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nedjelja, 2. listopada 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Croatian Red Nosed "Klaunovi Doktori" (Clown Doctors) & A Surprise Thank You Visit In Split (+Video)

The "Red Nosed Doctor Clowns" made a surprise thank-you visit for Split crowds.

I came across this today and thought it was interesting enough to throw in here. There a many different clowns these days as most probably know, that's nothing really new. Heck, I've come across lots of various clowns over time and these days, around here though they're usually called "fucko clowns", and for some strange reason lots of them get stabbed or shot, which is weird because clowns are really like human dolphins when you think about it. I guess there's just many variations and different kinds of clowns these days, one clown one day somewhere can be very different from the next one, so many different types of clowns these days galavanting in the malls, schools, on the buses, stores, lots of places just using up and wasting good air for no reason. (Even I personally don't care much about rodeo clowns, and during the Calgary Stampede I always root and pray to the heavens for the tormented innocent bull to rightfully gore and impale it's pointless shitfuck tormenting taskmasters, the poor bulls)

Strangely some people even have a fear of clowns, (aka coulrophobia), which is also weird, maybe because of their balloons, funny shoes or wacky theatrical makeup? or their eclectic colorful fashions and instrument playing? who knows. Besides, some people are even afraid of cartoons, (aka kyrofelonoshophobia), the moon (selenophobia) and even clouds (nephophobia). Actually these days lots of people have their own personal dislikes/aversions/phobias for a variety of reasons. but what's not to like about entertaining clowns? Also, although these clowns may appear similar, they should not be confused with Yucko the Clown either, because like I said, there's lots of different clowns clowning around and many different clown ways, clothes, hats, wigs, shoes, musical instruments etc.

(I should add that there is a disturbing dark side to this story unfortunately, it seems a bunch of travelling North American televangelists and cultish sects were in the city of Split recently, seen selling books, singing their infernal gospel-rap and handing out various so-called "pamphlets" and what they term as "reading material" (aka: subversive one-worlder communist inspired utopianist brainwashing propaganda,) and so in effect trying to muscle in on the donations funds intended for the sick kids. How pathetically deranged and deluded is that? Trying to subversively appropriate donation monies from the public that is intended to relieve the sufferings of children in hospitals, for instead their own nefarious goals and selfish agendas and snacks and refreshments schemes, that's just low and subversive the way I see it. (They're just plain evil and bullshit with their promises of faith miracles healings). These sick children need more clowns and balloons I say and not subversive brainwashing book jimble-jamble and fictitious voodoo fantasyworld mind control propaganda after all, the clowns and balloons are the answer)

And I'll tell you, to be one of these red nosed clown doctors is much harder than it seems, it's not all just glorious clowning and goofing around for no reason, nope, it's maybe even one of the hardest jobs there is. This is not a case of punching the clock before going to an assembly line or a call center for 8 hours of clowning. Nope, sometimes beforehand the clown doctors already know which patients are terminal with no chance of getting better, and probably won't be around for the next clown doctors visit. Try being a happy joyous clown then, it's a tough and demanding profession putting on that red nose and there is no punching a clock out for the day, makeup or no makeup you become the clown and the clown becomes you, you and the clown become one and the shadow you cast is your and the clown's shadow, there quite simply is no going back. And just because you think you already are a clown or can be a clown doesn't mean you will automatically become a red nosed clown doctor either. In a way, they do such a great job, that it almost makes you wish you were in the hospital to be able to experience their clowning entertainment extravaganza.

These particular Croatian "Red Nosed Clown Doctors" besides importantly visiting hospitals all across Croatia, they also visit homes for the elderly and infirm, orphanages and other places where they are needed. I was going to add just the few article photos here, but the below article explains better, and then I came across a whole bunch of other pics showing what these clown doctors do exactly on a regular basis across the coutry. To find out more click onto their website or

See also:

Doctor Clowns Came To Thank The City Of Split For Their Support

The Riva at the waterfront in the city of Split was full of clowning around (and balloons) yesterday.


