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nedjelja, 29. travnja 2018.

Croatian Produced Series Sold to UK & Swedish Networks & Netflix

I'm finding all the non-celeb stabbings, shootings, botched robberies/drug deals and non-celeb gangs and ghetto bs news around here boring so here's something different for a change of pace. This is also sort of interesting and good to know, (and no I'm not on some sort of Sweden themed thing either, my last ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar post is just another interesting coincidence). I don't think I'm going to go out of my way to watch all the episodes or any of them because I'm busy doing other stuff, and besides I'm already very familiar with the real-life plots, theme and events behind this series, but lots of other viewers probably aren't so it could be eye-opening for them. The drama series seems to have a sort of darker X-Files and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo feel and ambiance and I liked that series and the movie, but of course with more political undertones, espionage, assassinations, backroom deals, extortion, faked passports and documents, back and forth bullets in craniums, and of course plenty of comerade-talk, backstabbing, kidnapping, mysterious body parts of dissidents, forced confessions by means of torture, spies, telephone tapping and microfilm etc, (fortunately most of the real-life type people behind some of the various characters in the series have mostly died off or are just like the last dinosaurs and the make-believe country at the time, just living on borrowed time from their inevitable final extinction).

It's also good to know that Croatia is producing quality television series and movies that major foreign networks are interested in them, because when you get right down to it what the hell kind of country or people are you if you can't even produce some decent films and television series. I've touched upon just a few of them (those links are at the bottom), and actually the number of Croatian films winning various awards at major film festivals over the years is fairly impressive. Which reminds me, that's one thing I've noticed and especially during my last few visits to Croatia, that there's plenty of homegrown produced films, television series and programs. You'll still come across some foreign and American shows here and there, mostly reruns like in some other countries also, but the vast majority of shows and programs on television in Croatia are actually locally filmed and produced, (there's also no televangelists programs or related bs on television there either, which is good to know and a definite bonus).

Which come come to think of it is very different from here in Canada where it's overwhelmingly mostly American programs and series on television, actually even the national stations are saturated with American programs and shows and Hollywood stuff regularly, entertainment news themed shows talking about Hollywood, sit-coms, dramas, all sorts of reruns all the time like an obsessive fixation, (or quite possibly even a self-loathing manifestation, one of the two anyway). For instance, even a former Prime Minister's son is the official Canadian television expert and American celebs, shows and movies news scoop go to commentator guy, because on regular weekdays but especially come Golden Globes and Oscars time he'll even be there live on the scene with a microphone and all dolled up in fancy duds to interview at the red carpets with the latest most up to date Hollywood news scoops and celebs gossip news for all the Canadian viewers, (he knows pretty well everything about Hollywood you need to know, sometimes even knowing what makes of dresses are being worn or the latest Hollywood dating rumours before even the people at The View show which is pretty rare and lucky for the viewers).

