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petak, 20. listopada 2017.

New Zealand Maori Girl Singing Croatian &...Mlinar Bakery Chain Opens 2nd Australia Store

Here's a light breezy New Zealand-Croatian topic post for a change of pace from my recent fact filled (but cool and interesting facts though) city of Rijeka history addition, and then I thought what the hell the Australia topic is from down under also so I'll add that too. The first one is basically self-explanatory, I've done a number of Croatian music posts before but mainly the modern music scene and music events, but this is actually the very first one about folk music. (I've touched upon folk costumes and folk clothes/styles, folklore groups, folk legends and folk tales/authors before but not any Croatian folk music singing). Also not long ago Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović was on an official state visit to Australia and New Zealand, and of course while there she was also greeted with the traditional Maori haka dance greeting which is a customary performance for visiting VIP's. The Māori being the indigenous people of New Zealand before the arrival of Europeans, like the indigenous Native peoples in the Americas. Video footage HERE and some photos from the day HERE. (Coincidentally there's even a large gathering of Croatians of South America taking place in Chile right now).


The second one is sort of interesting too, the Croatian "Mlinar" bakery and baked foods chain recently opened another store in Australia so that's good to know (besides there are a lot worse and shittier things that could open up shop in your hood or city these days I think). This particular Croatian baked goods/food/caffe is one of the better known ones in Croatia and a very common sight and practically everywhere you go in the cities and towns, it's sort of like Starbucks coffee shops/queer cowboys/homegrown terrorism in Calgary, (that's true, I spent a few years there and know what I'm talking about because it's not Texas where real cowboys/cowgirls are), fentanyl corpses in Vancouver or Toronto nightclub/bar shootings, there's one practically everywhere you go, (I was at a few and picked up some things during my last few trips because they're convenient for a quick bite to eat or take to go, so I added my own personal opinions and critique just like a movie critic), but over the last few years they've also added stores in the other regional countries of Central Europe including Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and even into Ireland and others.

Mlinar since being established in 1903 in the town of Križevci as primarily a bakery is these days more like a pastries/krispy kreme donut-baked goods-coffees-coffee shop-pizza slices-subway sandwiches-big salad-stuffed-baked goods-cafe hybrid shop, but with a Croatian flavour, meats and ingredients naturally (and with the all important bakery/breads section also of course, for those who specifically just want to buy the breads.....because it also comes across as a bakery, which it is). The Croatian word "Mlinar" literally means "Miller" (like in a flour mill) and it's also a Croatian surname. (more about that at croatian-surnames-history). I should add in passing though that there are a number of similar smaller independent shops and other larger bakery/food shop chains like this in Croatia, PAN-PEK being another well known Croatian bakery/baked goods chain with similar good eats, and where I actually bought some things a few times also, (there's one right at the main Jelačić Square downtown Zagreb where you catch the trams), they're competition in the same industry of course but it's also good to know, because it all adds up to a win-win situation when there's conveniently located fast healthy/tasty foods options available for the public.

(Personally speaking, I hope down the road they expand some of their menu choices to include some of the other hot foods, because even though it's mainly a bakery/baked goods and pastries and not a fine dining restaurant, I think they should consider about adding various Croatian stews, meats and even seafood maybe, why not? Heck, even sarma (cabbage rolls), punjene paprike (stuffed peppers), štrukli (cheese filled pastry), škampi na buzaru (shrimp in sauce) and various other smoked and roasted meats dishes etc, call me crazy but I would eat a sauced shrimp, pašticada, cabbage rolls or freshly made stuffed peppers in a fresh bun without any problem whatsoever, just cut that bun open and slop it all in there thank you very much I say). Anyway, I explain in further detail as well as what sort of menu items are available in the stores at the post link below. The bakery chain/caffe's official website is with more information.

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New Zealand Maori Girl Singing Traditional Croatian Song at Independence Day Celebrations

Screenshot from the Croatian Club in Aukland, New Zealand.

Images and text:

A fantastic performance in Croatian by a New Zealand-Maori singer was one of the highlights of Croatian Independence Day celebrations held in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday.

The Croatian Cultural Society in Auckland hosted the mayor of Vukovar Ivan Penava, deputy mayor Damir Markus, Vukovar war veterans, and State Secretary of the Government Office for Croats Outside Croatia Zvonko Milas, and they, along with the large crowd in attendance, were impressed with the performance of Ngakirikiri Kershaw.


Croatian Independence Day celebrations in New Zealand (official website of the New Zealand Croatian Cultural Society is

Kershaw, a New Zealand-Maori, sang the traditional Croatian song from the Medimurje region ‘Dej mi, Bože, joči sokolove’ backed by the Kralj Tomislav Ensemble from New Zealand.

