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nedjelja, 19. lipnja 2016.

Photo Of The Day: Heineken Presents Limited Edition "Croatia" Bottle For Euro 2016 In France (& Coca-Cola Too)

Here's something quick and amusingly interesting. In Bordeaux France, where Croatia will be playing their third match in the group stage against Spain, one can find in the bars and restaurants a new version of the beer "Heineken."

Not all that unusual or surprising sounding at first, but it is interesting that the Dutch beer brand which is also produced in France, decided for this bottle version to include a 2 tone red and white chequy motif within their familiar star logo, as well as the inscription "Croatie." (which means "Croatia" in French). It's all just part of their advertising campaign during the tournament, a good marketing move also as many Croatia fans have been showing up for the games, at the end of the day it's even just a cool looking bottle. Interesting and good to know. If I was in France I would definitely get a few as a souvenirs.

I think these Coca-Cola "Croatia" and "Dubrovnik" version bottles that came out over the years look pretty cool too. 

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