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četvrtak, 8. ožujka 2018.

Croatian Singer Jelena Rozga To Perform First Australia Concerts In March 2018

Popular Croatian pop and pop-folk singer Jelena Rozga, who has been topping the Croatian music charts since going solo in 2006 and also the first female artist to play at a sold out Split Spaladium Arena, announced she will be touring Australia this month for a series of concerts.

I'm finding all the non-celeb stabbings, shootings and botched robberies/drug deals news around here boring so here's something different. (And I try not to do much sports or entertainment topics these days, so this is just a rare quick light post that will mainly be of interest to any readers in Australia or New Zealand and good to know). For those who don't know, Jelena Rozga is a popular award winning Croatian pop and folk-pop singer since going solo in 2006 after 10 years as the singer for the group "Magazin".

Being one of the many pop and folk-pop acts that have appeared over the last decade especially, she regularly performs at packed arenas and large hall venues, but also many outdoor festivals concerts and smaller venues and clubs, so popular in fact that besides touring all across Croatia she's even performed in Slovenia, as well as in Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Hercegovina, Germany and to even North America and now Australia for the first time later this month.

It's also cool and apropos that the Australian-Croatian community gets to see an authentic Croatian pop singer and music act, because in the 90's during the Serb armies ethnic cleansing sprees (including the remaining Serbo-Yugo army which was strictly only just Serbian by then anyway) and the Serb church supported extremist paramilitaries and armed loser thugs killing sprees all over the short-lived former defunct psuedo-country, that the Australian-Croatian community had sent lots of funds to help displaced persons as well as medical and humanitarian aid, so they deserve a good show and a fun entertaining time. I also put some related post links below...

Jelena Rozga Australia Tour: ‘I’m Excited to Meet the Croatian Community’

Image: Facebook.

Text source:

Croatian pop and folk-pop star Jelena Rozga is heading downunder to Australia this month to play three concerts.

Rozga, who as a teenager in the 1990's made her name as the singer in the mega-popular group Magazin, will play three concerts this month in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

Rozga will start her Australian Tour in Sydney with a concert at the Croatian Club – Punchbowl next Saturday on 17 March.

She will then head to Canberra to play at Croatia Deakin Soccer Club on 23 March, before finishing her tour in Melbourne at the Melbourne Knights Stadium on 24 March.

In 2006 she started her solo career after 10 years as the singer for "Magazin", one of the milestones of her career is the mega-hit "JEANS.

Jelena Rozga's solo career especially took off in 2011 after winning a Porin Award (Croatia's version of the Grammys) in the category "Hit of the Year" and for winning 1st place by getting the most votes at the 51st Splitski Festival, an annual music festival in the city of Split. Image: Zvonimir Barišin, Nikola Vilić/ Cropix.

In 2016 she announced her third album called Modern Woman which stayed more than 10 weeks at the top of the Croatian Top 40 music charts, and it was also the best selling album in Croatia in 2017.

Jelena Rozga has been compared to Missy Elliot and Young M.A. because of the similar singing vocals and stage fashions.

We caught up with her for a Q&A session before she left Croatia for the Land Down Under...

What are you looking forward to ahead of your tour of Australia?

There are so many things to look forward to! It’s my first ever time performing in Australia and I’m having not 1 but 3 concerts! The Sydney show is already sold out so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m also so excited to meet my Australian fans and to see the Croatian community there.

It will be your first visit to Australia, what have you heard about the country?

This is my very first time visiting. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Australia – mostly how beautiful it is and that there is no place quite like it, and now I will finally get to experience it!

Official website:

What can fans expect from your concerts?

I love what I do. I absolutely adore singing live in front of my fans and that really shows when I’m performing so they can expect nothing short of a great and unforgettable night.

Will you have much free time to see the sights?

I have a few days of free time which I’m definitely going to take advantage of. We’re going to plan carefully so we can get the most out of each day and see/do as much as we can!

Promo for her first ever Australia tour.

*Editor's note - Jelena Rozga also often performs at the annual week long Karlovac "Dani Piva" (Days of Beer) festival I've mentioned before, that's probably a good one to be at because you can have some tasty eats and wet your whistle between sets, good to know.

Do you have a message for fans in Australia?

I want them to know how excited and thankful I am for the opportunity to perform in Australia for them and get ready for an amazing night!

Performing at the summer "Virskoj noći" festival in the coastal city of Zadar. Image: Antena Zadar.

Lots of people have asked will you hop over to New Zealand since you will be close?

I wish we had more time and visit more cities in Australia and also in New Zealand, but unfortunately, we have to go back to Europe. For the first time, it is ok to have those 3 concerts, let’s leave something for next year!

For ticket information click on the dates below.

SYDNEY – 17.03.2018 – SOLD OUT
CANBERRA – 23.03.2018
MELBOURNE – 24.03.2018

And I've already got some early "World Exclusive" footage from the first Sydney performance at the Croatian Club Punchbowl...

...and some "World Exclusive" footage from the Croatia Deakin Soccer Club show.

Interestingly, (because it really is interesting actually when you think about it), the final performance of her inaugural brief Australia tour will be held at Melbourne Knights Stadium which is the home field of Melbourne Knights FC, which was founded in 1953 as SC Croatia by a group of Croatian immigrants in Melbourne. (they were even two-time Australian National Champions and four-time Premiership winners in the former National Soccer League of Australia that existed up to 2004). And interestingly again, they are just one of 34 active Croatian football clubs presently operating in Australia, the first one was HSNK Zora which was founded in 1931 but no longer in existence, currently the oldest surviving Croatian club in Australia is the Adelaide Croatia Raiders founded in 1952 as Adelaide Croatia. The most successful and largest Croatian clubs in Australia are the Melbourne Knights and Sydney United 58 FC, (see also Croatians in Australia: Pioneers, Settlers and Their Descendants), more about the Melbourne Knights at a previous post HERE.

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As a bonus from a previous post, here's some music video footage from over the years for those not familiar.

I've read some misinformed comments here and there in internetland, so I have to add here that her t-shirt actually has nothing to do with elfs or elves or gnome-like beings at all, instead it's a tee of the Croatian fashion house ELFS. (There now that's cleared up, you can proceed with the videos)

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