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petak, 30. rujna 2016.

Heineken Beer Commercial Featured James Bond In Croatia & A Thrilling Rovinj Escape

This is just some old news I'm throwing out there, actually it's not really even news but just an amusing commercial from last summer. And I was only just reminded of it by chance because just a few days ago Casino Royale was on television. (Which is also the one that features Ivana Miličević as Valenka btw, the poisoning beauty villain who poisons his martini...for love. More about her at a previous post HERE)

I don't recall ever seeing this commercial on this side of the pond, so maybe it wasn't used here or I just wasn't watching the commercials at the time, but whatever. Basically, the quaint coastal town of Rovinj in the northwestern Istra peninsula region of Croatia (aka Istra county, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic sea and shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy), was used as the backdrop for the escape chase scenes in the commercial.

As part of its global campaign for the James Bond film ‘Spectre’ last year, Heineken unveiled the TV ad featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, the high adrenaline spot sees the famous spy in a high-speed boat chase along with a montage of Rovinj and surrounding area during the chase scenes.

It starts off good, like a typical James Bond flick at the start, but then they went with the 60's Spiderman music at the 12 second mark for some reason, it's still quirky and amusing though. If you did see the commercial before and were wondering about the location scenes, well now you know. Will he make his escape or will it be the end of James Bond once and for all? Check it out for yourselves to find out...


The subversives are after James Bond and he needs to leave Rovinj at once before it's too late...

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