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srijeda, 21. rujna 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Croatian President Seen Wearing Designs By Croatian Fashion House "ELFS"

Various Croatian fashion/entertainment articles were hot on the trail of the Croatian President's new dresses after rumours started, and now the shocking secret is out...

Well, I'm in the middle of some important things, top secret correspondences and all that which I'm not at liberty to divulge, so instead here's some recent totally unimportant but amusing information to ponder. (I was going to touch upon the recent tabloid news about the provincial Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne being spotted wearing some very shocking and controversial eye glass frames at a local Wendy's last week, but then thought this topic is probably better suited for this blog and the readership, because it's always and at all times all about and for the readership)

Now I'm not a fashionista or guru of fashions or some kind of aficionado of fashions though remember, not at all and don't want be. I couldn't tell you a thing about the numerous stitches, threads used, patterns, buttons/zipper options or various materials used, and again I just don't care, besides I haven't done this topic in quite a while.

You see, I only originally decided to start touching upon this topic quite a while ago because sometimes I would open up my homepage or turn on television and regularly there would be news, entertainment programs or articles going on and on ad nauseum about this or that Hollywood celebrity or model or American singer wearing whatever clothes of some major European or other well known fashion house/label. Even during the height of the terrorist attacks, Fort McMurray fires or various mall/school shootings instead obsessively chattering and writing about what brand/label this celebs' dress is, that shirt, those shoes or gown or who wore what better etc, and so I decided right then and there to let the world world know that there's Croatian designers and designs too that are worth knowing about I think. (And some of their stuff has won prestigious awards, even been worn by some celebrities at the Oscars etc, and some of them even looked better and were much less expensive than the ones getting all the press)

Heck, even the fashion house Lanvin, (which are not a nickle and dime local shoe store brand exactly, or shoes you'll find on clearance at your local strip mall shoe store during the "Week after Boxing Week" sale), they went out and actually named and designed some of their shoes after Croatian cities believe it or not, (post about that HERE), so that has to mean something, designer shoes instead of a disease or always just food items is a positive thing the way I see it. And a world famous fashion brand is not going to be inspired and name shoes after a city in the first place if their fashion is shitty and they wear pathetic fashions in that city, and would be better off having a potato or a new donut flavour named after the city. On top of that, many people probably don't know that the modern day necktie/cravat as we know it, originated as a fashion statement tradition by Croatian soldiers during the Thirty Years War in the 1600's. (more about that interesting history HERE).

Anyway, this spontaneous post is strictly about Nato fashion choices and the part that some Croatian fashion designs have played lately, solely for the benefit of the reader...

At the UN General Assembly in New York recently, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic was seen wearing ELFS creations by the popular Croatian designers.

Her recent look has earned a lot of likes and numerous positive comments on social media, especially by the ELFS fashion house. This is not the first time that the president has worn a dress by ELFS though, as she's also been seen wearing designs by other Croatian designers such as the Zagreb based Stolnik fashion house, Martina Budak and others. (Which btw after browsing around, I think this dress actually would have looked pretty cool too while giving a U.N. speech or at some Nato function, really show the subversives, various specimens and terrorist wanabees you mean business and aren't playing games or going to give them bouquets of flowers when their time comes)

A few days ago she raised eyebrows by wearing a red dress in Split at the opening conference of the Military Committee of the NATO Alliance. What do I think about all this? Well it's a good change, and definitely good exposure for ELFS and the Croatian designers. But it makes sense also, to at least once in a while wear designs and clothes designed by your own designers, after all there's lots of Croatian designers and fashion houses coming out with creative, good quality clothes for men and women, so why not wear them? And I've seen some ridiculous and absurd United Nations General Assembly Fashion examples over the years that's for sure, so what better place than there to wear your nations fashion and clothing designs? It's practically the perfect place to do so. (The United Nations General Assembly and Nato is pretty well just mainly about the preservation and protection of the nation's fashion industry and designs anyway, which is likewise an extension of it's historical cultural dynamics and civilizational process and experience, of it's linear progress, of the nation's hopes and dreams and future epochs. It's a part of the sum total of aspirations and ideals that Croatian history has fought bravely for and defended throughout many centuries and even today)

Well, at least she's not wearing dresses by some of the other more world famous fashion houses that sometimes go for thousands of dollars, her dresses seen here are fairly simple, not too edgy alternative or provacative or fancy-shmancy, and I found out these particular ones run only about $200-$500. Definitely not affecting the economy or a burden to taxpayers.

