instead this could have been her). And in the process her holiday trip made more people aware of where Croatia is on a map and what the summer on the coast looks like. So that's all a good thing that I'm not complaining about either. That's about it, just really wierd timing and surreal bizarro-strange that's for sure. (and the Zagreb Bears have also started playing pre-season hockey games already, all adding to the creepy ambiance of these weird topics and strange goings-on). I'm not adding a bunch of pics so if you're one of those gotta know paparazzi types there's more information and media at the links HERE.

(You can click onto this link for some background reading music)

Reese Witherspoon And Friends Holidaying In Croatia

Reese Whitherspoon and friends vacationing in Croatia. Image:


Famous American actress currently holidaying in Croatia…

U2 band members Adam Clayton and The Edge are currently enjoying the Croatian coast on board a luxury super yacht. After visiting Cavtat near Dubrovnik earlier this week to celebrate The Edge’s 55th birthday, the pair, along with family and friends, docked into the island of Hvar on Tuesday.

Pictured on the cover of one of those Croatian entertainment magazines.

Another celebrity is also in town enjoying Croatia’s stunning coastline, American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon. The Legally Blonde and Monsters vs. Aliens star is sailing along the Adriatic coast with her close friends.

Their first destination was Rovinj in Istria, before visiting heading towards the Kornati islands.

Witherspoon, who starred in the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama, has posted photos of her holiday on Instagram with the hashtag Croatia and the phrase ‘Summer adventures in Croatia’.

One of those new really annoying robot voice videos I came across. (I really hate it when people add those annoying robot voices especially for the really long videos and documentaries, like who wants to listen to long-winded robot voiced videos?)

Bono Joins U2 Bandmates To Celebrate Birthday Along Croatian Coast

...and then just as I was finishing up this post, even more thrills, spills and chills happened, as Bono also made a surprise appearance in the town of Cavtat to join fellow U2 band members celebrating Edge's 55th birthday, and then eat some cake etc. (probably taken just before a game of water polo, but if not they definitely should). More information and images HERE and HERE.

  Image: Instagram.

Ivanka Trump Takes A Croatian Coastal Holiday Vacation

.....and then the next day by pure coincidental chance I stumbled across this article HERE and it seems the bizarre weirdness vortex of improbable strangeness continues (what next? Elvis back from the dead drinking beers in Varaždin during Špancirfest? Jim Morrison drinking shots of rakija (plum brandy) in a Tkalčićeva street pub in Zagreb?). Ivanka Trump the daughter of Presidential nominee Donald Trump and ex-wife Ivana Trump, shared an Instagram pic while taking a break from the campaign trail in Dubrovnik. She was seen holidaying with friends, husband, various acquaintances and a bunch of other people I don't know. Well, if anything at least more of the general public will know that one can stroll, shop, eat and nightlife in Croatia without worries, There's a lot worse types of things to be crawling and shuffling into the country these days anyway, (including various types of subversives that I've talked about before, subversives are always up to no good and scheming to subvert for the worse), so this also could actually be a good thing and maybe even beneficial to the country's image.

For those gotta know journalism types here's an informative "article" excerpt I came across to fill you in better...."Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is in the midst of a holiday getaway in Croatia. Trump donned a casual look for the day of sightseeing, pairing a white blouse with cut-outs that revealed a white bikini underneath with matching shorts. Both women wore funky sunglasses to complete their looks. The top and matching shorts were still quite girly, and she paired them with a blush-colored laser-cut bag."

I'm definitely not getting into the whole Chris Brown-Ivanka Trump back and forth tabloid accusations thing that's been all over the news these days either. (He's that guy who punched the crap out of Rihanna's face btw), it's none of my business, not interesting and I really don't care about lots of the news these days anyway. Oh, she also went hiking during some time spent on the island of Hvar. Well there you go, there's not much more for me to add so that's as far as I'm going with this one.

