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nedjelja, 30. srpnja 2017.

Croatian Water Polo Team Arrival After Winning Gold At 2017 World Water Polo Championships In Budapest (+Photos)

Like I try to remind occasionally, I don't really do sports posts anymore and actually try to avoid doing them, however this addition will be fairly brief and with no talk about the actual water polo match, sports match statistics commentary, play analysis or any media footage. Just more about the after match atmosphere and scenes.

The last few years the Croatian national team has been in a sort of slump so to speak, compared to their 20010-2013 accomplishments, (winning golds at the Olympic Games, World League, European Championships and Mediterranean Games), so this recent world championship win is good news that they're back on track, although this is the 6th straight world championships that they've medalled at here so it hasn't been a total drought slump.

In a nutshell, Croatia recently won gold at the 2017 World Water Polo Championships that just took place in Budapest Hungary, their 2nd one so far, and below are just some images after the team's arrival back to Croatia. More specifically the next day after arriving in downtown Zagreb and then later that night flying into Dubrovnik. (almost half the team is made up of players on the local Dubrovnik water polo team so the atmosphere there was very festive also). Basically some interesting pics of the atmosphere of the spontaneous welcome gathering after their arrival back, just a hunch but I'm also pretty sure the pubs, bars and restaurants cafes on Tkalčićeva Street in Zagreb especially and probably in Dubrovnik also were pretty good places to be at that day, probably lots of happy hour specials and other deals.

Needless to say water polo is a much more popular sport in Europe than on this side of the pond, where there are actual professional water polo leagues in the countries just like the other sports, and various continental club championships, LEN Champions League for clubs from 18 countries and other FINA sanctioned tournament events. (just like the handball example I mentioned before, which is another fast paced exciting sport and popular with many fans, likewise having professional handball leagues in many of the same countries and various IHF world governing body championships also, with some very cool looking jerseys too I should add because you gotta have cool looking jerseys or else what's the point). Well, actually water polo polo is popular in Australia and New Zealand also and maybe a few other countries, and actually the United States also but probably mostly in California.

Another thing I like about this sport, is that unlike some other sports/athletes these days, here you don't get distracted by various wacko fucko hairstyles, various designs and colours or fancy highlights hair etc. Here they just put on their water polo cap so all you really have to watch and be amazed by is the sport and actual sports action going on in the pool, instead of ooh-ing and aah-ing about various ridiculous fancy covered craniums, which is the main thing anyway I think. Pretending to be in one of those new experimental hairfashion catwalks or in some new music video should be on their own time and not the teams's and ticket paying fans time.

You can Google around for highlights or video of the match, I watched some games and it was a very electric and at times intense atmosphere and exciting tournament for the in attendance fans of the teams and the very demanding sport, (a sport best described as rugby played in water and definitely not for lollygaggers, you simply can't scratch your balls, just float around and lollygag in this sport), so kudos to the organizers in Budapest for a job well done hosting the tournament. (you can learn more about the specific goings on at the Croatian Water Polo Federation). Here I'm just throwing in a few of the Croatian fans that travelled for the final match but mostly the interesting day after pics after returning back ...



Images from the teams arrival back in Zagreb and later that night in Dubrovnik are in no particular order.

A few bonus videos, from the medals presentation in Budapest Hungary and below that some footage from the player's arrival in Dubrovnik the next evening.

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Why the team doesn't use this as an entrance theme song at least once in a while is beyond me, (possibly even just a cover version with Croatian lyrics) because the team's nickname over the years has been the "Barracudas" (Croatian: "Barakude").

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