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subota, 17. rujna 2016.

American Blogger Alex Cote Has Some Thoughts About Her Croatian Traveling Experience

The author seen at Poljud Stadium, self-explanatory.

This was sort of cool and interesting enough to throw in here, especially so since the blogger isn't Croatian. I've done a couple other ones that were written up by people that aren't Croatian, (that would be my croatian foodporn review and chorwackie cevapi aka hrvatski food themed posts), and a bunch of other ones I came across over the years were good too but I can't mention all of them. I also like reading the opinions and experiences of people who've been to the same locations in Croatia that I've been to, and in the process sometimes learning something new, be it amusing, personal tips or just generally good to know. (She picked a good time too, as the pitched police and street gangs battles and riots don't start up until October, so she should be safe until then)

Coincidentally just like her, (and even a few female travellers I met along the way). my last few tours I travelled alone everwhere also, as in I didn't visit any relatives or let them know that I was even there. I specifically wanted to just blend in and see what unplanned adventures and events would unfold, it really was more adventurous that way and I had a blast, that way you choose where to go next, when and how long to stay in a city or town or location. (There are a number of countries out there that if a foreign tourist was travelling alone or even in a group sometimes, it would still be risky and not recommended at all, (even worse than the usual city voilence here believe it or not), for instance I've come across plenty of news articles over the years where foreign tourists are abducted, kidnapped and even killed in Brazil, (example), it's a regular occurence actually and would probably ruin the rest of your vacation, I think so anyway) As an example, after landing in Zagreb and getting to my accommodations, I didn't even unpack yet and the Spanish girl next door who was doing the summer Euro-tour thing invited me to hookup later with her and her friends at Klub Purgeraj, (her friends also from Spain who were elsewhere at the time, they all arrived the day before through Munich, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest on their way to Greece and then Italy before going back, and Klub Purgeraj really was already on my list of places to visit while in Zagreb the very next day, yet another case of unexplained paranormal phenomena? probably), so there I was already having a great time with a bunch of Spanish people at a packed Klub Purgeraj and I wasn't even in the country or city for 2 hours yet, I didn't plan it and it just got better over the next few weeks with similar adventurous unplanned happenings, but I can't mention them all here. (You can get away with doing that there because there's not nearly as many fuckos/fuckorellas as here, which likewise means way less stabbings and shootings also) It may have been easier for me because I can read, speak and understand Croatian, but plenty of people also know English anyway and depending on where you travel to even other languages. A few of my Croatian acquaintances there knew English, and some also even German, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish or Italian and even other languages. (that's because they likewise travel to other nearby countries quite regularly and learn stuff along the way) You'll find the people are very helpful in that regards, basically communication is not a major issue and basic Croatian is pretty easy to pick up and converse in before you know it anyway.

The below text I just mostly took from her blog, basically she's from Chicago and Minesota and has been based in the city of Split only since July, but she's also travelled and blogged about other cities and towns she travelled to along the coast, adding her own views and comments about various things and experiences and hanging out with locals etc. Even her "selfies" are cool with interesting perspectives. Oh sure most of the images are recent summery coastal scenes from this past summer, (the popular trendy and picturesque places seen in many tourist brochures, I don't blame her though because there's so much to see and do, totally unghetto, and of course for the beaches), but interesting nonetheless with some good tips and information added. Basically she's not badmouthing the country, and isn't having to duck for cover or avoid stepping on syringes and body parts on the beach during her travels, which is always a good thing in my book, that's the way I roll. (She's also not there subversively brainwashwashing/preaching/converting/begging for people to join a religious cult/sect or organization and then lose their identity and grip on reality, that's also a plus the way I see it) She also just recently visited the capital city of Zagreb, so maybe other areas of more northern continental Croatia also, you'll have to stay tuned for those and follower her blog or Instagram to find out if she has a shitty time or gets abducted by some religious cult or forest witch or other travelling ghouls. (there's lots of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and witches in Croatian forests people should remember, as well as lots of unexplained paranormal phenomena)

You can find out more at her blog

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Above the city of Split. To keep up to date with her travels and thoughts about travelling around Croatia visit her blog at (all images taken from her blog).

The Mindful Mermaid visits the stunning seaside city Split to get the lowdown on what to do, see and taste …

When I decided to venture out of Dubrovnik and embark on my first solo trip this summer, I knew immediately where I wanted to visit first: Split. An iconic city of the Dalmatian coast, it would be a dishonor to miss this historic hubs while visiting Croatia.

Now, I’ve already explored Split a handful of times over the past two years, but seeing it on my own and hanging out with the locals gave me an added perspective.

Although you may be able to find numerous guides to Split with a quick Pinterest search, I’m bringing you an exclusive insider’s perspective from locals and an expat. Here’s everything you need to know about an authentic travel experience in Split.

Split is located on the Southern point of Croatia’s coast, in between Zadar and Dubrovnik. As the second largest Croatian city next to the inland capital of Zagreb, Metropolitan Split has about 350,000 inhabitants and covers a total of nearly 80 square kilometers. The rustic Old Town is decorated with preserved, historic monuments, while the urban outskirts of Split are rougher around the edges.

Lurking among the less well known hidden walkways and paths in the ghetto underbelly of Zadar you don't usually see in the posters and brochures.

The Mindful Mermaid is Alex Cote, a conscious travel and lifestyle blog. Here is where wanderlust and the desire for mindful living meet. Let’s sea the world, and make it a better place.

Alex Cote is the voice and spirit behind the mindful mermaid. She is a Loyola University Chicago graduate, and has worked as a writer throughout the Midwest region. She has a background in politics and sustainability, and wishes to create global change. She would love to work for United Nations Environmental Programme one day.

Accidentally coming across a wedding celebration, it never hurts to have the camera around I say.

Alex spent 18 years of her life living in St. Paul Minnesota, where she mixed her time exploring the twin cities and relaxing on the shores of Duluth, Minnesota. She moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2012 to study Political Science at Loyola University of Chicago. Discovering both a love for writing and environmentalism, Alex added minors in journalism and environmental action. She spent one summer in Nice, France through an international journalism program, and six months in Dubrovnik, Croatia studying diplomacy (unofficially studying how to navigate foreign countries and find gluten free foods throughout Europe).

Just a few years ago this area of Zagreb was mainly favelas, daily shootings and stabbings, crack houses and pitched police and gang battles, and then just the usual night-time scenes of the popular Zagreb coconut-butt & pineapple feathers kolo dance parties, today the shopping, pastries and adventures begin in Zagreb.

Another hidden gem, a former needle exchange program and genderless friendly fentanyl rehab center was converted into one of the numerous eclectic Zagreb cafes/bars (and restaurants) that are popping up around almost every corner, you don't see these interesting places in the tourist brochures and posters either.

She’s an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, globe-trotter, and health foodie. She enjoys yoga running, playing guitar and singing, and photography. You can find out more at her blog

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