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srijeda, 1. ožujka 2017.

Croatian Rimac Automobili To Work On New Aston Martin Hypercar With Red Bull Racing

The Concept_One all-electric production supercar by Croatian "Rimac Automobili" has been consistently outperforming much more expensive world famous high-performance race cars over the years and become an automotive industry real-life fairy tale story. The company founded by Mate Rimac (pronounced: Ma-tey Ree-mahts) has implemented new applications and technologies resulting in the world's first and fastest production all-electric vehicle.

All the local shootings, stabbings and drug overdoses are getting sort of boring, (all the celeb news is really not that interesting either, sub-par selfies and catfights etc, although the gangs shootings and crimes can at times be entertaining because sometimes there's hijinx captured on the hidden surveillance cameras footage sort of like a Cops meets a Maury Povich episode, so it's not a total boringfest I suppose). Anyway, I wasn't going to do this topic again because I already did a few posts previously with all the impressive stats, technology features and the behind the scenes story. But this recent news is now even more interesting and cooler for a few other reasons.

Firstly for those unfamiliar, last week the British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin announced that Rimac Automobili will be one of their key technical partners for their new AM-RB_001 hypercar they are working on with Red Bull Racing (more specifically Red Bull Advanced Technologies). And as you already know, I mentioned before about the Croatian connection to Red Bull, that being the less well known Croatian descent factor of it's Austrian founder Dietrich Mateschitz. (from the coastal city of Zadar region, the whole Mateschitz-Matešić thing and more detailed interesting information at dietrich-mateschitz-next-time-you-drink-red-bull). That then was enough interesting reasons to do this topic again.

Last week Aston Martin, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and project partner AF Racing confirmed some of the key technical partners for their new AM-RB 001 project, Aston Martin said in a statement that...

Not content with commissioning the ultimate road-legal internal combustion engine, the AM-RB 001 also boasts a lightweight hybrid battery system supplied by Rimac. Acknowledged as world-leaders in high-performance battery technology, the Croatian-based company has showcased its capabilities with the innovative Concept-One: the world’s first – and fastest – all-electric hypercar.”

...and Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili in a press release stated...

The opportunity to collaborate with Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies on such a groundbreaking project is a great honor for everybody at Rimac Automobili. At the same time – it is extremely challenging, as the performance and weight targets are on Formula 1 level while durability and safety need to satisfy the expectations and regulations of road cars. We are very proud of being a partner in this demanding but rewarding endeavor.”

Also another interesting fact to note since I last touched upon the topic, it seems Rimac has also been partners for a while now with the Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, Koenigsegg Automotive AB (who aren't exactly a Mickey Mouse operation either). Company founder Christian von Koenigsegg gets the Regera’s hand-built F1-style batteries from the Croatians, and that alone says a lot about the quality and reputation of Rimac’s products.

Perhaps even more interesting news however is the company’s plans for the future…now that the initial 10 EV orders were all built and delivered. (they were purchased quite some time ago so don't hold your breathe thinking about buying one), is that other Rimac hypercar projects are on the horizon in the not too distant future, even better ones.

The Croatian company intends to introduce an all "new and improved car", and produced in higher numbers – this time up to about 20 units annually, similar to the numbers of limited special edition models manufactured by Koenigsegg and some other high-performance sports car makers. Making current customers not-so-happy probably is the fact Rimac says the future EV's will take things up even a notch higher. (which will mean even faster, more powerful and more technologically advanced, we're talking real-life Batmobile here by the sounds of it). But the good news is that for those who were previously contemplating about getting a Rimac electric hypercar to really wow and show them parking lot race car drivers and hotshot highway formula-1 speedsters, now will be their chance again to exact hyper-electric revenge and then tell their tale at mall food court.

Another interesting thing about the Rimac Automobili projects is the recent rumours of him being in touch with Apple, (can you imagine the battery life on a Macbook with these kinds of batteries or an iPhone or any smartphone?), and also how the technology can be used in various beneficial non-car projects, the wheelchair batteries and systems are explained better in the video I added.

