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subota, 15. listopada 2016.

Croatian Baked Foods Chain "Mlinar" Opens First Store In Switzerland

Mlinar is the oldest Croatian bakery chain since being established in 1903 in the town of Križevci, and has been expanding to the other Central European region countries and even Australian locations over the past few years. Above is a Mlinar shop in Zagreb.

All the recent local ghetto bar, clubs, coffee shop, pizza shop and cafe stabbbings and shootings news is getting really boring around here, so I thought it was an ideal time to do this one. I already posted this topic last year, when this Croatian baked good company Mlinar opened their first store in downtown Munich Germany, (pic below), however since that time they've expanded elsewhere and even all the way to Australia, and now Switzerland also. That's good news for Croatian world awareness and snacks I think.

Mlinar walk-in shops are a very common scene in many Croatian cities and towns.

I bought some things at a few Mlinar locations my last couple of times in Croatia. There's quite a few of them in Zagreb and right downtown especially, an easy and quick accessible option and choice for fresh good quality eats on the go, or to stay or even packaged to finish off at home fresh out of the oven. Although it started out primarily as just a bakery and baked goods shop at first back in 1903, for quite some time many other related items have become part of the Mlinar menu choices...traditional meat and cheese filled items, desserts, pastries, cakes, salads, pizza slices and various sausage rolls, meat and vegetable sandwiches/wraps etc. It's actually much more than just a bakery now, it's sort of like a pastries/krispy kreme donut-baked goods-coffees-coffee shop-pizza slices-subway sandwiches-big salad-stuffed-baked goods-cafe hybrid shop, but with a Croatian flavour, meats and ingredients naturally. (and with the all important bakery/breads section also of course, for those who specifically just want to buy the breads.....because it's a bakery also)

The way I see it, there's a heckuva lot worse things that can open up shop in your neighbourhood these days, better a Mlinar caffee bakery than some subversive organization, shady illegal fast food front business, a terrorism network cell or other worse subversive things. It's also good to know that some Croatian food choices are now available in these countries/cities with the new shops. A person with Croatian background can now proudly walk by one of these newer Mlinar shops in the other countries and exclaim..."Gladan sam kao vuk u ostava čovječe, trebam burek, kolače i kavu odma!", with their heads held high knowing that it's contributing to civilization, progress and good tasting quality fresh healthy food and snack choices for the future. And I'm telling you it even smells so good just walking by because they bake it fresh right there on-site throughout the day. (see television spot at the bottom)

Just a small sample of the Croatian pastries choices available at a Mlinar shop, now that's what I'm talking about.

The various traditional and popular Croatian bureks can be meat, cheese/vegetable or sausage filled or even apple/cherry filled and they're always top sellers, but these days you can even purchase them pre-packaged so you can finish off a bunch at home fresh out of the oven. Mlinar products like this are already available in other countries of Central Europe such as Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and also further abroad like in Ireland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman. Good to know.

Over the years various sandwiches with lots of filling and topping options have become popular also, especially for when on the go or for healthier eating options. (I should add these are not submarine sandwiches btw, these are just the normal everyday sandwiches, now that's what I'm talking about too) More typical food menu items available at Mlinar outlets can be viewed at

Also, (as your Croatian fact of the day, because I like throwing those in once in a while for the benefit of the reader), the name of the company "Mlinar" is also a Croatian surname btw, similar to the surname "Miller". (you know, as in a mill, milling flour for breads etc, basically a Croatian mlinar simply translates as a miller. More about Croatian surname history Here) I'm probably gonna sound like a nerdy restaurant critic guy now, but looking at the different products and different store layouts, the first words that came to mind were..."tidy, ambiance, variety, tasty, healthy, aroma, comfy, clean washrooms, chandeliers". Those are actually good adjectives to pop into mind when walking into one of their stores, I think so anyway. (I should add in passing though that there are a number of similar smaller independent shops and other larger bakery/food shop chains like this in Croatia, PAN-PEK being another well known Croatian bakery/baked goods chain with similar good eats, and where I actually bought some things a few times also, (there's one right at the main Jelačić Square downtown Zagreb where you catch the trams), they're competition in the same industry of course but it's also good to know, because it all adds up to a win-win situation when there's conveniently located fast healthy/tasty foods options available for the public.

Y'know, I hope down the road they expand some of their menu choices to include some of the other hot foods, because even though it's mainly a baker/baked goods and pastries and not a fine dining restaurant, I think they should consider about adding various Croatian stews, meats and even seafood maybe, why not? Heck, even sarma (cabbage rolls), punjene paprike (stuffed peppers), štrukli (cheese filled pastry), škampi na buzaru (shrimp in sauce) and various other smoked and roasted pork and lamb pečenka dishes etc, call me crazy but I would eat a sauced shrimp, pašticada, cabbage rolls or freshly made stuffed peppers in a fresh bun without any problem whatsoever, (just cut that bun open and slop it all in there thank you very much I say).

