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ponedjeljak, 29. siječnja 2018.

Nokia Install Croatian Smart Bench At HQ In Hungary &...Stipe Miocic Makes History At UFC 220

All the local shootings, stabbings, opioids deaths crisis and heartwrenching celeb scandals news is getting boring, so here's a 2 in 1 post to change the topic, one is very recent and one topic that I first read about a couple of years ago when this very first smart bench (aka "pametna klupa" in Croatian) was designed, produced and installed in Croatia. Well since that time the very small company "Include", which is based in the historic town of Solin just outside of and overlooking the city of Split, has expanded and grown (and growing still) into a fairly successful "smart technology" company with a highly acclaimed quality "green technology" niche product/service for cities and urban areas especially (aka the future "smart cities" framework), so that's good to know.

This product gets the official prestigious "Croatianicity Seal of Approval." (click here for the fancy full prestigious effect). Maybe eventually down the road even being seen more often on this side of the pond, it would be a pretty nifty thing to have around, when the urge to start pixel-counting hits but the phone's battery is empty then there will be no reason not too. (actually these days with the amount of traveling and lurking around terrorists and subversive radicals, crypto-commies, muslim-rap cartel, weirdo cults, galavanting Canaanites, televangelists, other religious bullshit religions and of course those self-loathing modern day neo-democratic bolshevik apparatchiks and their anarcho-utopianist nihilist gurus etc, then the CCTV version bench would probably be a good idea)

A brief introductory bio excerpt from the company's website...Include is a European hardware company, founded by a 22-year-old innovator Ivan Mrvoš, we earned recognition following a large investment in 2017, quickly becoming one of the best producers of smart street furniture in Europe. Based in Solin, Croatia, in a 2000 m² facility with 35 highly educated employees, we are recognized as a serious development IoT platform, growing rapidly in terms of company size, sales volume and global reach. With global footprint of more than 400 benches on 20 markets around the world, we are part of the most significant ‘Smart City’ projects and present in 125 cities and municipalities on 5 continents.

The whole story behind this venture and company in a way reminds me of the Rimac Automobili/Concept-One Hypercar beginnings story, which is another venture that is now a growing company and also with world respected quality smart/green high technology products. (the next generation and more advanced powerful version of the all-electric Concept hypercar is coming out soon too btw, probably at the Geneva Motor Show again, sneak peek here). And like I said there, this is another good example that positively promotes Croatian products and Croatia to the world as not just a place that is good for swimming in the summer, pastries, beers, castles and skiing, because it's not exporting just another new weird and/or strange fashions or fad clothing item, another weird food or fad food product, in no way whatsoever associated with any terrorism, fundamentals, migrating extremist views, theologies, philosophies or anything like that, it's not exporting yet another new disease or virus, and it's not just another pointless boring new viral dance move fad and there weren't even any celebs or carpool karaoke at anytime whatsoever involved with the design and production either, instead it's something actually useful. (and then on the flip side it's also good to know that any visitors to Croatia will have the smart bench options nearby instead of other weird non-bench options, that's the way I see it)