(I think in military applications it would be cool but also practical, designing something like a combination Humvee/MRAP with a CROWS on top, and missiles too of course, (because you gotta always make room for missiles, the missiles are metallic peace doves enforcing peace), this way they wouldn't have to worry too much about refuelling and transporting so many gas trucks and gasoline, just enough gas needed for the generators which would produce the electricity. (the main issue would just be keeping the sand and dust off the moving parts). Basically, contributing to freedom, a safer progressive world and blasting terrorists and the demented fundamentals coming from the pointless shitty countries (and who really are mostly just exporting boring pointless things and ideals anyway, and at times just complicating and making a mess of things for everyone else) to oblivion more efficiently makes for a better normal world which will buy more Rimac cars/projects or anything useful actually. In effect, it wouldn't really be about just electric cars/vehicles/transportation then, (or even about the efficient electric powered and missiles armed harbringers of truth and glorious freedom), but instead it would really be more about saving civilization and the future of the good useful interesting parts of the planet which is the main thing)

An early sneak peek of the new 2018 production model Rimac Concept_One EV's mentioned earlier, and currently being presented at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. More up to date images and stuff at and

*Update March 7th.

Even more cool news came out just days later after doing this, with the very first images and numbers of the new Concept_One 2018 models, seen above. (Full rundown at With a performance, higher-end interior technology/infotainment, powertrain and battery upgrade the newest Rimac EV's are being officially presented this week at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. From what I read most of the limited number 2018 Concept_One hypercars cars are already pre-sold to customers and dealership agreements were already concluded with Manhattan Motorcars, PACE Germany and Al Zarooni Group thus focusing on the European, USA and the Levant Middle East markets. Here's a quick look at some of the new numbers:

Concept_One 2016 specifications

0-100 kmh 2,6 sec
0-200 kmh 6,2 sec
0-300 kmh 14,2 sec
*Power 800 kW / 1088 hp
Battery capacity 82 kWh
Range 330 km
Top speed 355 km/h
Weight 1850 kg

Concept_One 2017 specifications

0-100 kmh 2,5s
0-200 kmh 6s
0-300 kmh 14s
*Power 900 kW / 1224 hp
Battery capacity 90 kWh
Range 350 km
Top speed 355 km/h
Weight 1900 kg

Well there you have it, the most up to date news, stats and happenings about what Rimac Automobili is. Overall just a really cool backyard garage tinkering to world class high-performance sports car elite story that just keeps getting better. (quite an honor and accomlishment for a fairly new Croatian sports car company to be involved with world names such as Aston Martin, Red Bull, Koenigsegg etc), and like a number of other topics I posted about, a great publicity and promotion of the important yet cool Croatian non-beach/non-sports related topics. (and as briefly explained it's about much more than just electric cars/cars/sports cars or transportation, it could very well even be about saving the future of the world). It's not generally known that for a number of years Croatia has been manufacturing and even exporting newer modern buses, trams, trains and even electric trains, various kinds of large passenger ships, containers, ferries and tankers/boats/yachts, (the 2nd largest shipbuilding industry in Europe actually), when we aren't brewing beers, at the beach, skiing or kicking balls that is, and now this newer niche market of ultra-sleek all-electric sports hypercars is nothing but a plus, making cars in the same class as top of the line Porsche, Bugatti, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and others except it's all-electric and even outperforming but much less expensive.

Another good thing about this all-electric high-performance car story and the positive image of Croatia that it promotes to parts of the world, is the non-association factors involved, as in things not associated with the Rimac Concept_One car or Croatia but are a plus anyway. There are many points but here are just a few examples:

A) It's not exporting or introducing yet more new weird and/or strange fashions or fad clothing items, here today gone tomorrow fashions and clothing items that just end up being thrown into garbage bags and then dropped off in those donation bins, or just filling up garbage dumps and landfills across the globe.

B) It's not introducing yet just another weird food or fad food product or topping either. (donut burgers, cricket pizza slices, Paleo Diet, the all-Carbs & Pasta Diet, the sugar and chips diet,and many other weird diets and food toppings/products, there's too many to mention)

C) It's not in any way whatsoever associated with any terrorism, fundamentals, migrating extremist views, theologies, philosophies or anything like that, not even hacking or email scams. (on the contrary it comes from a country with excellent beaches, beers, castles, skiing and cuisine already, so it's just the car that's going anywhere actually). Also, driving a Concept_One won't automatically and magically turn the driver into a Croatian, if you drive a Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin or Koenigsegg do you magically turn into a German, Italian, Brit or Swede like some sort of magic beans as seen in the movies? of course not, and the same applies in this case and you'll still be you.