Kershaw’s Kapa Haka group will tour Croatia next summer with the Kralj Tomislav Ensemble from New Zealand.

Kershaw with Olivia Panzic from Kralj Tomislav Ensemble (Facebook)

Kapa haka is the term for Maori performing arts and literally means to form a line (kapa) and dance (haka). Kapa haka is an avenue for Maori people to express and showcase their heritage and cultural identity through song and dance.

Check out the performance in the video below.

And here's a bonus interesting related pic, since already on the topic of Croats and New Zealand. World famous pop singer Lorde pictured with Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović at a Government House lunch in Auckland. (for those not in the know Lorde aka Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor's mother is Croatian, see also croatian-surnames-history for a bunch of more cool facts). The Croatian President was on a state visit to Australia and New Zealand this past summer meeting the Croatian community with a number of high-profile Australians and New Zealanders of Croatian descent present (aka Kiwi-Croats) including none other than Lorde herself showing up. (Yes I know she's dressed kind of plain here, but it was a special official lunch event and not a concert or music video, did you expect her to show up in stilettos, fishnet stockings and a furry t-shirt? Get real, related posts HERE and HERE). The President was also greeted with the traditional Maori haka dance greeting which is a customary performance for visiting VIP's(Video footage HERE and some photos from the day including Lorde at the lunch shindig HERE)

Here's a bonus piece of recent related news since already on the topic of politicians, (but without specifically getting all into politics)...a Chilean-Croatian is currently making a run to be President of Chile. Carolina Goic-Boroevic, who is also a lymphatic cancer survivor, was proclaimed by the PDC party this past March as their Presidential candidate for the Chilean general election taking place this November, and although the former Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is ahead of rivals in the polls, it's still pretty cool and good to know. (btw remember the US Presidential candidate and current Governor of Ohio John Kasich? He's Croatian background too, Croatians are fucking the shit up and making shit hit the fan all over the place, statistics don't lie). Anyway, whatever the results of the Chile general elections are this gets my 2 thumbs up also, if anything it will help with the proliferation of Croatian food, pastries, beers and other stuff so in the process help the economy/national defence and ultimately help save civilization, to find out more go to but you'll have to read it in Spanish. (there's almost 400,000 people in Chile today with Croatian ancestry btw which is even more than Argentinians with Croatian ancestry believe it or not, see also Croatian-Chilean)

Croatian Bakery Chain Mlinar Opens Second Store in Australia

Mlinar opens second outlet in Australia. (Photos: Mlinar.Hrvatska/Facebook)

Images and text:

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Croatia’s oldest and largest bakery chain has opened its second franchise outlet downunder in Australia.

Mlinar, which has over 200 bakeries in Croatia, around Europe, and in the Middle East, opened its second store in the Australian state of New South Wales.

After opening in Sydney at the Wetherill Park shopping centre last year, Mlinar has opened in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool.

Mlinar in the Liverpool suburb of Sydney, Australia. Besides in Croatia, there are now Mlinar stores and partners also selling Mlinar products in the other regional countries of Central Europe including Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland but also further abroad like in Ireland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman. (Photos: Mlinar)

Mlinar Bakery & Espresso is located in Fresh Food, Level 1 of Westfield Mall in Liverpool.

Mlinar’s first outlet in Australia at Wetherill Park shopping centre. Photos: Mlinar.Australia/Facebook

The bakeries are branded and set out exactly the same as they are in Croatia but are run by franchise partners.

Mlinar has big expansion plans. Recently they opened in Munich, Germany and at the time said that they plan to open a further 150 bakeries in Germany in the next 5 years.

Mlinar Caffe bakery in Zagreb, Croatia. (Photo: Mlinar)

Mlinar manages over 200 bakeries from their base in Zagreb and has rapidly expanded franchises internationally over the last two years, with bakeries opening in Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Saudi Arabia.

A new Mlinar shop at the recently opened Designer Outlet Croatia in the capital city Zagreb.

A few other examples, one of 7 shops currently in Budapest, Hungary. Photo: (see also

The recently opened first Mlinar baked goods/caffe in Emmenbrückeu Switzerland. More

At the centuries old city main center square Marienplatz in Munich, Germany. More information:

A Ljubiljana Slovenia location, currently there's 25 Mlinar stores in the country. Image:

A few of the other Mlinar locations one will come across in Croatia, the original walk-in shops and the newer Mlinar Caffe locations are a fairly common scene when in the cities and towns, so now you know.

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