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ponedjeljak, 12. rujna 2016.

Stipe Miocic Clearly Wins Innaugural UFC Title Defence With 1st Round KO (Photos + Video)

Stipe Miocic defended his UFC Heavyeight Championship belt on September 10th in front of a full house in Cleveland, Ohio. Getty Images.

Well, I've been trying avoid doing sports related posts for quite some time as everyone knows, (along with any celeb posts too, because I don't want any readers to be mistaken that this is a "sports and celebs" type blog) But I had to do this one quickly for a few reasons. After finding out that Stipe Miocic won his first UFC title defence a few nights ago, I thought "that's great, that's swell and nice, all his fans and especially the Croatian community in his hometown of Cleveland will be happy. Good for him." (Especially since for the last month all I've come across regarding the upcoming UFC 203 main bout was quotes by "Rembrandt" Overeem talking about how Miocic is soft, Miocic is going down, Miocic is losing the belt, Miocic is gonna feel the pain, Miocic is gonna have a disaster homecoming, Miocic this and that and bla bla bla)

So anyway the next morning I quickly Googled around just to find some pics or video highlights and see what went on. I wasn't even going to do a post about it, but after reading a few articles and watching the interviews I decided I really should add my own personal commentary about this one after all.

Firstly, as the reader probably already knows, Stipe Miocic (pronounced "Steep-eh Me-o-chich" and spelled Miočić in the Croatian alphabet), defended his recently won UFC Heavyweight Champion belt at UFC 203 in Cleveland. The Cleveland native with Croatian roots knocked out the top contender Alistair "Van Gogh" Overeem in the first round for a convincing win. But it's what happened afterwards, or what was said afterwards actually, that left me and the 18000+ in attendance (and probably just about everyone watching at home and on the big screen), disgusted with disbelief. Even Joe Rogan during the after fight interview had a hard time trying to figure out what "de Hooch" Overeem was babbling about. (video below)

It could be that maybe Overeem was still in some sort of fantasyland, maybe he had some dream-like alternative UFC fight highlights floating around in his head instead of the real series of events that took place, one where different events unfolded. Or it could very likely be that he had to come up with an excuse as to how Stipe could have possibly broke out of and escaped his unbreakable trademark guillotine choke hold in the first place, which won him 9 previous bouts. (growing up on Croatian food, that's how in my personal opinion, because cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers (punjene paprike), štrukliškampi na buzaru and pašticada really are like steroids when you think about it) Or it could even be the result of the years of steroids use, (he's been suspended for that in the past and it's no secret), so maybe it was all the steroids side effects that were giving him an alternate reality in his mind. (Let that be a lesson for all the boys and girls out there, steroids is not candy and they could make you have false memories and flashbacks, see and hear things that aren't really there, maybe even polka dot fish and pink crocodiles floating around in the clouds with unicorns)

It's all just really absurd actually and a pathetic bullshit attempt and not even important, or even worth discussing actually. It's as ridiculous as saying Miocic took brass knuckles out of his gloves afterwards. The main point is Stipe Miocic won straight up fair and square and defended his UFC belt, end of story. There's no point lying about your opponent afterwards in front of millions of people around the world as if all the viewers are blind morons and gullible hicks, the viewers deserve more respect than that and probably all the other UFC fighters would agree. Back in my military days they would call this guy a fucko, as in "What the hell bullshit is that fucko flapping his lips about now?"  or "Does that fucko ever shut the fuck up with his bullshit?" etc. Besides, according to the video replay I would have thought he'd be complaining about an early referee decision, if anything at all.

Long story short, the knockout loss was the tenth of "Honthorst" Overeem's mixed martial arts career and thirteenth overall. It was also announced afterwards that Overeem will now require a neurological CT scan as well as an MRI before being allowed to return to active competition, Medically suspended indefinitely and a minimum of 60 days. That's the gist of it, it's also good news that now more people around the world are aware that he's Croatian background and not Russian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian or Norwegian like he was mistakenly described in his early martial arts days. I'll let the below article and videos explain more...


Nobody Remembers Or Saw Stipe Miocic Tapping Out, They Only Remember Him Punching Overeem Unconscious

Stipe Miocic just remembers one thing, and that's knocking out Alistair Overeem.

The UFC heavyweight champ, Miocic, successfully completed his first title defense on Saturday night at UFC 203. The Cleveland native knocked out top contender Overeem in the first round of a wild fight. Although it was pretty clear who won the fight, there was a bit of controversy after the fight, as Overeem accused Miocic of tapping out to one of his submissions.

"The Reem," who holds nine victories via guillotine choke, dropped the champ during their title bout, and immediately followed up with his vintage choke. The guillotine looked deep, but Miocic was able to escape and eventually get the knockout win. In the post-fight press conference, Miocic addressed Overeem's accusations, and the situation that occurred after the fight.

"I just remember signing my check and all that good stuff, and I heard boos," Miocic explained. "I asked what they (the crowd) were booing about because I knew he (Overeem) was talking, and they told me that he said that I tapped out. I don't remember tapping out, I just remember punching his face repeatedly until he was unconscious."

Soon after Overeem made the accusation in his post-fight speech with color commentator Joe Rogan, the UFC's production team replayed the choke sequence from different angles, and from what was shown it didn't look like Miocic tapped out.

"I don't know how I can tap out when I have two hands on his hands," Miocic said. "But yeah he's also not feeling too good right now. I mean, that's terrible. He could really hurt me. He threw harder than I thought, he kicked harder than I thought, and you know, that was my own fault, but I knew everything that was coming.

"Listen, I trained for these kind of situations. He put me on my ass, you know. I felt fine, and he got me on that front headlock (guillotine choke) and I just kept scooting my right knee. I popped out, he didn't like it, and then he gave me the opportunity to grab his leg, so I followed him and right when I got on top of him, game over."

Getty Images.

Leading the hometown fans with chants of O-H-I-O! (Cleveland is in Ohio) Image:

Getty Images.

Related articles:

The after fight interviews. Around the 3:00 minute mark is when Joe Rogan and the 19000 fans in the Cleveland arena clearly can't believe the crap they're hearing, booing ensues shortly after the pathetic bullshitting episode. 

This is the part where Joe Rogan is clearly incredulously temporarily stunned and wondering if they're both even talking about the same bout and watching the same replay video footage. Youtube screenshot.

Full highlights of the UFC round.

This is a good view of the fight from the arena stands like you're really there.

Stipe also took time immediately after the fight to head down with his UFC belt and greet a packed downtown nightclub in person where they watched live on the big screen. Naturally there were plenty of supporters in Croatia jerseys also and even Karlovačko beers to be had. Stipe Miocic has become an iconic and popular sports personality similarly to how Rob Gronkowski is to Polish-North Americans. (who in the process has done wonders for the Polish sausage and perogies industry also btw)


It's been a crazy whirlwind of happenings since winning the UFC belt in May, here's just a few images of what's been going on since.

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