*According to some updated information after doing this post, in the middle of the year he also intends to open a company in America which will be 100% owned by Include. The idea being to keep producing the benches in the Solin Croatia facilities, but assembled by the US company with the same "Include" quality control standards, so they can boast the "Made in USA" label and American jobs. For this he'll have to live 3-6 months in the US to put everything in place. (If he reads this before that happens, I can send a free itemized list of towns, neighbourhoods, ethnicities and even whole cities to completely avoid altogether, as well as stores, shops, fast food/restaurant chains, dentists and even particular names of people also which will make things much easier and problem-free during the transition process for himself and especially the future benches. If someone introduces himself as "Bro" (ie: "Hey bro: or "yo bro" bro this and that etc, but you don't know them and they're not really or remotely your brother or even some pointless babbling religious nutso, just keep moving and doing whatever it is you were doing because it's a bad sign and not something you want or need in your life, don't even listen to a word of the bullshit coming out of their cakeholes (just start pixel-counting and pretend you don't speak English, lots of people do that all the time anyway, it's just mainly popular penitentiary lingo and among people who bounce balls for a living, and when they're around make sure your valuables, doors, windows etc are locked). DO NOT watch any sitcoms whatever you do because those are just actors with scripts that will distract you from reality and could cost you your life (aka fake and fiction, makeup, botox/plastic surgery/teethwork and special lighting, rubber/plastic bricks etc), I recommend instead watching some Jerry Springer, Maury Povich or that jacktard kreten Robert Irving show episodes before travelling, and maybe some Walmart Midnight Madness and some of those various arrests videos also for some insight and reality based tips and fashion options, probably carrying a handgun would be a good idea too and doing some target practice beforehand, see Croatian ice creams post tips, deleting channels from your tv remote control that broadcast fake subversive televangelists programs will be a great blessing also (they'll just want to brainwash you to become an identityless kreten clone and sing that gospel-rap verbal diarrhea for them, and how are you going to make quality green/clean smart benches then if you're traveling around to conventions and telethons gospel-rapping all the time about Abraham from Sumeria with his camels, golden lamps and magical dinosaurs? not many probably), even giving a fake name to people would be a good idea especially at store lineups..Bill, Kirk, Härved, Pierre, Todd, Larry or something like that, if worse comes to worse just say "Woah, I gotta go there's my cab, great talking to you!" and briskly exit, if you definitely have to get fast food get someone to go for you or just use the drive-thru like most people do anyway and especially at night, "when in Rome.." as the saying goes, I recommend carrying a handgun for just in case, probably a HS2000 would be good because the cops already use those, and shoot first ask questions later because the benches are way much more important and interesting. (You've got to stay positive, as long as you stay positive and prepared the benches will be alright). And even the French company JCDecaux, the world's leading provider of outdoor and urban advertising that reaches 400 million people daily, has expressed interest and contacted Ivan for meetings and future cooperation, basically it's all a very promising future for the growing company and their line of green and clean technology Steora smart benches.*

Anyway the below article pretty well explains everything, I added more pics than I needed to but it just looked cool seeing this new smart/green-technology Croatian product at different locations, more information and media information HERE or just hit the official company website and links below:

Text source:

Finnish multinational communications company Nokia has installed a Croatian smart bench in front of their main office in Hungary.

Nokia Hungary installed the first Steora smart bench, produced by Solin-based company Include, in front of their main office in Budapest.

“This solar-powered Steora Standard model provides USB and wireless charging, a free Wi-Fi hotspot, street light at night, cooling system for summer days, 15 sensors that are tracking everything around the bench (e.g. weather/meteo data) and a main "Dashboard" – web application that collects data from every bench in real time,” Include said.

Steora smart bench at Nokia’s main office in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, the smart/green technology benches have been particularly well received in the rest of Central Europe as the countries are planning towards future more green technology and cleaner "smart cities". (Photo: Include)

The new smart bench at Nokia’s main office in Hungary means that the small Croatian company has now placed more than 450 benches in 23 countries, impressive for an idea that was started by young entrepreneur Ivan Mrvoš in his hometown of Solin near Split in 2015.

Currently, the benches, which are manufactured in Croatia, can now be found in all corners of the world, including Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, USA, Albania, Switzerland, Qatar Portugal, Syria and Dubai, as well as in Hong Kong and in front of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, and other countries.

After only a few years there are now Include Steora benches in 25 cities and towns across Croatia, over 50 in Zagreb alone, and especially for travelers most conveniently located at major airports such as in Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik and popular coastal areas.