D) It's not exporting yet another new disease or virus either, there's no need for a vaccine, medications or a doctor's checkup after driving a Rimac Concept_One automobile, that's the truth.

E) There were absolutely no celebs at anytime whatsoever involved with the manufacturing process of the all-electric Rimac Concept_One car or the other related projects, and incredibly there was also no carpool karaoke either. That may come as a shock and seem absurd but it's true, these are all very important points to remember.

F) It's also not a new viral dance move fad either, it's just an electric car and about efficient transportation, nobody is going to promote to you to dance this way, shake that or twirl this or that. It's basically just get in the Rimac automobile and drive, there's no dance moves involved whatsoever. It's true.

All the text below are excerpts from a few recent articles I came across which explain more, click onto the source and related links at the bottom for more about this topic.

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Rimac Automobili will be a key technical partner along with Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies for the new AM-RB 001 by providing his high-performance lightweight hybrid battery system technology and his newly devised quantum photon clutch. (a dark matter ionizer which makes it easier to store dark energy into the reserve electromagnetic hyperdrive power cells for attaining Mach 15 to light speed).

Text sources:

When Croatian electric supercar startup Rimac presented its first prototype, it had eight employees. Today, Rimac is a team of 150, with clients like world-beating hypercar company Koenigsegg, and products like the Concept One, a 1,088 horsepower electric supercar retailing for $1 million. Yet their confidential projects are even more fascinating, even if we can’t really talk about them yet.

Mate Rimac started his company in 2009 after converting his BMW E30 into an electric car in his garage and realizing just how fast he could get with it. He won his first race against gas-powered cars in 2010 with the prototype, and just a year later, the Concept One debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with torque vectoring in both directions and huge numbers on the sheet nobody would believe.

Jalopnik first wrote about Mate Rimac’s crazy ideas in 2010, and two years later, we thought there was a slight chance his company can turn out to be the “about 1-in-600" that delivers the goods instead of a vaporware sandwich wrapped in scam foil.

Looking around at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Croatians did not disappoint. With two supercars on their stand with the combined output of 2,472 horsepower and a bunch of other machines around with their technology under their panels, Rimac Automobili is now as real as it gets, even if its CEO only grew a beard to look older at business meetings.

Setting five (still standing) Guinness and FIA world records for electric cars with a retrofitted BMW is one thing, selling million dollar supercars as a relatively unknown brand is another. Yet Rimac at the time already sold six out of the eight Concept Ones they ever planned on making. On top of that, they also sold the only pair of their new track special, the 1384 horsepower Concept S Sports edition.

That’s encouraging and a dream come true, no doubt, but it’s more important that these flagship products only represent about ten percent of what Croatia’s first car exporter actually does for a living.

When the big carmakers need to come up with new things and accelerate their electrification program due to certain lines of code in their diesels, they usually outsource the job to engineering firms such as Williams’ Tony Stark Division.

Porsche’s ridiculous options list and McLaren’s MSO customization program might bring a lot of money to the table, but know that consulting is where both  companies make their highest profits. Red Bull and Aston Martin also does R&D for others, because building (race) cars is expensive, and advising others on how to do theirs can certainly pay for it.

Rimac had to go down the same route and figure out everything for themselves before trying to market their technology. Part of this was due to the lack of funding at their start. That and major suppliers such as Bosch and Continental at the time wouldn’t even talk to a company of Rimac’s size.

After refusing to move the company to Abu Dhabi, Rimac barely got through their financial troubles four years ago, although they somehow still managed to deliver their first Concept One to a customer in 2013.

The Rimac Automobili electric hypercar manufacturing facilities today since moving out of the garage, absolutely no assembly lines to be seen here whatsoever. Each car is individually manufactured from scratch using thousands of on-site precision machined and manufactured parts, quality control tested and meticulously individually assembled including even complimentary free mints in the glove compartment. Rimac Automobili is recognized by Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and many others as their technical partner - delivering high-tech components and technology that help deliver their amazing performance.