Now, I don't have too like every dress choice of course, just like I don't have to like every single thing she says or does either. Because there are some decisions in the past I don't agree with and would have said or done differently, just because if the President drinks root beer and a certain type of cheese it doesn't mean that I also have to be a fan of the same and likewise have the same likes regarding everything. (For instance, I was extremely disappointed when during the Nato summit in Split video below, there was no mention whatsoever about the terrible tragedies of the Dolphin disaster taking place over the years, the magnanimous dolphins have been saving Croatian lives for many, many centuries, even sacrificing themselves to save Croatian swimmers and sailors since even medieval times, but not even a mention about the life-threatening dangers to their existence that they're exposed to these days? They deserve better than that)

For instance also, shortly after she was elected President last year, I came across an article mentioning what toppings she puts on her pizza and hamburgers and the best way to prepare škampi na buzaru. I immediately thought no frikin' way would I put that topping on my pizza and not add a few others instead, and I would also definitely go with more wine and garlic for the škampi na buzaru, including chili pepper flakes also, stuff like that.

Personally, I also prefer the more serious looking, edgier photos I've seen over the years, I've come across plenty of models wearing even flowers on dresses these days looking more enigmatic, intense, mysterious etc. Sort of like Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall, Greta Garbot or Veronika Lake, (even Maude Fealy, Mary Miles Minter, et al) instead of Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth or Judy Garland from back in the day. (the Shirley Temple/Doris Day-ish ones I just simply don't agree with, those are better suited for ice-cream, hair conditioner or chewing gum commercials and advertisements)

Anyway, this has been some recent gossip in the Croatian entertainment news, and below are a few examples of the designs she wore...


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Wearing an ELFS design during the holidays last year. Official website:

The shocking and controversial word got around last December when Kolinda was seen wearing an ELFS "Milenadress, (above), which was the very same dress worn by Croatian singer Andrea Šušnjara on local television a week earlier (below). Within a few days the taboo topic of wearing the same dress and design pattern that was already previously being worn by a celebrity was a major media exposé topic, gossip and numerous articles ensued about the controversy insinuating the Croatian President wanted to become a singer instead or take up singing.

The incriminating photo discovered by the fashion police categorically proving that this particular ELFS "Milena" design dress was indeed already previously worn by the Croatian singer before Kolinda wore it.

Wearing a red dress in Split at the opening conference of the Military Committee of the NATO Alliance, after discussing the mystery behind the epidemic of crying Canadian soldiers committing suicides en masse after returning from Afghanistan. Her red dress was also a much talked about topic of the day receiving numerous compliments from various Nato officials and generals.

As seen yesterday before a speech at the UN General Assembly in New York wearing the ELFS "Agnetha" dress.

The above same dress seen on a catwalk. It was later discovered that this particular "Agnetha" dress was first showcased during the BIPA FASHION.HR campaign this past March. Image:

More intrigue was later brought to the surface of the shocking exposé that was spiralling into a full-fledged fashion vortex conspiracy. Besides the Croatian President and model Ecija Ivušić being seen wearing the ELFS dress, likewise Croatian RTL Television show host Edita Misirić was also spotted wearing the same "Agneth" dress just days ago. The situation has been described by fashion experts as "the Croatian Agnetha Trinity." Image:

Video and below photo from the recent Military Committee of the NATO Alliance Summit in the city of Split. The red dress caused a commotion at the Nato summit and within 10 minutes the media were told to leave the conference room until things subsided. More information at

Predsjednica Republike Hrvatske Kolinda Grabar Kitarović odabrala je čipkastu haljinu hrvatskog brenda Elfs za Opću skupštinu UN-a održanu u New Yorku i istaknula se elegancijom

Čipkasta haljina s ovratnikom trenutno se prodaje po sniženoj cijeni od 1.680 kuna, a čini se da je Kolinda obnovila svoj ormar na rasprodaji.