Giant red nosed clowns descended to the waterfront Riva in the city of Split, causing delight to all the passers-by. It is all part of a thank-you to fellow citizens for their their donations and  continued support of the project "Crveni Nosevi" - Klaunovi Doktori. ("Red Noses" - Clown Doctors)

"We wanted to say a big thank you to Split that we were extremely well accepted and we feel that we were from the beginning welcomed with open doors and support. You sent us a message of support, calling us, and when we look at the total donations from across the country, the people of Split definitely expressed support." - said Mladenka Marić, executive director of the Red noses.

Since the beginning of this year, klaunovidoktori twice a month visit children being treated at the KBC Split hospital in Split, and since the summer once a month bring joy to the Split Home for the Elderly and Infirm also.

Specially trained

"Klaunovidoktori" are professionals and trained artists who work with the sick and the infirm, 20 of them regularly visit hospitals and homes in Split, Zagreb, Osijek and Rijeka. The children especially delight in the appearance of 2 clowns, Dr. Buzz & Smack and Dr. Nađimir Dobrić. They are responsible for the demanding task of bringing laughter, joy of life and encouragement to young patients and help them to forget their fear and pain.

"We mainly deal with patients in Pediatrics and Oncology. The children are excited when we arrive, and they always wish we could see them more often." - said clown Dr. Buzz & Smack.

"We wish they could visit at least once a week, talk to the staff, parents and the children, we think the effect would probably be even better. They are not classically trained professional entertainers and clowns, because behind it is a serious work, our klaunovidoktori educate and work in a hospital setting.

Just as they surprised the people of Split with this entertaining Saturday thank-you, they also surprise the children in each hospital room they visit and equally devote time to each child." - Marić added, noting that the organization is largely funded by donations from the the public.

The program "Smjehonoše" - Funnynose

They are also represented by their new program "Smjehonoše" through which regular monthly donations can help the project to be stable so that the klaunovidoktori can bring a smile to children's faces.

We supported this project a long time ago and support it whenever we can. Indeed this is a commendable project, we need to support it - said two mothers Ljubica i Marija, who we met while they were buying red noses for their children.

And you can help further

Klaunovidoktori have been in operation for six years and they've brought joy and a smiles to the faces of more than 67,000 sick patients, the weak and forgotten throughout the country. Even the smallest amount is welcome to help the project to continue and be developed further. If you would like to help spread the power of this group, donations to the Red Nosed Clown Doctors can be sent to the account number HR 2524840081500186379. Official website is

Bonus video footage of what goes on in various Croatian cities when the "Red Nosed Clown Doctors" visit local hospitals in Split, Zagreb, Šibenik, Zadar, Osijek, Rijeka, Dubrovnik and elsewhere over the past 6 years.

Images from today's Split event:

A few bonus images from previous years and events in no particular order:

During the annual Rijeka Carnival bringing awareness to the sick children who weren't able to attend.

Representatives from the supermarket chain Tommy extending support to the project. Besides the general public donations, fortunately Croatian companies over the years have also helped especially during the hoildays when gifts and toys are also handed out. It's important to keep in mind that many of the children can spend many months in the hosptal including the holidays, so it's good to know that the doctor's bags have toys as well as red noses and balloons.

Various Croatian professional sports teams, including the hockey club KHL Medveščak Zagreb (Zagreb Bears) have also joined in annual fundraising and awareness campaigns. (More information about the Zagreb Bears at a post HERE)

During the annual "Hellen Keller Walk" in Zagreb bringing awareness to the obstacles of deaf and blind people, and for more workshops opportunities for learning the Hrvatski znakovni jezik. (ie: Croatian sign language: it was first taught when the Croatian crown lands were in union with Habsburg Monarchy Austria-Hungary at the first official school for the deaf in Zagreb in 1885, and today there are around 13,000 users of Croatian sign language in the country)

Because of the growing number of requests for visits from hospitals and other projects, the red nosed clown doctors regularly have to hold auditions for more doctors to be trained and join the ranks of the Croatian "Red Nosed Clown Doctor Army." (because you can't just simply walk in and say "Gimme a red nose, wig and some clown shoes, I'm ready to do my clown rap and fuck some shit up with my clowning", you have to learn how to be a red nosed clown first). More information:

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