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utorak, 11. listopada 2016.

Now You Can Get A Shave, Haircut...& A Tattoo At Rijeka's New Gentlemen Shop

I have absolutely no intention of becoming a hairstylist, designer or tattoo artist, but this recent store opening in the city of Rijeka I found interesting enough to throw in here. And I definitely would have at least checked it out my last time in Rijeka and maybe even gotten a tattoo there. (although I did anyway at another nearby tattoo shop) I have great memories from my time in Rijeka the last few times, I also spent 2 whole summers mainly in and around Rijeka and some in Karlovac with relatives when I was 11 and 12 years old, and so since I'm Croatian background I consider Rijeka my hometown also. (and I'll tell you, learning how to speak, read and write Croatian at home sure came in handy back then, try even these days asking for something in a store or reading a menu, billboard or sign without that trick, you'll be lost and starving in no time sleeping on a park bench looking for leftovers in the garbage cans, you'll even be sucking all sorts of old dirty dicks in the alleyways for french fries or sandwich leftovers)

Rijeka is a very interesting city with a long eventful history I should note, (Pronounced "Ree-ye-ka" in Croatian), and it's been an important part of recorded Croatian history in the region going back to at least the late 8th century and during the Croatian Kingdom in the middle ages. (today's city of Rijeka was just a small settlement back then known as Trsat from where the nearby Trsat Castle gets it's name, and the area was called Liburnia when the early Croatian Prince Višeslav staged a defence at Trsat against Eric of Friuli). Rijeka is not a huge city at around 250,000, but it's very hip, artsy, cosmopolitan, edgy and interesting, modern yet also with a mix of baroque, gothic, renaissance and classicist buildings, centuries old churches and cathedrals, castles, fortresses, manors and of course home to classical arts, opera houses, theatres, literarary scene and many museums too, Because of this it's also a center of the modern arts and artists, musicians and with a vibrant thriving modern music scene, among other things. (see post croatian-city-rijeka-european-2020 for more information about goings on in the city or the "Rijeka" tag at the bottom)

Anyway back to the main topic, downtown Rijeka has become a little more interesting now with the official opening of “4look Gentlemen Shop”, a new lifestyle concept shop that tackles the needs of modern man to be groomed, stylish, and unique. Finally something downtown for men instead of just only for women, (there's plenty of just for women stores there), or yet just another restaurant, art gallery showing or the usual boring ol' Rijeka Karneval again, something new and intriguing, somewhere for guy talk to talk guy things that aren't always just sports related or celeb gossip from Hollywood. It opened as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of 4look, which is the first Croatian hair salon and hair care cosmetics chain, and later expanded to the 4look Academy School for Hairdressers franchise.

Having opened less than a week ago, this 4look Gentlemen Shop is the first project of its kind in Rijeka. Interestingly and a little more different, this new 4look Gentleman Shop includes three parts: a barbershop, an outfitter as well as, get this... a tattoo shop.

4look Gentlemen Shop is now the latest downtown location where customers can enjoy modern and traditional haircuts, shaves, beard or mustache trimmings, and where the clients can also relax with only the best top shelf alcoholic beverages, including Hendrick's gin.

In addition to the haircare and shaving, the shop includes an outfitter in cooperation with Volo Libero - a series of fashion and style details that are hand-made from the finest fabrics, creating only the truest results of a gentleman’s character. A wide range of fashion accessories including wallets, mobile phone covers, combs, brushes and even various cravats - which are hand-made, are also available at the shop.

However, like I said one of the coolest parts of this shop and which caught my interest for this post, is the included tattoo studio, created by Nero Ink and which was launched in cooperation with their partner Kristina Šalinović. Here the clients can also fully express their personality with tattoos executed to the highest standard of the profession.

Now I personally don't wear a beard nor do I plan to, but I do occasionally grow some medieval-ish baroque-ish renaissance era facial hair, something timeless to change it up occasionally, a la Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom style, something like those medieval Princes and Dukes used to or as seen in the movies, so maybe some mustache pomenade/wax products might be a good idea to have on their shelves in the future also. Coincidentally, the current President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is from Rijeka, she's currently even as I'm writing this shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth in London but I really don't care about that pointless walking tea and cucumber crumpets eater and her fantasyworld palaceland fluffy frilly pillowed tea existence so I'm not posting about it, (why do politicians and world leaders who go there act like destitutes applying for the job of a butler or a maid all of a sudden? there can't be that many world politicians who want to clean Queen Elizabeth's toilet is there? Why do even world leaders with resumes as long as your arm and diplomas from the most prestigious schools/centers of learning and elite educations and with already powerful world political and military-industrial complex positions, ie: the ones with the real power in the world even, all of a sudden crawl and prostrate like they're dumb potato farmers or just puny worthless servants? It's weird, because those cucumber sandwiches are really just top-notch the best snacks ever and it will guarantee a big plate full of them? Probably, here's some footage of Kolinda arriving at Heathrow Airport if it's that interesting to the reader). I'll let you know though if Kolinda pops into the shop for a shave or tattoo or buys a razor.

Anyway, below are a few images of what to expect if ever in the area and thinking about a trim, something for the wardrobe or even a tattoo. Heck, even if not planning on getting any of their services, it's a creative concept and a shop like this would be cool to have on your street even just for the hell of it, something different to walk by and browse their various products and the various eclectic memorabilia items from different eras, it's even got one of those old-fashioned barbershop poles too, which means they use actual real shaving cream, brushes and straight razors and not just the cheap canned stuff called shaving "foam." (there is a difference btw, canned shaving foam compared to the rich nice smelling brushed on frothy lather is like canned roast beef to fresh hot out of the oven roast beef). It would probably be a place that an assassin would visit before or after an assignment also, somewhere to freshen up and have a quick drink before anonymously disappearing among the masses, but first nonchalantly lighting up his Winston with his Harley Davidson Zippo before leisurely strolling into the city night like nothing even happened, like a ghost that was never even there. Maybe down the road they'll put various types of fencing swords on display on the wall also, or even photographs of women with fencing swords for an overall very classy artistic ambiance and authentic Rijeka grooming/tatooing experience, I would anyway but that's the way I roll all eclectic and outside the box etc. (because it's always about making the client happy and comfortable in their surroundings and grooming/shopping/tatooing experience, it all amounts to a more healthier and pleasant grooming quality of life and so a healthier life existence)

I would add some video footage but there are no videos of the shop opening. More media and information about this new 4look Gentlemens Shop in downtown Rijeka at their website and related links below from where I took some photos...

More information:



 I also threw in a few interesting images from the 4look 10th anniversary gig before the official shop opening.

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