(Interestingly, since on the topic of food, you'll notice pizza slices are available at Mlinar also, along with whatever each individual Mlinar location may add to the menu. These days around here pizza slices are available at lots of places also, and actually hardly ever even run by an Italian anymore, usually Middle Eastern people do the pizza shop thing, sometimes Chinese also. But anyway, like I briefly mentioned previously at this post about the oldest pizzeria in the city of Split and all of Croatia, did you know that pizza actually started out way back as a last resort poor people's food? Yep, you see, many centuries ago when there was hardly any usual food around, the people would grab whatever leftover scraps of meat were laying around or any vegetable and cheese that may be going bad soon, and simply throw them on some flattened dough with some oil and into the oven so as to not throw it away or waste food, this long before even tomatoes or tomato sauce. And like I said at the post, although not a primary food, we were eating pizza slices in Croatia long before other countries and way before Little Caesars, Domino's, Pizza Hut or Chicago style pizza came along. Yep, it's pretty interesting actually)

Coincidentally, just the other day I had to walk to the local Walmart because I had to get a new shaving brush (see related shaving post HERE from the other day), and I looked at a store on the way and immediately thought..."Geeez, I really wish that was a Mlinar" because I had the munchies for some of their stuff. (It was actually a dental office though, true story)

Anyway, much more information about this Croatian baked goods/caffe company and what's available if you ever see or visit one of their newer locations at their official website or at


Croatia’s Leading Bakery Chain Opens First Store in Switzerland

Opening day of the first Mlinar baked goods/caffe in Emmenbrückeu Switzerland a few days ago. Mlinar has begun to export to 12 countries and the increase in exports in the last two years is about 200%. Mlinar partners are not just in the regional  Central Europe area (Germany Slovenia, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland...) but also further abroad like in Ireland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman. Image:


The oldest Croatian bakery chain founded in the town of Križevci in 1903, Mlinar Bakeries, has over 200 bakeries in Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary. Germany and Australia and have recently opened their first store in the Swiss city of Emmenbrückeu near Lucerne. The bakery in Switzerland, branded Mlinar caffe, is set out exactly the same as the Croatia stores and offers the same freshly made products. The store is operated by franchise partners Agram.

Mlinar has been expanding its retail network to foreign markets for quite a long time. Last year it opened its first outlet in Germany, in the city centre of Munich, while in May of this year it opened its very first outlet in Australia. In Germany, the plan is to open around 150 locations across the country, while in Hungary and Slovenia they already have 32 outlets and a developed brand distribution network.

The new Switzerland Mlinar caffe location below. (Shania Twain has been living in Switzerland since ditching Canada back in the 1990's btw, so don't be too surprised if she has the munchies someday and you see a pic of her at a Mlinar caffee) Image:

Mlinar employs more than 1,700 workers in Croatia alone. The production is organized in four modern large bakery facilities – in Poreč, Zagreb, and two factories in Osijek.

Most of them are equipped with the most modern bakery plant technology in Central Europe, and Miller's facility in Osijek is one of the technologically most sophisticated bakery production complexes in the world.

The production department currently employs about 500 people, while the rest are employed in the retail network, logistics and administration.

“We have successfully worked with Agram on the Swiss market in the retail distribution sector. The move to become franchise partners with the concept Mlinar caffe was a logical one,” a Mlinar spokesperson said.

Mlinar have expanded at a rapid rate over the last 24 months, opening stores with partners in Munich and Sydney. Mlinar say that they plan to open a further 150 bakeries in Germany over the next 5 years. Mlinar manage over 200 bakeries from their headquarters in the capital city of Zagreb.


A few of the other Mlinar locations in Croatia, more images and information:

 Some views from a downtown Zagreb walk-in Mlinar shop during the holidays.

And like I said earlier, the popular traditional meat, cheese and vegetable filled bureks and other baked goods are baked fresh right there on-site throughout the day, which is why it smells nice even just walking by.

Here's a few of the Mlinar shops found elsewhere: Ljubiljana Slovenia which has a total of 25 locations in the country...

...Mlinar foods are so popular and a common daily scene in Slovenia that there's actually a comedy morning radio show at Radio Antena Ljubiljana themed around and named "Mlinar Slovenia", seriously. (see Image:

One of seven shops in Budapest, Hungary. More information: (see also

At the Wetherill Park shopping centre Sydney, Australia. (some previous related Australia posts: croats-australia-football-soccer and croktoberfest-2012)

At the centuries old main city center square Marienplatz in Munich, Germany. (which is actually pretty cool and prestigious because they won't let just any donut shop, peep show or bingo hall open up around this historic location...probably not anyway). More information:

This pic from the town of Vȁraždīn during a snowfall just looked cool enough to throw in here for no particular reason, sort of like grab your Mlinar snacks before hitting the ski slopes or tobogganing or something like that.

I just coincidentally by chance found out through the grapevine that in Serbia they decided to likewise start a similar "Gadaffi Ukrainian style Serb Peppered Bread" cafe, well there you go. Enjoy. (although it only comes in 3 versions...salty, very salty and looks and tastes like shitty salty serb church bread with sprinkled salt but it tastes the best whether you like it or not). More information at serb-cafe-bread-in-ukraine

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