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subota, 8. listopada 2016.

Josh Duhamel Posts Facebook "Happy Croatian Independence Day" Greeting & Goran Višnjić Starring In New NBC Sci-Fi Series "Timeless"

Here's a couple interesting recent items for the weekend, more just spur of the moment interesting so I'm throwing both topics into one post.

Firstly, Croatian-American actor Goran Višnjić is in the news again with a new upcoming series. He is best known in North America for his 10 year role as Dr. Luka Kovač on the NBC television series ER, (and who actually was a Croatian background character during the series), but since then he has taken on quite a few other roles in films and television series'. Probably best known more recently for portraying Dragan Armansky, the head of a security agency in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, (which was a great movie and a cool Led Zeppelin cover on the soundtrack), the lead role in the third season of Crossing Lines where he portrayed the role of detective Marco Constante, and now this new one for NBC. I'll bet that probably many readers didn't know that he used to be in the Croatian Army before studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, and then became a well known award winning actor in theater and films in Croatia and then Europe even before thinking about deciding to try Hollywood in the late 1990's...

Whenever he goes to his local Del Taco or Krispy Kreme, Goran Višnjić always gets mistaken for Croatian national football team centre-back Vedran Ćorluka. (It's where he usually spends time when not acting, and only there though for some reason and nowhere else, it's a weird mystery)

...It's good to see that he's still doing well and getting interesting parts, because it could be worse. Lot's of actors have had their 5 minutes of fame in the movie biz or television series limelight, and then the next time you hear their name they were robbing liquor stores, caught doing things in bathrooms and hotel rooms, leading cops on city-wide car chases, assaulting this or raping that or illegally buying something or passed out somewhere and being National Enquirer front page material..."Former Hollywood Actor Seen Eating Out Of Garbage Can, Now Runs Whac-A-Mol At Local Carnival"...Yep, good to know. (I think I read a real N.E. front cover like that before actually, except it was about a former WWF wrestler or a televangelist, one of the two anyway)

Actually at a previous post I commented that in the future a villain role would be a good change of pace, and voila, a time-travelling villain at that. It's a role almost like being god, able to zip forwards and backwards in time and stop this or start that, change history all over the place, so the possibilities are endless now. I came across some leaked plot information about future episodes that include going back in time to stop those evil minds responsible for parachute pants and the sit-com Alf, so that should be interesting. (what a wonderful world it would be then) I could easily see a James Bond villain down the road also, heck maybe even a James Bond if he works on the accent.

And the first Josh Duhamel part is pretty well self-explanatory, a nice gesture on the part of the actor worth noting and better than,...well, better than a whole bunch of other stuff. Plus I liked a few of the Transformer movies I watched in the past.

Image: Facebook screenshot.


Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel left a message on his Facebook profile yesterday of "Happy Independence Day to all my friends in beautiful Croatia", and immediately collected several thousand likes on Facebook.

The actor already sent congratulations to friends and the country three years ago, but that time the greeting was written in the Croatian language.

In 2013 the star of "Transformers", also congratulated his friends on Croatian Independence Day (Croatian: Hrvatski Dan Neovisnosti), but that time he instead wrote it in part Croatian and English: Happy Independence Day to all my friends in Croatia! and then added that if it wasn't written correctly blame Google Translate.

Goran Višnjić Starring In New NBC Series Sci-Fi Drama "Timeless"

Jumping over a balcony after doing something somewhere. (Photo: NBC)

Starring: Abigail Spencer, Goran Visnjic, Matt Latner, Malcolm Barrett.


Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) steals a time machine in order to change the course of American history and destroy the country and its up to a trio that includes the time machine engineer Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett), Delta Force soldier Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and history professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) to use a prototype to stop Flynn from changing the past.

Genre(s): Drama, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction.

They could have made his character look a little more evil genius and diabolical I think, maybe an eye-patch, always smoking a cigarette or a big scar at least.

The "Time Bandit" moniker works for me, sort of like a bandit who time travels, it's philosophical.

More information about the series from some recent interviews...

Extra Croatian television background information and interesting tidbits.

Previous related posts: goran-visnjic-to-star-in-new-ridley-scott-film





As an added bonus, since this post is Croatian Independence Day related and Goran was in the army also, here's some video footage I never used before. Most probably already know of the numerous towns and cities that were attacked and bombed by Serbs from 1991-95, but probably many may not know that the capital city was also not spared, not as severe or long duration as many other Serb terrorist attacks but it was officially attacked also. (Many people forget that when they see images of today's Zagreb) Highlights below are from during the 2 day Zagreb rocket attacks by Serb paramilitaries/terrorists in May 1995. The Serb Cерб-Jугослав М-87 Оркан rockets armed with cluster bombs were fired from Non-Serb ethnically cleansed Serb occupied areas deliberately and specifically targeting Croatian and other Non-Serb European schoolchildren and civilians dowtown, killing 7 and injuring 214 it was enthusiastically hailed by Serb church leaders and supporters in Serbia especially. Better explained by the former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith at the 7:33 mark...

...however before that on June 26th 1991 the Slovenian and Croatian elected governments both declared independence on the same day, and 3 months later the other less well known bombing of the 19th century Croatian Presidential residence Banski Dvori by Serb-Yugoslav jets in October 1991 took place, (where miraculously the Croatian President had left the main building room target just moments before the attack) Of course the very next day (October 8th) the democratically elected Croatian Parliament declared official independence and severed all remaining ties to the former political enitity, thus joining Slovenia to become the first two Republics to permanently leave the remaining crumbling and now only Serb-Yugoslav controlled communist federation. 

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