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utorak, 27. rujna 2016.

Exhibition Of Forgeries and Counterfeit Fake Art Opens in Zagreb (Photos)

‘Ljepota lažnog sjaja’ (Beauty of fake shine) an art exhibition in Zagreb is highlighting the problem of forged counterfeit art.

This piece that I just came across seemed kind of worth noting, it's not an actual art exhibit like I've touched upon previously a few times, but an art exhibition that opened today in the capital Zagreb featuring ony fake and forged artwork confiscated by the Croatian police...

Hmmm? A faked and forged art exhibit is rare enough, but an art exhibit organized by the Croatian police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs? (Croatian: Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Republike Hrvatske or just MUPHR) Well that's practically unheard of and something one doesn't come across very often, if at all, I haven't anyway. The current city I'm in regularly has annual police bike auctions, but that's different where all the lost and stolen bikes recovered that were never claimed are put brought out and sold to the highest bidder, to be stolen again. (I think it leads the country in stolen bikes actually, mall fuckos and bar stabbings/shootings per capita also), but a counterfeit and forged art exhibit? Now that's different and interesting enough to add here.

This exhibition, is titled ‘Ljepota lažnog sjaja’ (Beauty of fake shine), and it's being held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Zagreb (39 Savska street) and will feature counterfeit art seized by the police since 2009.

53 counterfeit paintings and 4 sculptures signed by renowned Croatian artists such as Edo Murtić, Ljubo Ivančić, Đuro Pulitika, Ivan Lacković Croata, Mersad Berber, Ljube Ivančić, Mersada Berbera, Ede Murtić, Boris Bučan, Miljenka Stančić, Zlatko Price, Vasko Lipovac, Dušan Džamonja and others are being exhibited, including works by current Croatian-Australian artist Charles Billich (see previous post HERE) and even a fake Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Salvador Dali.

Of course these days you can find lots of fake things, I come across lots of instances of fake watches, fake sunglasses, fake designer labels on fake clothing items, fake hats, fake shoes and many more fake things all the time. And copying a work of art for your personal use or to practice or out of admiration is one thing, but intentionally duplicating a piece of artwork and then trying to pass off the forged art as another persons work is another thing altogether, it's just pure frikin' evil. Because the person isn't just making and/or "selling fake art" and stealing from the artist, instead they're actually ripping their existence and very heart and soul right out of the artist and cramming it back down their throat. Faking art and selling it as an original work of art by another artist truthfully is murder, pure and simple. And the hottest burning places in hell are reserved for those forgers and subversive art terrorists and artist murderers. (as one of numerous similar examples, just last year Sotheby's New York sold a fake Claude Monet for.....$20,410,000 Million. The artwork seen below is not in the 10's of millions of dollars range, but would still go for many thousands of dollars)

There will also be lectures and film screenings held revolving around these topics. The exhibition will run until October 23rd and is open from 8:00 to 16:00 hrs during the week and from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs on weekends. Entry to the exhibition is free. A few related Croatian artists post links at the bottom...

Opening Day address to the press regarding the importance of artistic freedom and evils of forged and faked art, which is a modernday scourge upon the art world and probably one of the most vilest crimes against humanity in this day and age.

1st day of the fake art exhibition sneak peek.


A few of the seized fake works of art that were being passed off as originals on display. It's not generally known that trade in counterfeit art is one of the more profitable businesses in the world black markets and at times quite lucrative. Many fakes have even been sold at well known reputable world auctions for multi-million-dollar prices.

Below is a faked sketch attributed to current Croatian-Australian artist Charles Billich also on display. (see previous post croatian-australian-artist-charles-billich for more info about the real Charles Billich)

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Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb

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