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subota, 10. rujna 2016.

Croatian-Chilean Sisters Bring Chile’s Top Beachwear & Bikini Brand "Lemonaki" To Croatia For Official 2017 Season Photoshoot (Photos)

There was a bunch of recent topics I wanted to post about and comment on, (such as the recent local story about some women who got into a fight on the bus, there was spitting in faces and yelling, then one bitch slapped the other crazy bitch and she fell on the floor moaning, the video went viral and it was all over the news for days being analyzd by commentators/journalists. Not as entertaining as the shootings and stabbings but still the video went all viral and everything, I might do a post about it sometime), but then I thought this recent topic was an easy quick neutral post to make everyone happy and it just perfectly closes out the summer season, actually like a perfect ending to the summer season practically. (Because soon it will be time to harvest the maple syrup from the trees, put on the skis, lace the skates, pull out the toboggan from the shed or basement, and then everyone will be busy drying and smoking their traditional caribou and bison beef jerky and putting on the traditional Rita McNeil tunes around the holidays while sipping apple cider by the fireplace and watching 100 Huntley Street with our credit cards ready, all Canadians do these things every year because it's a traditional Canadian thing and it defines what being a Canadian is all about, it's true. At least this post is good information to know for next summer anyway).

Also coincidentally, this is a cool interesting post to remind about the topic of Chileans with Croatian descent, which many readers may not have even known about or that such a thing even existed. I briefly touched upon Davor Lukšić previously (pronounced "Luke-shich" in Croatian), who invested (and still is actually and doing great things) in a number of Croatian projects over the years, and who also just happens to be of Chilean with Croatian descent. Which is a good thing, because keeping the progress and civilizational continuum in effect is beneficial not only in and for Croatia, but even well beyond our borders. (a number of the adult beverages served there, fizzy and non-fizzy variety, also have various garnishes, pieces of fruit or even topnotch fresh olives in them, which again proves my point).

Some people may be offended by this topic and the photos, but it's pretty harmless and neutral according to my philosophy, (the Croatian sisters behind the Lemonaki beachwear brand aren't shooting Ukrainians after all, or standing around just burning a bunch of flags, they didn't start a Croatians for Gaddafi Facebook page or anything pointlessly absurd like that. (according the news I've read I'm pretty sure Gaddafi wasn't even a a fan of Croatian bikinis or Chile anyway, so why the hell do a calendar photoshoot there?)

You see, to me beachwear is a civilizational benefit of the nation and an expression of its progressive ideals and values which in the greater overall cultural dynamics of this topic involves lots of other important factors to consider also...important factors that go along such as the foods/seafoods beverages...footwear options (flipflops or sandals? perhaps sneakers?)...sunglasses options (too many sunglasses options to discuss here)...suntanning lotion possibilities as well as the toppings...towel choices (there's lots of ice cream toppings and towel styles to consider)...hats or visors or none...refreshments/snacks (chips? pretzels? popcorn? perhaps peanuts, napolitanke, or fritule? etc and so forth)...keeping the water safe and clean...saving marine life...etc). I found the images and topic way more interesting than watching baseball players spitting, chewing and scratching their balls, so probably some readers should find it interesting also,

(For those gotta know types, the Croatian model used in this post series of photographs is Helena Ivančić who was based in Germany and got her start at the Midikenn Model Agency in Zagreb. (Not Taliamodel agency, don't hit that link though because they're the other major Zagreb model agency). You can read her blogs at and to find out more if you want).

We here at Croatianicitystuff wish Lemonaki and the sisters continued success and applaud their magnanimous efforts and commitment to making beaches and summer beachwear a better and more enjoyable experience the world over for everyone involved and for supporting important women's rights to wear the bikini and swimwear fashions that they choose to wear. That's the Croatianicitystuff stamp of approval. There's not much more to add, all the info is below. Just hit the links, visit Lemonaki's official website at or just Google around for more information.


The few photos included here are featuring Croatian model Helena Ivančić, contrary to the tabloids she is not known to be a fan or supporter of Gaddafi. (full photo gallery at

"Lemonaki" beachwear is owned by Milena and Andrea Bakul, two sisters of Croatian decent based in Santiago, Chile. Their beachwear shooting locations over the 2 weeks included Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Brela and Sakarun. Here the iconic Banje Beach is the backdrop featuring Croatian model Helena Ivančić.

Chile’s number one beachwear and bikini brand, Lemonaki, recently selected Croatia for its official Summer 2017 photoshoot…

Lemonaki were in Croatia shooting their Summer 2017 collection. They spent 2 weeks travelling along the Croatian coast, using unique and scenic landscapes of the Dalmatian region especially as a backdrop for the best beachwear looks of the next summer season in South America.

Lemonaki were shooting their advertising campaign that also included Croatian model Helena Ivančić.

Some of the selected locations for the shoot in Croatia included Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Brela and Sakarun. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik and Radisson Blu Split resorts also offered their locations for the campaign.

One of their store locations in Santiago, Chile. More interior store images at

A 2014 advertisement poster from their popular store in Puerto Velero, Chile.

Lemonaki beachwear has been featured in numerous magazines and publications over the years. More examples at

Lemonaki is owned by Milena and Andrea Bakulić, the two sisters of Croatian decent were proud to have the opportunity to come back again to their origins and as a bonus show the world the beauty of Croatia through their work and beachwear.

The founders of Lemonaki beachwear, Milena and Andrea Bakulić.

Based in the largest and capital city of Santiago de Chile, Milena and Andrea launched Lemonaki in 2002, having a passion for Chilean and various South American fashion motiffs, photography and beachwear.

In 2005 Lemonaki opened its first store in Santiago de Chile. and the second store the following year (2006) in Puerto Velero, which is one of the most visited resorts in Chile. And now Lemonaki is known as one of South America's most popular beachwear brands, a popular top brand in Chile, Argentina, the Brazill market and which has even been seen worn on beaches from Florida to California, Tel Aviv to Stockholm, Monaco to Kolobrzeg and from Barcelona to Riga.

Over the past decade because of accolades from their customers and other designers in the beachwear world, Lemonaki has become synonymous with summer and has brought joy to women the world over, the most popular place to shop for summer, vacation, and destination beachwear.

This last photo obviously isn't from the Lemonaki photoshoot, but rather of the current President of Croatia. But it just goes to show you that everything I said earlier about bikinis and Croatia and civilizational progress is true.

And for just in case you're in the area and need to fullfill your bikini and beachwear needs.

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