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nedjelja, 23. srpnja 2017.

How To Visit All Game of Thrones Locations In Croatia For...Under $100? Yep It's True...

Many of the most epic moments and memorable scenes in the entire series so far took place while filming in Croatia, even including many local extras also. That's something that will remain as an everlasting contribution and essential fundamental part to the success of the award winning GoT series.

Well it's been a few weeks since I did my post about a bridge in the northwestern city of Osijek, (because lately I've been trying to show that Croatia isn't just the coast and just the summer touristy pics in the summer season, or even just one season for that matter)...however we head back down to the coast again after all. The annually-held summer Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Croatian: Dubrovačke Ljetne Igre) started up again recently also but I already did that topic before, click onto my 63rd-dubrovnik-summer-festival-croatia to learn more about what that is.

However this time the information is a little different and caught my interest because of the price especially. I quickly Googled around "Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia for Under $100" just to make sure there wasn't a 0 missing or that the first digit was wrong. Nope, apparently this news has already been circulating for a few weeks now and I even saw a few mentions on KTLA, WPIX, WGN and a few other news stations just the other day, so it's definitely not fake news and is a verifiable real deal. This isn't a tourism or celeb post either, it's more like one of my humanitarian posts that will definitely be valuable information for the award winning HBO show's legions of fans especially.

Under $100?...Geez, these days you can't even get tickets for the nosebleed section cheap seats of most major concerts for under a hundred bucks, go see how much $100 gets you at some overrated restaurant where you'll be eating watery bland sauces with a few morsels of meatish stuff (but mostly sauce) and still go home hungry, heck you'll be lucky to find a decent pair of sneakers these days for that price (unless you're one of those downtown ghetto people who prefer velcro straps instead of shoe laces), send in a hundred bucks to a televangelist and you'll be lucky to get a lousy vial of oil/water, a Jonah in the fish belly pencil holder/Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees with his camels paperclip dispenser or some crappy pointless stickers, go down to your local ballpark or football stadium and tell the guy at the gate "Hey here's a hundred bucks, how about a quick tour of the stadium and facilities", pfff...he will laugh in your face, $100 won't even get you a decent bottle of cognac these days. (You can view a few of my own personal pics when I was in Split last time HERE, with views of some of the Game of Thrones filming locations used during seasons 4 and 5).

Yep, for those hardcore GoT fans especially this is quite the deal for under a hundred bucks, (you know, the ones who maybe have their toilet modelled after the Iron Throne, drink their morning coffee out of a goblet, wear GoT pajamas, have the GoT blankets, shot glasses, coasters or even those various GoT character tattoos etc, yep there's plenty of those too). I don't know how long this price will be in effect, so probably I would look into it and do it now if already in the area or going there soon.

"Game of Thrones" cast rocks out during the filming in Croatia seasons, now you too can visit those same real-life filming locations on the cheap. (bring along your goblet, sword or crown if you want, you can probably buy some robes and helmets while in Croatia)

A really fucking cool thing (excuse the language, just blame Joe Rogan and Yucko the Clown) about this GoT filming locations tour is that they aren't out far-off in the middle of nowhere or in one of those fake city sets and studios, (plastic polymers, fibreglass, rubber and wooden bricks etc), so after looking around and taking your selfie pic you can practically cross the street to a cafe, pub or eatery and get some grub or even take a dip at the beach. (forgot your bathing suit? no problem, the bank machine is just across the street too right beside the shoes and swimwear store). But like I said this isn't a tourism or celeb post, just information for the benefit of the reader about a really good deal for fans of the series.

I will also add though that I thought it was very cool when they chose the historic Kliss Fortress (Croatian: Kninska Tvrđava) as a filming location for seasons 4 and 5, because most people don't know that between the 9th-12th centuries it was a royal residence and castle of many Croatian Dukes, Princes, Princesses and then one of the official royal seats of Croatian Kings and Queens in the Middle Ages, and later it also played an important role in Croatian history for centuries afterwards as numerous sieges were repulsed and important nearby battles took place that involved Klis Fortress. An actual previous monarchical residence that's directly tied to the early organized Croatian states and kingdom as a filming location was a fantastic choice I thought (sort of like choosing to film in the remains of Karlstadt Castle which was important to the early Carolingian era German history, or the Chęciny Castle and Fotress remains which is important to Polish national and monarchical dynasty history etc). That way more people become aware of the Croatian history from well over 1000 years ago and that we didn't just pop up as a brand new people and country in the 1990's. Probably lots of people were ecstatic about that actually because they hold various medieval reenactments and events there these days. (The equally historic Tvrđava Klis/Knin Fortress for the same reasons would have been cool too but you can't have everything, Klis is much closer and has the better view of Split and the Adriatic sea anyway, see for more about that)

Like I've said before, even I personally haven't seen all the episodes of every season yet because I don't watch much television to begin with, but I do know the plots, characters, seen the highlights, trailers and did watch a few episodes here and there. I plan to just get the whole series on DVD eventually and just watch all the episodes then, sort of like a "Game of Thrones-athon", I'll probably order pizza or Chinese food (sort of like how the neighbours in Calgary a few years ago had a "Rosie O'Donnell movies-athon" over a long weekend, except they ordered Chicken on the Way and Krispy Kreme), however I may even go all out authentic and brew some mead then throw a slab of mutton on the barbecue.

