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ponedjeljak, 2. siječnja 2017.

Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipović Wins Rizin World Grand Prix in Japan, Announces Final Retirement 24 Hours Later

Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipović on a 7 fight win streak officially announced his retirement after victory at the Rizin World Grand Prix in Japan.

Mirko Filipović  recently wrote history with two knockouts and one technical knockout in 3 nights to win the Rizin World Grand Prix in Japan. On New Year's Eve, Mirko Cro Cop was victorious which advanced him into the finals of the Rizin Grand Prix just a few hours later.

The consecutive 4 victories to become the Rizin Grand Prix Champion came 10 years after winning the 2006 Pride World Open-Weight Grand Prix which also took place in Japan. When he first announced his decision to take part at the Rizin MMA event earlier this year, many sports journalists didn't think he would get past the first bout and probably shouldn't even be competing at the Rizin Grand Prix.

Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipović shortly afterwards also finally called an end to his amazing career, just days after winning. Within 24 hours after arriving back in Croatia late night from Japan, he claimed that the Rizin Grand Prix title will be his last and is bowing out of the sport on a high note. Since coming back from retirement in 2015 he will finish on a 7 bout win streak.

“That was definitely my last tournament. I have health problems and this is definitely the end of my career”, Cro Cop said in an interview with Nova TV that night.

(His nickname "Cro Cop" for those unfamiliar, comes from his 6 year membership in the Lučko Anti-Terrorist Unit which is Croatia's elite Police Special Forces tactical unit)

Getty Images/Guliver Image

Filipović announced his retirement once before in 2015, but said there would be no coming back this time. “I know I have announced my retirement before, but this is definitely it”, he said. Cro Cop says that he will however stay involved in sport and has already some offers from abroad. Filipović will go down as one of the greatest heavyweights in kickboxing and mixed martial arts in history.

Although shortly after the Rizin victory he recieved several very high paying offers to fight again soon, he had to turn them down. More recently on his Official MirkoCroCop Facebook  profile he explained that his knee is badly damaged and fills with a liquid after every tough training session. As well as waiting for his fifth knee operation and tenth total, the cartilage and ligaments damage fot the last 8 years as well and constant knee pain after every hard training session, knee punctures or ice burns from cooling after every training etc.

He finished off by saying..."Unfortunately, many great champions, didn't have that privilege and pleasure as they didn't know when to stop. And they left after a line of defeats, which doesn't demean their greatness but leaves a bitter taste. I believe this is the best time to depart and I am especially happy, as leaving as a winner has no price! Thank you all from the heart for your support in my career of 20 years and thank you for every message and kind word you've ever sent me."

For more information about his last mixed martial arts performance and the Rizin Grand Prix victory click onto the links HERE.

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Rizin World Grand Prix victories in order of tournament appearance. (If any of the videos get deleted for any reason just Google around there's plenty more)

I might as well throw in this as an addendum to the post and topic. Especially now that he's officially retired again and will have much more free time, I think Mirko should definitely get in touch with people and do some more commercials in Japan. For instance, it's not generally known that he already has some film acting experience. The movie 'Ultimate Force' was definitely not a big budget blockbuster star studded movie such as Sharktopus and every Anaconda film ever made, but he has some commercials experience also. In Japan he's already done a few and is well known and popular as the "World Executive" guy, so next time he should maybe consider a Japanese beer brand, batteries, antipersperants, kushikatsu or whatever.

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