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utorak, 15. studenoga 2016.

The 8th Annual Hrvatska Noć (Croatia Night) Taking Place In Frankfurt, November 19th

The 8th edition of the annual Hrvatska Noć 2016 (Croatia Night) will be taking place in Frankfurt Germany again.

I think I came across this topic a few times before, so I might as well add it here this time. It's also in a way related to a post from a few days ago about Croatians 4th on the world alcohol drinking list, (which is actually a very good thing btw with some interesting facts and statistics). Basically in a nutshell, this is an annual music event that features a mix of various Croatian traditional and mainstream pop music acts from different genres and years (even decades in a few cases) for one night in Frankfurt Germany, It's nothing too hardcore rock, ambient darkwave, alternative trance, industrial nu-metal, folk-metal, polka, house pagan-trance-nu metal, ambientwave-nu-polka, nu-trance ambient folk or just folk music, like some of the Croatian musicians I've already posted about. It's more like just an 8 hour eclectic good ol' festival-ish atmosphere and ambiance than just a concert of one specific band, music act or musical style.

It's a good location too because there's a significant diaspora Croat populations in Germany and those surrounding Central European countries also, so there'e not a great deal travelling involved. It won't affect the diaspora populations in North America all that much but it's still interesting and good to know. (although some do come and even all the way from Australia) One of the reasons they would travel so far is because of some of the iconic musicians/singers over the decades that will be performing all at one place, case in point Oliver Dragojević. Heck, I remember that guy on the radio when I spent 2 whole summers in Croatia as a 10 and 11 year old, every time you turned on the radio those summers it was mostly ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Bee Gees and Oliver Dragojević. (which were the best 2 summers of my childhood by far, except when some Serb guy that came from Belgrade tried to fuck my ass in the ice cream shop washroom, besides that they were awesome summers), except back then he had long hair like a hippy, a cultural icon singer sort of like Andy Gibb, that REO Speedwagon singer guy or the iconic Canadian singer Leonerd Cohen who just recently passed away. Heck, that guy is still putting out cd's, touring and filling halls and arenas, and you even see the teenage girls singing along to his romantic themed songs knowing the words, a fanbase from different generations and decades is pretty rare. I could be wrong, but I don't think even Cohen could lay claim to that rarity. (for those who want or need to know the up to date current Croatian radio Top 40 situation, click onto or or HERE) If you're in the area it would probably be worth checking out even for just the atmosphere and festival-ish ambiance, and of course.the Croatian food/snacks. I didn't add anything about ticket prices, what foods, drinks, tees or souvenirs will be available, you'll have to click onto the links and read for yourself.

More information:


Croatia Night in Frankfurt (photo credit: Lazeta Media Frankfurt)

More than 10,000 people are expected to gather in Frankfurt, Germany again next Saturday night for the biggest Croatian party abroad.

People from all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Sweden and even from Australia will again be in Frankfurt for the 8th annual ‘Croatia Night’. (Croatian: Hrvatska Noć)

2015 Croatia Night in Frankfurt (photo credit: Lazeta Media Frankfurt)

Popular singers from Croatia, such as Zlatan Stipišić aka Gibonni, Oliver Dragojević, Jelena Rozga as well as songs by Petar Grašo, Mate Bulić, Ivan Zak, Klapa Rišpet, Miroslav Skoro and others will entertain the crowd during the night, which is expected to be bigger than ever.

A few of the familiar acts and artists from over the years and decades who'll be showing up at this years edition.

“Croatia Night gathers the best musicians from the homeland, thousands of Croatians and guests from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. For eight years guests have come to have fun, see old friends and create new business and friendly connections. We are proud of the 8th Croatia Night and the large number of musicians coming”, organizer Robert Martinović said ahead of next weekend’s party and music extravaganza.

A few highlights from previous editions and what to expect.

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