At the end of the day, I guess the main thing is her holiday in Croatia is contributing to progress and civilization, and not just taking up space for tabloids and magazine photo galleries, it's all about progress, freedom and civilization. When her father become the next American President, I highly suggest he should consider opening up a Trump Hotel there, because the rumour mill is saying Brad Pitt is going to invest in a Croatian coastal project soon, which is way better than a crappy bar or just another fast food place I say. I also highly recommend she twist his arm and get Croatia some more of those fully loaded Kiowa helicopters, about another 10 or 20 more and preferably with some variable yield ASM's as part of the armament, .03 to 1.7 kilotons should be just about right for a while at least. (what the heck, a good ol' 40 megaton for just in case, probably 3 would be better, we'll give them a cool catchy name for the Youtube videos, something like "Narančast Medvjed iz Zagreba", "Vuk Express from Vukovar", "Kremšnita Freedom Missile of Peace", "King Tomislav's Flying Technicolor UFO", "Knin Spicy Lightning Sandwich", "King Krešimir's Magical Orb of Fun-o-rama", "Hrvatski Hamburger with Spicy Nuclear Rings" or something catchy and popular like that). Croatia has been a very strategic and important nation through the centuries saving civilization, progress and dynamic ideals, and likewise an important member of Nato also after all, so maybe he better throw in some nerve agents/chemical weapons missiles also....(for freedom, civilization and progess of course)

Related: dubrovnik-honours-kathy-wilkes-game-of-thrones-filming

I will just finish off though by adding that, as most people already know, Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald's ex-wife and former Czech model Ivana Trump, and uncannily (because it really is uncanny actually) mothers name was also Ivanka, but sometimes she would also go by Ivana. (sort of like Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy, or Lora, Laura, Lori, Lorette etc). How's that for a strange coincidence? True story. Why I even remember when I was a kid, sometimes other kids on the block would even make fun of her name. Why? I don't know, I mean she was in pretty good shape, no mustache or facial hair, she wore perfume, heels and makeup occasionally, she had all her teeth and dressed normal as in usually slacks, pastel skirts or flowery dresses etc, some of them even showing cleavage because it was the 70's after all, she just didn't wear any jumpsuits though. I'm pretty sure Agnetha or Frida from ABBA could have easily worn the same. (I saw some of the other kid's moms, and I'll tell you some of them at first I thought were men, true story. I think it was probably started by the one kid who lived down the street who was a real pointless annoying twerp, one time he snuck into the backyard when she was picking some fresh parsely and stuff for dinner and snuck a low peak when she was bending over, what a twerp, not long after that some Polish girl at school beat him up because he was calling her smelly perogi polack face during recess), the last I heard is he went to jail for mugging some blind grandmother, what a twerp). Plus there's a lot weirder names floating around and some of them even sound totally made up, heck, I've even come across some long names that are practically just consonants and unpronouncable, or sounding like someone has a mouth full of food or is clearing their throat, names that are way harder to pronounce than just Ivanka/Ivana. It could have been because we had our own vegetable garden in the backyard and they had mostly weeds and those popular rock gardens instead, Actually, Ivanka/Ivana is a fairly common Croatian female first name, and in some other countries such as this Czech example. But Ohhhhh! now it's so stylish, chique, cutesy and trendy like olive oil vinegrettes, imported pâtés (Croatian: pašteta), buying only organic vegetables, yoga and pleatless pants, it's so Euro-model trash edgy hip and sophisticated sounding all of a sudden now, so much so that lots of people want to be or name their daughter an Ivanka or Ivana. How's that for irony and weird too? You sure don't want to make fun of the name Ivanka/Ivana now that's for sure, she could send forth her wrath to snuff out your existence like it was nothing, leave you wishing you were never born...

Pictured shredding the waves on a jet ski around noonish.

...Anyway, I'll be back with my usual stuff soon, more juicy details, info, articles and stalking paparazzi pics, (including her see-through blouse images that have upset Isis, Kim Jong-un, Serb politicians and kooks in Belgrade, and even large parts of the Middle East and Africa) by clicking onto the links HERE.

Later seen spending the day chilling out and sightseeing in Dubrovnik. Image:

She also took a hike around the island and according to from where I got the pics, and this is a direct quote: "Ivanka, who usually sticks to floral fit-and-flare dresses and doesn't show much skin, was spotted wearing a laser-cut white top that showed her white bikini underneath."...well there you go that pretty well sums it up.

...and meanwhile in Alba Bulgarica Serbia, as usual supporters of 90's Serb war criminals, rapists, genocidal ethnic cleansing maniacs and other Serb church members were instead busy burning American, European Union, Croatia, Nato, Albanian flags, Kosovo flags, Ukrainian and a number of other flags. (but waving Serb-Libyan Gaddafi flags instead whish is weird, I think so anyway). Along with songs and chants of "Kill that Non-Serb Albanian, to hell with Non-Serbs, We'll take them Kosovar Albanians back to the Sanjak of Smederevo and Montenegro will be our Disneyland, then they'll be sorry that a Serb didn't rape their granny to make them sexy!", and other similar songs. It's really not that interesting but good to know.

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