The Concept One is a clever and very complex car. It takes 16,000 metal parts and 200 made of carbon fiber to build one, and the resulting EV gives you 1,088 horsepower and 1,180 foot pounds of torque through four electric motors hidden in two housings in the middle of the axles, each equipped with their own gearboxes. The ones in the front are single speeds, but at the back, you get two-speed double-clutch units on both sides.

Don’t ask how complex the algorithm behind all that is, but what’s for sure is that Rimac’s torque vectoring system monitors each wheel more than a hundred times a second, and will calculate the optimal torque distribution between at any speed. It can also make the car understeer, feel neutral, or oversteer, depending on the selected driving mode. At the same time, it acts as a traction control, stability control and electric ABS, making the 4-wheel regenerative braking produce up to 400 kW of KERS.

Are you ready for some bonkers numbers? How about 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds, 0-124 mph in 6.2, and 186 mph in just 14.2?  I would love to take them to the test just to see how my body reacts to all the instant acceleration, or some intense braking from the Concept One’s top speed of 220 mph.

During development, Rimac also realized that their motors—which have the highest power density on the market and a 97 percent efficiency rating—can do even more. In the Concept One, the rear motors’ peak output is 903 horses, but the four-wheel system’s combined total is rated at 1,088 horsepower.

For Monster Tajima’s 2015 Pike Peak racer, they went for an overall peak of one megawatt, without even calling Koenigsegg and burning any fuel. In the end, their E-Runner Concept 1 was good enough to finish second overall behind Rhys Millen’s electric prototype.

From that prototype, it was a natural progression to the Concept S, which is basically a Concept One for the track, with more aero, more power and less weight. 1,384 hp and 1,327 foot pounds of torque in this one, combined with 34 percent more downforce and a rush to 60mph in 2.5 seconds. Oh yes.

They will only build two, and both got sold before the premier at the Geneva Auto Show.

While it’s nice to see ultra-limited electric hypercars finally making it into production, Rimac’s biggest value is their ambition to produce as much in house as possible. The factory near the Croatian capital Zagreb has everything from CNC machines to an autoclave for carbon fiber production, and a dedicated staff who can turn aluminum blocks into cutting-edge parts and come up with the right software pretty much for any application.

Rimac also produces the battery pack for the Swedish high-performance sports car Koenigsegg Regera, another plug-in hybrid supercar. (battery pack pictures via Mate Rimac)

It's not all about the batteries power capacity, speed or thrust either, the important torque vectoring technology feature ensures precise smooth manueverability and easily handling on any road at any speed. The system provides unseen flexibility and grip by controlling each wheel individually one hundred times per second, with amount of control and driving preference options available at the fingertips it's actually more like a cockpit than just a car driver's seat. (which means to crash this thing the driver would basically have to already have decided to crash the car on puropse, or they were driving blindfolded)

Basically, without promoting people to go out and drive at very high speed into sharp corners, (but if you did), an example of the three-way adjustable torque vectoring feature which can be tailored to the driver's needs or skill, it acts as if the car had four-wheel steering by automatically adapting each wheel individually to the handling characteristics within a millisecond, so it can corner corner like nothing else. Below Rimac's professional test driver Miroslav Zrnčevic displays the oversteer preference setting. (Do not try this at home, well you can if you want but I wouldn't recommend it)

The latest Rimac Concept_One with the silver grey paint job option.

In order to get to this point, Rimac had to gain experience (and make money) working for others.

One of their known partners today is the Swedish Koenigsegg Automotive AB, company founder Christian von Koenigsegg gets the Regera’s hand-built F1-style batteries from the Croatians, and that alone says a lot about the quality and reputation of Rimac’s products.

Their know-how also came handy with Koenigsegg’s Power Distribution Unit, and the following projects we can know of:

  • Chinese carmaker Qoros’ cloud-connected 40mph electric bike.
  • W Motors’ Lykan Hypersport supercar, for which Rimac supplied the entire electronics, spoiler system and infotainment.
  • The entire Tajima Pikes Peak car apart from the chassis. They used last year’s as a base, but only because of time limitations.
  • Quadrofoil’s full electronics, powertrain and infotainment for the world’s first electric hydrofoiling watercraft.
  • A wheelchair they are now commercializing.
  • Greyp’s high-end ebike which starts at 8,380.00 Euros. (245 km on a single charge, cost of elecricity 30 cents)

More about Rimac's Greyp G12  – an impressive new high performance electric bike side project at

An interesting look at riding through 10 European countries in 45 days (including passing cars climbing through the Alps) on one of the new Rimac Greyp electric bikes. 

