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nedjelja, 25. prosinca 2016.

Croatian President Meets Pope To Discuss Brazil-Serb Gay Horse Fuck & Scat Videos Being Shipped Into Europe.

I decided to post this very important topic, mainly because the waves and boatloads of the foreign produced films has still not been slowed, That's even since the involvement of Nato and increased spending for night vision goggles, binoculars, drones and field rations etc. It's especially apropos to post on the holiday because today is the day when many of the smuggled videos will be given as presents and unwrapped under Christmas Trees...

The Croatian President seen speaking after the Pope's nap and samba dance lessons at his residence and palace of robes and dresses and homo-erotic hats. Talks revolved around soups, dry cleaning, lint removal techniques, the rise in the cost of organs and seat cushions, who would win a Battle Royal wrestling match between Moses, Muhamud, Jesus, the talking snake and donkey, Noah, Job, Ezekiel, the great Behemoth Beast Dragon with the sword or Maher-Shalal-Hashbaz son of the Moabite Josheb-Basshebeth from the Canaanite town of Selahammahlekoth, the best times to take a nap and most importantly how to stop the Rio-Belgrade gay horse fuck and scat video shipments into Europe from Brazil. (see also for a Russian language expose on the topics).

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic had an audience with Pope Francis recently, after which she met with the Holy See's Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Yesterday, as part of the 2 day visit, she gave the lecture "Women in Politics: Challenges in a Globalized World" at the Antonianum, the Pontifical University of St Anthony. She also presented the Pontiff with a Croatian soccer jersey.

During todays brief audience with the Pope, discussions revolved around how stop the shipments of Brazil gay horse fuck and scat videos arriving into Europe through Lisbon and then Serbia, with Belgrade becoming a transportation hub since Serb chetniks have arrived back from killing Ukrainians, also since Rio Jesus and Serbian Jesus both like the gay horse fuck and scat videos, use the same poses, same card tricks and magic act etc. Most of the movies are produced by "the Dubstylers" and the soccer player Bola Saco de Jesus, (not related to José Luis de Jesús), a team of seasoned avant-garde alternative film directors, and the films financial backers are Vojeslav Seselj and his production company, "3 Fingers & A Happy Horse Times Films" which is in turn funded by the Serbian church hierarchy.

Personally, I'm ecstatic that these discussion took place in Rome between the Pope and Croatian President, because I've had plenty of these types try to offer me various Brazil gay horse fuck and scat videos, or trying to talk various people to make similar films, even over the last couple years especially, why just yesterday a few times actually, and I keep telling them, "Listen, go sell it or watch it with your mom or dad, or better yet make one with with them. I'm very happy that you people are the world leaders in this field, maybe it's your culture but it's not even remotely Croatian related or of interest to me. Maybe your the type of person who enjoys watching horse cum dribbling down your uncle's and mothers chins, but that's not my list of subjects that I'm into, nor do I eat chicken blood rice or pray for soccer game wins". Besides, my mom was abducted by Brazilian Serbs in the 70's and forced to suck goat cum and perform various ways with a squid and Piranha at a construction site, so I know what I'm talking about. (I remember it like it was just yesterday, her coming home, dress torn, similar to a dress that I saw Valerie Bertinelli and Mary Tyler Moore wear a few times. I still have a piece of that dress that I keep in a box and I take it out to look at it sometimes, the blood is still dry, but I can hear the screaming, the sound of slapping and of their spittle while laughing, the smell of various kinds of beans and the goat making goat noises, like it happened just yesterday ) People need to be aware that Croatians have our own long civilizational history, customs and traditions within Europe and don't need strange foreign traditions and customs in our barns. Go sell it to or ask some other ethnic background people, try your luck at Oktoberfest, during Chinese new year or at some televangelist crusade, whatever.