Steora smart bench in the city of Split. More Steora smart benches are on their way to Australia, similarly like in Croatia the benches have proven to be especially popular and convenient along high traffic coastal locations in the summer (tourist areas/parks/squares/beaches/marinas). In the next 5 years 2,700 benches will be exported to Australia alone as part of an already signed nifty 5.5 million Euro contract. The benches can function normally up to 5 days without direct sun exposure before the first features start to shut down to save the battery, the last thing that would shut down are USB charging ports. 15 sensors inside Steora monitor everything that happens on and around the bench, each second sensors gather data about air parameters, bench usage and system state and all gathered information is available for customers through the dashboard which will also show you where any other smart benches are located and their available data. (Photos: 

An Australian Steora bench at the Stockland Shellharbour Mall in Illawarra near Sydney. More information at

Recently Include presented the Steora® Urban – (more detailed info here), described as the most advanced street bench in the world and designed for highly frequented areas such as city streets, squares, and other urban locations.

Steora smart benches in the historical capital of Bohemia, Prague, Czech Republic are a few of about 30 in the country already, and a further 120 benches have been ordered for this year including exporting into Slovakia where they were highly praised by the mayor and city council of Bratislava after a successful test period. (

One of the first Steora benches installed in Slovakia at the University of Žilina grounds. (

 One of over 30 smart benches in 10 cities across Sweden also, and a recent partnership agreement with the renowned Scandinavian sustainable city greentech solutions company EWF ECO AB and distributor for Bigbelly to be the exclusive distributor in Sweden, Norway and Finland to deliver another 250 benches this year. The Include Steora CCTV version is equipped with 4 cameras, one on each side of the bench creating a 360° live stream then available online in real-time. Cameras also have night recording with integrated infrared light. More information at

Highlighted feature of the Steora Urban version is a 19” super-bright LED display which can be used for showing various alternating ads, videos, pictures or other information to the public. (weather/meteo data, various up to the minute Royals babies and fashion updates, heart-wrenching celeb scandals and crises updates etc)

Steora® Urban version smart benches, in Croatia the largest concentration of benches is in the capital city Zagreb with over 50 and at cities and towns along the coast, all featuring USB and wireless charging, a free Wi-Fi hotspot, street light at night, cooling system for summer days, 15 sensors that track everything around the bench (e.g. weather/meteo data/night recording camera/intruder death lasers etc) and a main information Dashboard accessible by the customer that are also connected to other benches and their data. (Photos:

One of the Include Steora benches in the city of Dubrovnik, in just the first 4 months of 2017 the benches in Croatia all together produced more than 500kWh of clean electric energy, which means that CO2 emissions were reduced by more than 275 kilograms. 

An example of some of the dashboard features and real-time information/options available. Overview of all locations where Steora benches are installed, reporting information on the number of charged devices, reporting information on the number of WiFi users and their internet consumption, remote control of internet access (including changing passwords), remote control of ambient lights and charging signal lights (including setting times to turn the lights on and off automatically), real-time access to the Batcave main computer database-management system, providing weather info like a mini meteo station (measuring humidity, temperature, and precipitation in the area), and much more. The CCTV version even comes with a nifty 4 cameras on each side with 360 ° live streaming and added security/surveillance.

Include Steora benches in the city of Split, a good thing to know is that the bench's solar panels continuously recharge the batteries with no disruption even while people are sitting on them. (It would basically have to be completely covered and sealed in a box with no light coming through to not recharge). Also I checked and they're weather resistant and waterproof for the autumn, spring and winter months. (Photo:

In the coastal town of Primošten between Šibenik and Trogir, conveniently located right by the hats, towels and sunglasses stalls so you can look cool while tanning on the bench pixel-counting...

One of the first benches installed in the capital city Zagreb in 2016...

In the old historic quarter on Marmontova street in the city of Split, near those burek, pizza slices and snacks places I talked about before...

The first Steora benches in Germany were exported to the non-profit climate protection agency and the alliance against migrants crimes & gang rapes of German women for the Region of Hannover. (Image:

A few more pics from and for contrast from various locations just for the hell of it, seen above some newly installed smart benches in the northeastern town of Belišće near Osijek...

At the Dubrovnik upper cable cars station...