I had to add this interesting one too, the Greyp electric bike being introduced and riding in the streets of Monaco and during the "Monaco Like Bike Show." (because as everyone knows Monaco is much better known for their famous annual "Monaco International Flea Market and Soupfest Festival", so that's something you don't see everyday)

Company founder Mate Rimac is also using his supercar battery technology for electric wheelchairs.

This is the interesting story of Rolly. After traveling North American televangelists encouraged Rolly to send in significant portions of his monthly living allowance to them as a miracle seed faith gift, Rolly was then left with just barely only enough for the medicines but was unable to get new batteries needed for his wheelchair. (Rolly called trying to get his money back but the operator said  "Sorry Billy, the Pastor Creflo already gave it to the Lord, bought some new furniture and made airline/hotel reservations" but added that they'll send him their newest book for 50% off the suggested retail price + $4.99 s&h, a miracle seed cloth and a free Abraham and his camels arrive in Canaan fridge magnet). Luckily however Rimac had enough of their Moses' dinosaurs and Job's fish belly bullshit nonsense stories, instead of plagues and curses he stepped in to instead design a whole new wheelchair along with a battery that was literally thousands of times more advanced and much longer lasting, a new wheelchair miracle actually. And this is not just a one time thing as Rimac regularly helps disabled people with the Rimac Automobili car and battery technology applications. (I'm glad to announce that now Rolly always has enough for his medicines and even enough left over for snacks and new Batman and Iron Man comics)

They plan to build 300–600 of those electric bikes, along with at least 100 battery packs for Koenigsegg. This is Rimac’s first step towards mass production.

Proving that they can in fact build an entire car from the ground up, the Spanish Applus Volar-E electric supercar developed for the European Commission is a Rimac Concept_One car through and through, and rumor has it that the company might also be working with Apple, although Mate Rimac could not comment on that when I asked him.

Creating jobs, coming up with awesome technologies, making cars faster and more efficient, Rimac very well could change transportation for the better, from a place mostly known for its cuisine, nice beaches,  basketball players, skiers and Zagreb Bears hockey club. Until now that is.

 The Rimac Concept_One and Concept_S Sports Racer version. And now a new even higher performance and more powerful and technologically advanced line of Rimac hypercars are in the works for the near future. (Just keep throwing those bits into the cookie jar so you can order yours when it's announced, you can always get the gazebo and jacuzzi later)

Here's a red and blue version Concept_One for some contrast. If I was in the situation, I would get the red one for during the week, blue one to use on weekends, white one for the beach and ice cream parlors/cafes and maybe the silver grey for special occasions such as restaurant dinners, ballet/opera, laundromat, bingo hall, rodeos, going to the movies etc.

Interiors come in different colors also of course, you can Google around for more pics.

Aside from development work for Swedish automaker Koenigsegg and now the Aston Martin & Red Bull Advanced Technologies AM-RB 001 project, Rimac’s EV technology has mostly revolved around its $1 million Concept_One electric vehicle and the Greyp e-bikes at it's newly expanded facility west of Zagreb in the town of Sveta Nedelja, Croatia. (including a facility for his upcoming new production higher-performance car and other secret projects yet to be announced)

Last month, we reported that the Croatia-based all-electric supercar maker Rimac Automobili was in the process of raising a significant round of financing to support its development work for OEMs. The company is now teasing some “secret projects” with other automakers as it expands its production facility.

Last week, they released a video of the expansion at its facility near Zagreb in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia. The company is staying tight-lipped about those projects, but it could be quite interesting considering Rimac’s pioneering work in performance EVs. Mate Rimac, now 28 years old, started the company back in 2009 based on his experience converting his BMW E30 in his garage to fully electric.

“The Concept_One achieves today what many wouldn’t consider achievable even in the future. It shows that the future of transportation is not boring or slow but fun and better in every way. It takes the fear of the future away and makes us excited and awaited. Now think about all that technology applied in many other products and applications across different industries, driving the change towards a time beyond fossil fuels.”