Discussion revolved around how to stop the these Brazil movie producers from holding casting calls in Split, Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Karlovac and Osijek as well as other locations in Europe. Some of the videos involve various performances with horses, monkeys, apes, goats, alligators and crocodiles as well as fish, frogs and mice. The Croatian President stated "I don't know about other nations of the EU, but Croatian men don't like to suck on horses and chimpanzee dicks, nor do our women enjoy frog sex, that's not the way were were raised or our culture and traditions. We very simply need to put a giant cork in the Rio-Belgrade gay horse fuck and scat video river".

The Rio-Belgrade underground film distribution was initiated in the early 1990's by Serb chetniks and paramilitary ultra-nationalists, most notably by the "Mighty Gang of 4" seen above. They also filmed the first all-Serbian gay horse fuck and scat porn film in a barn near the front lines in 1993 after clearing it of Non-Serbs. (see also for a Russian language expose on the topics)

Joining in the battle against the Dubstylers and Serbian "Mighty Gang of Four" are Peter PopoffRod ParsleyJohn HageeOral Roberts back from the grave, Jerry Falwell back from the grave, Benny HinnPaul CrouchRobert Tilton, Kerney Thomas and many others

Pope Francis brought out the blessed Brazil beachball and tee to be blessed from above as the choir sang the Jesus is my nigger gospel rap to the praying crowds, the beachball will shoot forth holy blessed air to build a magical invisible wall of defence.

Rare views of one of the Serbian film producers and directors during filming a scene for a movie.

Another behind the scenes sneak peak of the co-produced film "Jesus de Jesus von Jesus Scatus & A Sunday At the Barn", soon to be another famous Rio giant statue according to intelligence reports.

Pictured above is the ringleader and President of "3 Fingers & A Happy Horse Times Films", seen in Vukovar scouting for a good goat-donkey-eel foursome filming location. After cleansing areas of Croatia of Non-Serbs in the early 1990's, the next order of business was usually to open up a tent theatre to show his various produced Serb gay horse fuck and scat films. These theatrical performances and events were blessed and supported by the Serbian church hierarchy and gurus. More info HERE and HERE.

A more recent photo of "3 Fingers & A Happy Horse Times Films" CEO Seselj and the lead Serb actress Serborella who has performed in over 1400 of his films. She has won the coveted "Golden Turd and Feed Bag Award" 15 consecutive years, the Kristie Alley of the film industry.

Serb church hierarchy giving the holy orders to Seselj and blessings for his future Gay horse fuck and scat movie film ventures in Rio. The Serb church are the biggest funders of the Gay horse fuck  and scat film industry. (In the Serbian church service the bread miraculously turns into a Serbian goat dung loaf, hence the wise Serb proverb: "May your loaf of goat dung taste like a freshly baked bread turd, amen."), see also for a Russian language expose on the topics.

According to reports, a newer version of the baby fucking newborn porn "A Serbian Film" (scene above) is being produced also, but it will involve fucking a baby piranha or orangutang instead. Animal rights groups are already starting petitions and marches.

The Serbian church top 3 saints and heroes, aka "the Serb church holy trinity" were discovered to have also took part in the real life events which inspired A Serbian Film" and other hoofed mammal sucking and fucking films in Serbia. (see also for a Russian language expose on the topics)

It has been discovered after scientific analysis that the Rio Jesus statue is actually a subliminal esoteric symbology icon of a man calling in all the horses to perform scat porn with. "Cum ye all and bla bla bla etc unto the land of the Amalekites and Jebusites." (see also televangelists are good readers)

Sister Ivana-Carmilla Von Crimson from the organization "Sisterhood of the Blessed and Immaculate Yummy Heart of Raptor-Jesus" charity and the "Blessed Sisterhood Society of the 76 Knives of the Eternal Hyperborean Mist" will be in charge of filling the prisoner feedbags, movie nights (including repeats of blasphemous dinosaur documentaries), handing out snacks and of course the nightly hosedown and whippings.