Word on the street is that some of the benches in Croatia have become meeting places for shady roaming and lurking suspicious "Steora Bench Gangs", beware...

Another Steora bench in Olomouc, Czech Republic, being seen sitting on a Steora bench is almost like being a celeb these days (before they were forced to sit on that other bench and just stare at the ground looking like vagrant fentanyl freaks all pathetic and absurd with no justifiable reason to even live or exist, but look at them now they have a life purpose and reason to exist again)...

Another one in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia...

Mount Hawthorn suburb of Perth, Western Australia...

In Melbourne Australia...

In Lugano Switzerland, the swans seem to not mind the new benches either, good to know.

The highlighted feature of the Steora Urban is a 19” super-bright LED display, which can be used for showing ads, videos, pictures, such as lingerie/bikini, vitamins, colognes, hair products, sunscreen, beverages adds etc, or various useful information to the public (e.g. weather forecast, heart-wrenching celeb scandals and crises updates etc).

Ivan (centre) and the Include team at their company facilities HQ in Solin, Croatia. (Photo: Include)

Include Steora and company founder Ivan Mrvoš in Strasbourg, another definite boost to the company's profile and the Include Steora bench quality reputation was when it was chosen to be installed in front of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg just last year, so it's probably not a crappy piece of shit junk most likely. (Photo: HINA/Andrina Luic)

Currently in Croatia the Steora smart benches are mostly found in and around the capital city Zagreb with over 50 and along the coastal cities and towns, however their numbers and locations are growing annually since the very first bench was installed only in 2016. (and with the amount of bus stops, libraries, malls, Ikea's and coffee shops in the world the possibilities are endless). To see where all the current Include Steora benches are found in the world so far, click onto the Include location map.

Locations where Include Steora smart benches are currently installed, I'm not some heavyweight computer nerd geek or solar panels expert (I just dabble with dark energy and dark matter plasma ionizers and photon pulse wave-packet beams once in a while), but I just like this trend and the product. Actual useful things being exported to other continents, because like I said there's way more pointless crap being exported globally these days (such as Serbian exports for example which don't interest me and are pointless boring benches and breads). As of now the purchase contracts are with various city and local municipality governments, but the plans are to also sell them directly to any individual customers in the near future.

"Include" company background/product info and behind the scenes from 2016.

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Stipe Miocic Defends Title For 3rd Time, Becomes Most Successful UFC Heavyweight Champion Of All Time (Yep, It's True)

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.

I try not to do sports themed posts lately, but I of course also have to mention this recent sports news because of the Croatian connection. I'm not going to add much here though because it's basically self-explanatory and there's already plenty of sites that specialize in the UFC and martial arts happenings. In a nutshell some of the hype preceding the UFC Heavyweight Championship belt was exactly just that, full-blown bullshit hype-hoopla like out of a Hollywood movie. That Miocic (spelled Miočić in Croatian and pronounced "Mee-o-chich" btw) is going to lose, lose bad and be knocked out, beat up and knocked out in the first or second round, but probably the first round, even the Cameroonian challenger Ngannou was saying that it was a done deal and he's going to lose the belt in a dramatic humiliating fashion because Miocic isn't even in his league, and some others saying that he didn't have as cool of a fancy-shmancy victory hair design so he didn't have a hope to win etc, bla bla bla.

Like did some people not remember how he got to where he is in the first place? He wasn't in the octagon before with some annoying pip-squeek from the local bar or mall food court or some school hallway or classroom dufus with a pointless nonstop mouth, were some people maybe thinking that he was just going to just stand around with his arms glued to his sides motionless like one of those blow up clown punching bags? (examples), not bloody likely that's for sure. I even read somewhere that he'll be lucky to not get pummeled within the first minute, Pfff, whaaaaa? Because it's martial arts and the "F" in UFC (and this part is important to remember, consider it a little known about insideinfo tip), it actually stands for "fighting" and not "floating, fainting or standing and not moving", it's really a simple equation to figure out as the stats below show.