In the meantime, the Concept_One is sure to continue making its mark in the car industry. The company is showing a race that happened last week between the Concept_One and Bugatti Veyron where the Concept_One slayed the much higher priced gasoline eater in a sprint.

Almost all supercars, or what are now referred to as “hypercars”, are coming out with at least some form of electric powertrain these days, like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, or the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Aston Martin with its upcoming new AM-RB 001 hypercar in partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies is apparently no exception and will have a hybrid powertrain. The British automaker announced this week that the battery pack of its hybrid system will be manufactured by none other than Rimac, the maker of the all-electric Concept_One supercar.

We have been reporting lately on how the company has been teasing plans to bring its expertise in performance electric cars to other car manufacturers and it claims to be working on ‘secret projects’ with other automakers.

It looks like this project with Aston Martin is one of them.

Mate Rimac, Rimac’s CEO, said that he couldn’t share more information yet, but that it was a “big deal” for the company.

Aston Martin will bring a prototype of the stunning vehicle at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto later this month:

Only a maximum of 150 road-going AM-RB 001s will be built, including all remaining prototypes, and the automaker will produce an additional 25 track-only versions – with the first deliveries starting in 2019.

Again, there’s no word on the capacity of the battery pack Rimac plans to build, but it will not be the first battery pack it will make for another OEM’s supercar.

There’s very little doubt at this point that electric propulsion will soon dominate the high-end supercar market. Now it simply needs to trickle down more in order to eventually achieve mass market adoption.

 There's plenty of those Rimac Concept_One vs videos showing the capabilities and impressive performance results against other even much more expensive world high-performance cars. (Because of the crazy amount of power and pure thrust available right from the start it wins every time in the track drag race exhibitions). Below are a couple videos showing just what goes on at Rimac Automobili  behind the scenes these days. More related videos at

This is a bonus video because of the Red Bull topic. The newly revealed Red Bull RB13 - Formula 1 race car that was also recently announced. (They just may have gotten the people behind WWE's Sting intro video to do this one or the movie The Ring, you'll see what I mean). Not too shabby, although it's not all-electric or street legal, but still not too shabby.

Here's a photo of the very first official American customer and owner of a genuine Rimac all-electric hypercar delivered to the United States. Paul Runge a doctor from Sarasota, Florida bought the very first American Rimac Concept_One last summer. (seen below before a sports car rally in the coastal town of Poreč Croatia last summer before it was shipped. I'm so glad some celeb or oil shiek didn't buy it but instead someone who probably really looked into all the pros and cons, facts and the car's capabilities before the commitment to the not cheap purchase, besides a lot of them get involved in crashes, chases, shot in their cars or in tabloid scandals anyway and that's not the publicity you would want for your car). According to a few recent articles I came across he stated that he is very happy with the car and has absolutely no regrets about the purchase. Good to know, keep your eyes open if you're reading this in Florida.

 A few more updated pics of the newer and more powerful 2018 production model Rimac Concept_One EV's from the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. Images:

For the total sports car geek types and connoisseurs, Rimac Automobili are also simultaneously presenting at the leading international fair for Embedded Systems in Nuremberg, Germany. There Rimac is showcasing one of the most advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and instrument clusters on the market – from scratch. Rimac infotainment system features fast implementation of different graphics, display sizes, integrated internet connectivity for remote diagnostics, software updates, internet media streaming, web browsing and remote control (via smartphone app and web interfaces) and advanced features such as off-line 3D navigation, real-time vehicle telemetry and rear view-camera system. It was made possible with the support and knowledge of Qt and Toradex. Image:

