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srijeda, 2. studenoga 2016.

Photos Of The Day: UFC Champion Stipe Miočić Arrives In Croatia For A Whirlwind Tour & Holiday...Sort Of

The title of this quick post just about sums it up I think, As the regular reader already knows I've been trying to avoid doing any sports posts for quite some time, because there's so much more important and interesting things going on and I don't want to be mistaken as just a sports blog/blogger, but then again this story actually is interesting. The current UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miočić (In Croatian pronounced as "Steep-eh Mee-o-chich" btw,) not long ago stated he wanted to take a short break soon to visit Croatia again, well he arrived at Zagreb Airport today, but this time along with his new wife Ryan Marie Carney for a quick holiday in Croatia. It won't be some glamorous tour either as he'll mainly be showing her around and spending most of his time with family and friends near the coastal city of Zadar. The UFC Champion with Croatian background, and whose mother hails from Karlovac and father from the Zadar region, recently posted on social media that he needed to get back to his roots and visit family in Croatia again, to relax and enjoy the local scenery again. (Zadar recently got chosen as the 2016 Best European Destination btw, so it's probably not too crappy of a shithole to spend some time in come to think of it, see a few of my personal pics at this post)

They're probably pretty jet-lagged after arriving in Zagreb, but it doesn't end there either. He'll be signing autographs at a meet and greet in Zagreb at Avenue Mall soon after landing, (it was quite the line up with over 1000 people, a few pics I added and exclusive video footage HERE), then he'll be interviewed on the national Dnevnik NovaTV network and other interviews. He also plans on meeting as many fans as he can during his stay, and on top of that he will also be doing some gym training again with "Cro Cop" Mirko Filipović for his upcoming UFC title defence, so it's really not much of a holiday vacation at all actually. I posted about his previous first visit to Croatia and other stuff at the links below.

Previous posts: ufc-star-stipe-miocic-croatia-crocop








Images in no particular order. More information:

Footage of the same I came across so I'm throwing it in here. (this Zagreb airport terminal won't be used for arrivals this time next year btw, see photos-of-day-zagreb-airport-terminal-2 for more about that)

Extra bonus footage from a few hours later at Avenue Mall in Zagreb, hundreds of fans showed up early to wait in line for a pic with the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Answering questions and behind the scenes at the meet and greet from Dnevnik NovaTV.

Some footage I came across from Stipe's first visit to Croatia in 2014 and meeting Mirko Cro Cop  Filipović for the first time to do some training, there'll be more of the same this time around. According to the updated articles though he won't be in Croatia as long as planned or travel to Zadar this time around after all, to find out the latest goings on you'll have to click onto

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