Because you gotta be real, real like Batman, (yep like Batman boys and girls, not one of those fake made up foreign alien superheroes from another galaxy)...because he does the same things and wins (and sometimes kills) against guys who are way bigger and supposedly way more powerful because of his conditioning, being multi-faceted, versatility, concentration, focus and training, you gotta be the whole package and not just a puncher or a dancer or talker or this or that, (that's why Batman has mastered 127 styles of martial arts attaining the natural pinnacle of human prowess that made him who he is. His physical attributes exceeds that of every Olympic level athlete that has ever competed. His strength, speed, stamina, agility, and endurance are at the limitations of peak human classification, he's mastered full body control, Batman is also able to perform amazing physical feats due to proper diet and an intensive regular regimen of rigorous exercise, including aerobics, yoga, weight lifting, gymnastics and simulated combat scenarios) to keep himself in peak condition, he regularly defeats opponents whose size, strength, or their powers greatly exceeded his own.

He has spent his entire life in pursuit of personal physical perfection and has attained it through constant intensive training and determination, attaining peak human strength, peak human reflexes, peak human speed, peak endurance, peak agility and peak stamina and most importantly all glued and cemented together by an unwavering indomitable will, not by being a blow up clown punching bag with no moving arms that a 5 year old could easily beat up), and probably growing up on Croatian food was a decisive factor also without a doubt, perhaps even the most important part to the whole octagon equation. (Otherwise we would just have to give the UFC belt to Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson from Game of Thrones and similar guys, as in not even entering the octogan is required because it's already a done deal because they can knock out a horse, camel or alligator supposedly)

(I think part of the reason why Miocic isn't as respected or popular among the UFC top brass is because he's too average looking and non-celebish overall in his appearance, demeanor and fashions, especially in regards to the highest UFC apparatchik(s) who instead want the fighters to follow the example of some soccer players and even professional wrestlers from over the years (ala WWF/WWE/NWA/WCW characters etc) for better pay per view numbers and more media exposure, because these days there is no such thing as bad press as long as the press and media is talking about them, even bad press equals good press...

Above are a couple examples of what I'm talking about, Anderson Silva in his drag queen outfit and dance and Ovince Saint Preux with his now world famous bird wings and tongue thing, many people pay for tickets just to see that stuff live in person and don't really even care about the octagon results or what goes on there. In numerous instances people pay for their tickets only just to see it live, this is what the fans want and need and the UFC apparatchiks know this.

...I think they don't want a fireman who regularly just walks into the octagon and knocks people out and beats them up like taking out the trash, and then just boringly goes back to the wife and kids back home to fix the roof and mow the lawn or whatever and then being just a ho-hum boring fireman until the next time to take out the trash. They probably want someone more shocking, flamboyant with a gimmick and more trash-hype talk and moves to sell more tickets, so that like him or hate him people will buy the tickets anyway to see what happens "live." You know, someone with more jibber-jabber qualities, better dancer, someone more scandalous, like being caught in a hotel room with 5 drugged out and drunk hermaphrodite midgets and a donkey, now that will get more peoples attention and sell tickets and pay per view instead of just a boring pointless fireman/paramedic. That's the gist of it, they gotta be more like a WWF/WWE/NWA/WCW star these days pretty well sums it up) 

There's already lots of blogs and websites and articles covering this story and topic, (here's a head start for you), but the below words of Joe Rogan pretty well sums it up also...

Image: Instagram

You can Google around for highlight videos but these few pics basically summarize the entire evening.

As a last amusing update from a few days later, a whole bunch of photoshop memes started showing up at various internet and MMA sites revolving around the same topic of all the pre-match hype-hoopla, below are a few examples including other various pre-match hype-hoopla that didn't happen as was hyped either. (see also:

And lastly, here's an updated interesting commercial that came out afterwards featuring Stipe Miocic for the Mexican beer Modelo. Video from Modelo USA. (see also Croatian beers related post at croatians-world-lists-beers)

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