And since the readers just can't get enough of those zany cool interesting history facts I throw in once in a while, here's another automobile related one I remembered from a previous Tour of Croatia post about some other automotive Croatia firsts. A brief mention about Ferdinand Budicki, who was a Croatian pioneer of car, bicycle, motorcycle and airplane culture and adventurer (including hot air ballooning, taking the first ever aerial photographs of Zagreb, taking part of numerous bicycle and motorsport races and even assembling his own bicycle in 1897 to travel 17,323 kilometres across the entire continent over 8 months), he was reportedly the first Croatian to drive a car and soon the first to open a car dealership and car repair shop in the entire Croatian Triune Kingdom crown lands in the city of Zagreb. In April 1901, he drove from Vienna Austria to Zagreb in a purchased 1899 Opel and soon became the first person to hold a Croatian driver's licence (after receiving the licence with the serial number 1.0 he was also the first to receive a traffic ticket for speeding on 6 June 1901, it's even one of the very first traffic tickets ever in history, this was before the first electric Zagreb trams started in 1910 and even before the first permanent Zagreb movie theatres in 1906), soon afterwards there were automobiles being seen and driven in Rijeka, Split, Zadar, Poreč, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Vukovar, Šibenik, Karlovac, Varaždin and elsewhere. He is also remembered as the founder of the Zagreb Fair, a founder of the Hrvatski športski savez in 1909 (Croatian Sports Federation) and founding the first Croatian Automobile Club in 1906, driving schools, later he also founded local Zagreb taxi and bus services. Because of his pioneering legacy and for advancing and taking part in cycling and motorsports races and founding a number of Croatian Automobile Clubs, today the Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum in Zagreb is named in his honour as well as a Ferdinand Budicki Street since 1993, that's pretty interesting and good to know and sort of similar to the Rimac pioneering of the new all-electric vehicles technologies, (and like I said with oil reserves and production depleting not far in the future, today's cars and vehicles requiring gasoline will also be in museums soon..."Look at that, there's one of those cars that needed gasoline and oil, haha they were so backwards"). Below is Ferdinand Budicki, a view from the museum and of his first shop (which also sold bicycles, motorcycles, phonographs and other appliances) and car dealership/repair shop in Zagreb in 1902.

I decided what the hell and updated this post with some more amusing and interesting information, this Rimac Concept series and completely Croatian designed and built car will thankfully also put to the grave any accidental flukish taintedness by association of another car, yes that's right I speak of none other than the worst car ever made or thought of in the history of the world...ever....the hideously absurd junk on four wheels the Yugo. You see, Croatia along with the other Republics were only loosely associated with the manufacturing of the Yugo glorified communist golf cart for about a decade but even that was a decade too long (Most of the electrical parts were produced in Slovenia, the interior fitting and brakes were made in Croatia, the engine's electrical parts were produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia produced the seat belts, locks and mirrors but the rest of car's parts and final assembly were done in Serbia for the Serbian Застава Аутомобили (Zastava Automobiles which had origins as a munitions factory), then just rebranded as the Yugo. As the country was already disintegrating in the 1980's the communist authorities (of which most were Serbs as they were the most ideologically committed communists and vanguards of a one-party dictatorial state, which partly explains Serbia being the last communist state in all of Europe), hoped to cash in on the low-price sub-compact market in the US along with other carmakers such as Volkwagen, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Škoda, Lada etc, to raise funds and keep the country under control and existing, as well as enlarge and pay the army, secret police organizations, surveillance of people and the main UDBA secret service (the equivalent to the Soviet KGB), various communist apparatchiks villas, house searches, kidnapping, forced confessions by means of torture, spies, telephone tapping and dissident and political assassinations etc) and for this reason the new Yugo hatchback was specifically marketed for clueless young people, but they instead ended up with the most ridiculed and malfunctioning car ever devised. (Consumer Reports constantly suggested to readers they'd be much better off buying any other used car than a new Yugo).

Just like the dysfunctional defunct country this car and the company that was formed to make it were perfect examples of Murphy's law: "If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible moment" and that it did early and repeatedly. (maybe also the phrase associated with P. T. Barnum: "There's a sucker born every minute", remember the Ronco Spray on Hair and Inside-The-Shell Egg Scrambler? Why you'd have to be an idiot to scramble an egg in a bowl).

