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četvrtak, 18. siječnja 2018.

Davor Rostuhar Becomes First Croatian To Walk & Ski To The South Pole (Photos)

This very recent news caught my attention right away and definitely belongs here I think, you know me if it's Croatia related in any way you just might read about it here. Also I did some winter warfare training during my time in the military so I can relate in a way sort of, (but the week or so of that would be like a walk in the park compared to this 47 day South Pole expedition). I had never heard of Davor Rostuhar before but according to the articles I read he's been doing things like this for a number of years already.

According to his website bio he was born in 1982 in Zagreb, then decided to stop studying sociology and history so that he could instead fully commit himself to travels and work as a freelance photographer and writer since 2001. Since 2008, the Republic of Croatia granted him the status of a free artist and writer, apart from his home in Croatia where he travels and works the most, since 2002 he's been to over 100 countries all around the world on every continent doing similar freelance writing, photography and expeditions. Interestingly, more people have even been to outer space expeditions than South Pole expeditions, that's how rare it is.

He also authored a very interesting book for National Geographic titled "Hrvatska Iz Zraka" (Croatia From Above) and is actually an author of 6 books based on his various world travels: U zemlji zmaja (2015), National Geographic – Hrvatska iz zraka“ – fotomonografija (2014), Degustacija slobode (2012), Džungla” (2009), Na putu u skrivenu dolinu (2006), Samo nek’ se kreće (2003). He's also done similar expeditions in the Arctic regions of Siberia, Greenland and Norway during a three-year project to explore and document the effects of global warming and the last traditional cultures of the Arctic, with some very interesting visits to the various indigenous native populations and the ways of the still existing Sami Peoples and culture. Personally speaking some of his travelling and exploring locations doesn't interest me in the least, however this particular Antarctic South Pole expedition project caught my interest because it's so hardcore requiring total physical and mental endurance, and because so few people have attempted, accomplished it and lived to tell their tale, only 20 people from 9 countries, (in a way it is like outer space or another planet anyway, as in there's nothing there but snow and ice, silence, no birds, no chirping, no bugs, no trees or bushes or weeds, just vast polar snow and ice nothingness and mostly endless flatness along the route except for the odd penguins in a few coastal places, and those weird from dinosaur times sea creatures being discovered that still live in the dark deep ocean there really are sort of like aliens).

Anyway back to this particular topic and amazing feat of endurance, it's definitely no easy task as people have even died in the past during South Pole expeditions like I said, and those expeditions were in groups. During this expedition it was a complete solo venture with no resupplying of any kind, no skidoo, dog sled, wind assistance or motorized anything, just walking and skiing while pulling his 290 lbs of supplies for almost 1,200 km, practically like back during the Paleolithic Ice Age times when hunting for mammoth steaks.

Pretty amazing and some cool rare pics actually, as well as now officially being part of an elite small group of people who can claim to have done the same, it's just like Gorilla Monsoon used to say: now that's intestinal fortitude. Rostuhar plans to write a book about his adventure and present it in the first half of 2018 as a follow-up to the "Croatia From Above" book published with National Geographic. (Oh in case you didn't know, even former World Cup Champion Croatian skier Ivica Kostelić did similar hardcore expeditions recently across Iceland and then traversing Greenland believe it or not complete with frostbite and everything, more info/pics here and here with a complete website and documentary footage "Operacija Grenland" coming soon, and from a recent post here some other interesting info about Croatian skiing history the reader may not know).

Anyway you can find out more about this South Pole expedition adventure in the added article and at the links below...

*(As another piece of information for the benefit of the reader since on the topic of traveling, I should briefly let the reader and especially any Croatians thinking about traveling, know that the government and authorities in Jamaica just today issued a curfew and state of emergency because of increaded killings and gangs violence in parts of the country, examples, so if you still decide to go and something happens you can't blame me that I didn't tell you) (another daily blog during the expedition, pics etc)

Davor Rostuhar Becomes the First Croatian to Walk to the South Pole

Davor Rostuhar (Photo: Facebook)

Text source:

Well known writer and photographer Davor Rostuhar has become the first Croatian to make it to the South Pole on foot.

Rostuhar set off 47 days ago from Croatia and officially arrived at the South Pole on Wednesday evening around 7 pm Croatian time.

Armed with a Croatian flag, Rostuhar announced his arrival at the finish with the Croatian word "Pobjeda"  (Victory) and a photo from the South Pole on his Facebook page, with which he has kept people updated on throughout his entire journey.

Davor was equipped with all he needed, including food, a tent and other necessities, as he made his way on foot and on skies to the South Pole, walking almost 1,200 km to become the first Croatian and only the 21st person in the world to achieve that feat.

Davor on his expedition (Photo: Facebook)

Rostuhar says he walked for 10-12 hours daily (around 25 km) and only had 3 rest days during his 47-day expedition.

He also had to overcome extreme temperatures – between -15 and -27, but with a windchill that made it feel like -50.

Davor says he feels fantastic and is looking forward to having pizza and a warm shower. He will arrive back in Croatia at the end of January.

Davor walked the journey with just the very the basics (Photo: Facebook)

Background training and preparations information from earlier last year in the quest to be the 21st person ever to walk to the South Pole. (Interesting fact: more people have even been to outer space expeditions than South Pole expeditions)

“I am very happy because I showed myself that it is possible to achieve dreams. I set myself an ambitious goal and I wanted to show that with hard work, confidence, effort, and dedication to your goal you can achieve whatever you wish. I hope my story is motivation to others like others were motivation for me. Follow your dreams. It is possible!,” Rostuhar said, Jutarnji list writes.

More about Davor’s journey and photos can be found on his Facebook page – Davor Rostuhar – pisac i fotograf, from where I added a few below.

More up to date information and another personal daily blog with him answering questions during the 47 day expedition at

Amusing pic from after arriving, pictured at the American Science Station with some Norwegians who spent 66 days skiing on Amundsen's route (the very first expedition route in 1911). He's making a celebratory cocktail made up of Amundsen vodka, Red Bull and Ice from the South Pole and they also brought along ice cream from Norway to celebrate. (extra info from his blog: the Antarctica continent is visited by about 40,000 tourists annually, mainly by cruise ships to the coastal parts. Up to 250 people arrive to the South Pole every year travelling directly by plane (at a cost of about 50 000 USD a ticket). Tourists usually don't stay longer than a few hours though and usually fly back immediately. More info about the whole day and what's all going on there at the previous daily blog link)

Yep, even Croatian ice cream at the South Pole that Davor brought along, and that's probably another historic 1st also. (Bringing along ice cream to the South Pole seems to be a popular thing to do, incredibly I just by chance happened to have done a previous Croatian ice creams post too)

Lastly here's some bonus footage from Davor's 2014 exhibition titled "Hrvatska Iz Zraka" (Croatia From Above) based on his National Geographic book project. This one took place in Zagreb but the tour included many cities and towns in Croatia and elsewhere in Europe.

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