(From my very trusted sources, even Ivanka Trump went to the Dubrovnik area just last summer to, according to my sources, to also see some of the GoT filming locations seen below). Here's a few examples of some of the various historic Old Town section filming locations people will be able to check out, more information and images at the links...

Dubrovnik as one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones (Credit: HBO)

A large number of fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones have flocked to Croatia since parts of the Dalmatian coast were used as filming locations.

Since 2012 various locations on the Croatian coast have been used to film Game of Thrones. Fans visiting Croatia are always keen to walk the streets of Qarth when in Trogir or stroll across King’s Landing in Dubrovnik.

In fact, a recent study revealed over 244,000 tourists have visited Dubrovnik solely because of Game of Thrones. Apart from Trogir and Dubrovnik, there are a number of other filming locations in Croatia.

For the serious Game of Thrones fan out there who wants to check them all out, bus and train travel search site Wanderu has published a report outlining how people can visit all filming locations in Croatia for just $90 (or approx. 575kn).

The itinerary, which starts in Zagreb, includes the following destinations which were filming locations:

1. Šibenik & Krka National Park

The trip’s first stop is in the town of Šibenik which sits on Croatia’s southern coast. Šibenik’s St. James Cathedral is the filming location for the House of Black and White which is the Temple of the Many-Faced God and the headquarters of the Faceless Men. 

Krka National Park was used as the backdrop for various countryside and nature scenes. (Photo Credit: Pixabay/Krka National Park-Facebook)

– House of Black & White and Temple of the Many-Faced God
– Countryside and back drop scenes (waterfalls)

(Bus from Zagreb to Šibenik go at an average price of $23.37)

2. Trogir

Trogir old town seafront (photo credit: Alex Proimos under CC)

– City of Qarth

Trogir as the City of Qarth (Credit: HBO)

(Bus trip from Šibenik to Trogir for about $4.45)

3. Split (including nearby Fortress of Klis)

Parts of the city of Split historic old town quarters, Klis Fortress and the nearby Mosor mountain range served as filming locations for seasons 4 and 5.

– The City of Meereen
– The Slave Rebellion

Klis Fortress overlooking the city of Split coincidentally actually was also one of the real-life royal residences of Croatian Dukes and then Kings between the 9th-12th centuries, the former Klis royal castle and fortress remains were used for the City of Meereen, the northernmost and greatest of the three great city-states of the Bay of Dragons. (Credits: HBO; Asta Skujytė-Razmienė)

Papalićeva Street in the old town historic quarter of Split is where the famous slave rebellion scene was filmed. (Credits: HBO; Asta Skujytė-Razmienė)

The basement of Diocletian’s Palace in Split is used as the set for Daenerys’s throne room and where they keep the dragons. (Credits: HBO; Asta Skujytė-Razmienė)

(Bus from Trogir to Split for an average price of $1.11, includes tour of nearby Klis Fortress)

4. Makarska

Makarska town located halfway between Dubrovnik and Split. (Photo credit: Ivo Biocina / Source: CNTB)

– Journey to Meereen

Baška Voda area near Makarska is where the journey to Meereen scenes were filmed. (Credit: HBO)

(Bus from Split to Makarska for an average price of just $6.68)

5. Trsteno

Trsteno Arboretum just outside of Dubrovnik. (Credit: Asta Skujytė-Razmienė)

– The Gardens of Red Keep

(Credit: HBO)

(Bus from Makarska to Trsteno for around $10)

6. Dubrovnik

The walled medieval city of Dubrovnik.

– King’s Landing
– The Gardens of Red Keep
– Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor
– House of the Undying

Dubrovnik’s Baroque staircase serves as the backdrop for the stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing and where the infamous shaming scene took place. (Credits: HBO; Asta Skujytė-Razmienė). 

Minčeta Tower was used as the exterior of the House of Undying in the town of Qarth where Daenerys searches for her stolen dragons.

Interestingly, Minčeta Tower was erected in 1319 by a local builder of the Croatian Ranjina noble family with assistance from the Normans to help against any future Serb attacks such as Nemanja's siege in 1185 or any potential Venetian attacks. It was later upgraded in 1453 to help protect against any Ottoman muslim attacks, and derives its name from the local Menčetić noble family (both families are also known for producing generations of Croatian language writers and poets and through the Renaissance centuries especially).

Red Keep in King’s Landing is set at Dubrovnik’s Fort Lovrijenac, also serving as the backdrop for the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men, his family and his court. (there's one of those GoT shot glasses I was talking about before). In the show, it is located within King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. (Credits: HBO; Asta Skujytė-Razmienė)

(Bus from Trsteno to Dubrovnik for $2.23)

More filming scene examples and how to book your trip on Wanderu HERE.

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