The cheap low quality sheet metal rusted so fast that there was free air conditioning holes in the floors in no time, and the exposed wires look was totally in too. (It even came with the cool option of removable mats so the person could personalize it and put any style mats they wanted)

To say that the Yugo was the pinnacle of automotive imperfection is an understatement. It had the gold standard of craftsmanship and quality that gave off the impression “of something assembled at gunpoint.” The Yugo GV (which stood for “Great Value!” lol) reached America in 1985 as the cheapest car in America at $3,995 and unfortunately a fair number of people fell for the new scheme and their glitzy advertisements and posters by purchasing one, they may have saved themselves a grand or so but usually regretted it by the time they arrived home. (people buy useless crap all the time, but in this case the shmucks were also supporting communist dictatorships so in a way deserved a new crap falling apart car, the buyers may have also gone on to support the flat Earth model probably). And besides it was actually just a Serbian-built clone of an Italian early 1970's-era Fiat 124 which was manufactured as a Fiat 127 under licence from Fiat, (named the Застава Корал in Serbian which translates to Flag Koral, however in Italy they stopped producing the Fiat 127 already in 1983) then it just got a new paint job, radio knobs and a new name and presto-magico the Yugo car was born (and stayed the same year after year more or less, socialist car progress and communist car engineering at its finest I guess, although the shitmobile would have been a better and more accurate brand name).

A Yugo car in Serbia. Image:

I could go on and on all day here with examples of just how awful and shit the car was and the numerous jokes about the Yugo, (example: Why does a Yugo have rear window heating? to keep your hands warm while pushing it, How do you make a Yugo go fast? Push it off a cliff). Consumer Reports advised that the car was essentially a pile of junk with a paint job, and federal auto safety officials forced Yugo to recall the nearly 10,000 cars it had sold in order to fix the car’s flawed seat belts. Yugos were also losers in a round of crash tests mandated by the federal regulations.

As the absurd car so the absurd country, as the saying goes and good riddance. (How do you double up a Yugo car's worth, fill up the gas tank). Image:

In America, the engine had a tendency of not working on the worst quality tires made in existence, shocks were practically nonexistent and going uphill was a crawl if you were lucky, (the spare tire was located in the engine department and used up more space than the engine itself, need I say more?), bits of the car would fall off, brakes were iffy and the electrical system, interior lights, air vent, seat adjustment and radio were just for initial show, the Yugo thankfully left American dealerships for good not long after in 1992. (the other carmakers I mentioned continued on though to better things, however the Serbian made Yugo car died a deservedly long excruciating death, with numbers plummeting annually until the final one rolled off the assembly line in Serbia in 2008, it would have been much sooner but the whole Ronco Egg Scrambler thing I mentioned).

You thought I was kidding about the tire? The engine is in there somewhere.

I remember when I spent 2 whole summers in Croatia as a tween and visiting relatives etc, 2 of my uncles came down from Germany to visit also. They were engineers and doing not bad and I vividly recall one driving a Mercedes and the other an Audi, I also clearly remember while we were on a trip one of them saying how he would never drive a Yugo even if they gave one to him for free, that pretty well explains a lot, my other uncle came later in the summer driving a Volvo. The reader may perhaps still see one on the road in America only if the driver was able to find another Yugo or two in the junkyard for parts or made their own spare parts, but Serbia today is the only country where they're still a common sight and regularly driven (or parked anyway) with about 80,000 and they're still considered a magnificent automotive achievement there for some fucked up reason. However like I said they weren't really Croatian, or Slovenian or Macedonian etc cars, (it was actually even more just an Italian car than anything Croatian related). I don't have the time or space to get into just how awful and absurd the Yugo car was but thankfully just like the defunct and dysfunctional make-believe country, the make-believe Yugo car is history too, just click onto yugo worst car ever made and yugo-car-junkyard for more information. 












Leading Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac will be a guest speaker in Ontario Canada in May.

Rimac, who was named recently on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2017, will be speaking at the 15th Annual Business Excellence Awards Gala on 12 May 2017 at the Burlington Convention Centre in Ontario, opening with cocktails at 6:00 p.m.

The awards is hosted by the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and is designed to formally recognize leadership, innovation and excellence within the Croatian-Canadian community and significant contributions by Croatian-Canadians to Canadian society as a whole.

The keynote speech on the evening will be made by the founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac.

Rimac, who has been one of Croatia’s recent success stories, develops and produces high-performance electric vehicles, including the Concept One, the world’s first electric super car, drivetrains and battery systems.

A silent auction and raffle, proceeds of which will be used to benefit the Croatian-Canadian Scholarship Fund.

Please join us for an evening of outstanding recognition, fine food, and entertainment!

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