"Sretni smo što Predsjednica Kolinda Grabar Kitarović lijepo nosi ELFS haljinu Agneta i time pokazuje da su prošla vremena korporativnog odjevanja kada su se žene morale odjevati poput muškaraca kako bi dokazale svoju snagu!" napisali su modni dizajneri na Instagramu pored njezine fotografije koja je skupila brojne lajkove i pozitivne komentare.

Naravno, to i ne čudi jer dok je Andrea Šušnjara nastupila u emisiji 'In Magazin' na Novoj TV, koja je zabavnoga karaktera, hrvatska je predsjednica u ovoj odjevnoj kombinaciji izašla pred svekoliku hrvatsku javnost s najvažnijom viješću za budućnost države.

Dan ranije na okruglom stolu UN-a o izbjeglicama nosila je još jednu kreaciju istih dizajnera, nešto stariju haljinu koja je u njenom ormaru od prošle zime.

Nažalost Kanadski Premijer Justin Trudeau je bio zauzet kao glupi majmun kreten bez gaće.

Tad ju je prvi put odjenula, a s obzirom da haljina ima otvorena leđa, jasno je zašto je svaki put nosi uz sako.

Niz uskih haljina Kolinda je započela prošli vikend, kad je odjenula usku crvenu haljinu za konferenciju Vojnog odbora NATO-ova saveza u Splitu.

U moru crnih i tamnih odijela pozornost je privlačila crvenom haljinom, koja je jasno otkrivala da je, vjerojatno zbog stresa oko parlamentarnih izbora, Kolinda izgubila pokoji kilogram. Haljina je ipak bila mrvicu tijesna na grudima, a uz nju je odjenula i crvene cipele.

By comparison, as Croatian Ambassador to the United States in 2009 after Croatia joined Nato, most experts agree her wardrobe looked more librarian-like or similar to what an art gallery/museum curator would wear, plain and conservative compared to the more feminin looking recent ELFS designs. 

A few years later while in the role of Nato Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, her fashion choices seemed to have become erratic at times, one day looking like a bingo hall queen and then the next day like a typical shady tavern hostess or some ghetto alleyway scat princess....drab, lacklustre and boringly predictable like a Walmart shopper on a Sunday morning. Have her recent fashion choices with ELFS been correct and the right choice? I'll let the reader muse about that themselves.

Here and above seen wearing ELFS again in Dubrovnik this past August along with leaders from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia for "The Three Seas Initiative."

Wearing the ELFS "Agnetha" dress again while meeting Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko after her UN General Assembly speech in New York. Will her decisions to wear Croatian designs be a boon or bane for national security, regional and world peace, the economy, the war on terrorism, crypto-commies, islamo-bolsheviks and subversives? We'll have to wait and see. I'll update this important topic in the future as more information becomes available.

...and meanwhile in Alba Bulgarica Serbia, as usual supporters of 90's Serb war criminals, rapists, genocidal ethnic cleansing maniacs and other Serb church members were instead busy burning American, European Union, Croatia, Nato, Albanian flags, Kosovo flags, Ukrainian and a number of other flags in fashion effigy. (but waving Serb-Libyan Gaddafi fashion flags instead which is weird) Along with songs and chants of "To hell with Non-Serbs and the Non-Serb fashions We'll take them Kosovar Albanians back to the Sanjak of Smederevo and make them wear our fashions or else!", and other similar songs. It's really not that interesting but it's good related fashion news to know.

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