A ringleader last seen in Egypt, and behind the kidnapping and execution of foreign Croatian guest worker Tomislav Salopek (seen above), is reportedly also a part of the various smuggling plots according to intelligence reports and he may also be part of a contraband rugs and mats smuggling cartel also, currently he is in the Middle East or Africa somewhere, but may have moved to Italy, France, Sweden, England, Netherlands or Spain or elsewhere. (yet another proof that Croats or anybody with any grey matter in their cranium should never work in these pointless shitty countries and cultures with nefarious ideals mentioned, no matter what fortunes are promised as the pay per week, unless a Croatian Commando is also working on your shift, (a Croatian Commando can make the target wish they could crawl back into their mommy's pointless cunt to be shat out again elsewhere), send the televangelists to drop miracle water balloons instead).

Sister Scarlet Midnight Moonwalker from the Infernal & Merciful Angelic Sisterhood of the Moonlight Shadow Keepers of the Eternal Flame will be in charge of sharpening knives, spooning out the gruel and making sure the liquor cabinet is well stocked with quality spirits for the guards, especially after the champagne is used up from toasting. (see also for a Russian language expose on the topics)

Since 2008 the number of these casting calls has risen by 77%. (In 2012 four members of the Croatian women's national hockey team (see post here) and 3 women from the national folk ensemble of Croatia LADO were approached with lucrative US$25.00 contracts (22.82 Euros) to perform with a goat or chimpanzee, In June of 2012 half a dozen women Croatian soldiers (see post here), were promised 23 Euros each to take part in a goat-frog-ape sex orgy.

The Croatian President's very own daughter Katarina Kitarović (seen above) was approached after ice skating sessions in Prague in December 2014 and in Krakow in February of 2015 by a Serb working on behalf of the Rio-Belgrade cartel and had offered her US$25.00 (22.82 Euros) to be filmed in a chimp, eel and octopus foursome hip-hop video film. (aka "Farm-Hop", figure skaters are especially wanted by the Rio-Belgrade cartel because of their flexibility and unsmelly scat)

A final climactic dance scene that was filmed on location in Brazil by the Serbian film production company, this from the film "Look Ma, No Hands!"

During the short visit various other topics were also discussed, including the environment, global warming, world population growth, overpopulation, underpopulation, the dolphins crisis, beer brands and the overfishing of lobsters in the Adriatic sea. (Updated Kolinda fishing in the Adriatic after the meeting photo). The Brazilian Pastor Pastor Josue Yrion was also in Rome and pointed out that he saw Satanic statues that had penises, some nuns that were eating ice creams on a stick that looked like a penis and even some nuns wearing shoes that reminded him of a penis having sex with a blasphemous angel or dragon. Pastor Josue Yrion is the author of the book "Jesus Never Had To Pinch A Loaf (But He Could Have Made It Turn To Gold If He Wanted To).

A new division of the Vatican-EU sponsored organization (and it's official new logo seen below) has been established to combat the Rio-Belgrade films partnership, based upon the words of Raptor Jesus found written in Ben-el Shareem Jonah and the Galatians Epistle to Ramath-lehi and the Canaanites of Moab, 33:17-29: "Behold, verily the time is nigh to not turn the other cheek nor run to thine mothers skirt, but I sayeth unto thee that ye must eat them, eat them and leave no scraps, just bones. Only then you verily shall have peace and eatest lots and lots of cake".

Some behind the scenes footage of Raptor Jesus gathering his troops to battle the "Dubstylers" and Serbian "Mighty Gang of Four" seen above. The below video background music was performed by the Louvin Brothers and the The Faith Tones. (Raptor Jesus lived for millions of years and was the very first Jesus ever, he's also the only one that left behind any proof that he existed, which is why the Walmart people below are crying)

It is recommended that if the reader has information, to contact the the Vatican's website at and click onto the appropriate link, or just call the telephone hotline at 1-777-SCAT-FACE (7286-3223), but only after the Pope's after lunch nappy-nap time and before his evening soup, Gravol biscuits, Metamucil pudding and nappy-nap time. Calls after this will have to wait until after his morning hallway strolls, flower smelling and koran, soccer ball and book kissing and blessing exercises. Full story:

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