(Which reminds me again, just after joining the military about a couple of months before leaving for basic training I decided to visit relatives in Croatia again, which happened to be right around the time that the first democratic elections were about to take place. So some of the dark office scenes reminds me of when I had to go to the consulate to get my visa, there they asked me a bunch of questions..."Where are you going? Where will you be staying and for how long? Why are you going? Who are you visiting? What exactly are your plans? Why are you going again and a bunch of other questions, long story short I ended up getting the visa documents but they didn't look too thrilled about it, but how do they know it wasn't all just a ploy and diabolical plan anyway? How would they know that I wasn't going there to actually perform a hit or make some people disappear? I'm sure I had some secret service UDBA people following me because I saw them and they don't fool me, (one came in following after I stepped into a restaurant bar and ordered a Karlovačko beer, because I was in Karlovac so naturally I would get a Karlovačko, the place was just mainly young soldier conscripts in uniform, a couple with their girlfriend or whatever and a few more smoking cigs playing cards and looking like they didn't even want to be wearing their uniforms, there would be a number of different uniforms being worn in a short time and new democratic countries (as well as Yugo-Serbian shells, bombs, bullets and body limbs flying around the bar and lots of other places too), but I saw his weapon under his coat and he knew that I knew and saw it, he was sort of reminding me to not get into any political, democracy, history or freedom talk and to just sip on my beer and stare at the commie symbols on the wall, oh I sipped on my beer alright and played stupid foreigner tourist like I just fell off the twinkie truck reading Charlie Brown comics, I asked the waitress if there was any store nearby that sold batteries for cameras and beers because of a party on the weekend (in English though and with a Texas accent to make him think that's all I knew how to speak and so couldn't possibly be a problem let alone his very nightmare personified)...and I made sure that he heard me, but how do they know I didn't give them the slip later and perform some actions which directly affected the general elections just a few weeks later, blending into the crowds where I went and chatting like a local and nothing out of the ordinary, (I could have even followed him after he left the bar if I had wanted, acting drunk and tipsy dumb and asking him if he knew anyone who wanted to buy my watch for real cheap, and then easily in a split second turn the tables and use his own gun on him and maybe even shoving it up his ass when pulling the trigger to make a point, but that would have meant complicating the plans with more unneeded snooping secret service types coming around later asking questions, even the KGB coming down to help look for witnesses and interrogations probably, but that's not what I or we came for)...and they wouldn't have known what was really in my lighter and that it was something else that only looked like a lighter and it could actually light cigarettes too which was the point, that weekend there was a rock concert at the nearby Hrvatski Dom hall where I met up with some acquaintances that arrived from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Argentina a few weeks previously and the final details were ironed out, and...well.... that's all I can say, we made sure to act drunk and singing on the way back home after the gig but like I said we weren't there for only the music, girls and cheap beers, my aunt started getting the odd hours phone calls with nobody answering on the other end and the middle of the night knocks on the door, letting her know they were watching, (pfff, like that was supposed to be a surprise, what took them so long?), but they got it all wrong because they weren't watching me, I was the one watching them and pulling the strings, I wasn't going to self-loathe myself so the communist consulate officials may very well have and probably did seal their and other people's fates when they did their oblivious passport stamping, (his and his kind's fake one-worlder utopianist/crypto-anarchist identity and reality destroying commie paradise day's were numbered and actually even over, and with no communist guru-prophet savior to save them either), because some mysterious unexplained accidents happened while I was there that have remained unsolved to this day and that's all I can say. Basically I was Jason Bourne before there even was a Jason Bourne and that's all I can say).

As another example, a while back I mentioned about a new free app where the person can watch a whole bunch of Croatian television programs aired on the national broadcaster HRT channels (Hrvatska radiotelevizija/Croatian Radiotelevision which is sort of like the BBC, ARD or RAI of Croatia), and that's just one of the broadcasters. (they were also behind producing the 7-part mini-series “Croatian Kings (Hrvatski Kraljevi) which revolved around early medieval Croatian history and later was picked up by TV station Viasat History channel and broadcasted in over 30 countries which was pretty cool, because people are interested in watching more than only just Titanic, Attila the Hun, Roman Empire, Genghis Khan, Vikings, Noah's Ark and Columbus documentaries all the time with even the same voice narrator lots of times, people want to learn them histories and history truths, there are more channels available now and on satellite but you'll have to channel-surf and check it out for yourselves).

Although the first ever Croatian produced and filmed sci-fi series Jugoistočno od Razuma" (Southeast of Reason) from a few years ago was also another one with that X-Files sort of feel to it including revolving around the hidden world around us and ancient civilizations so it definitely seemed interesting enough to post about. (and of course the Nova TV MasterChef-Hrvatska (MasterChef Croatia) is a regularly viewed popular series but pretty well every country on the whole spinning dirtball in frozen space planet probably has their own version of that series). I don't much much tv anyway because there's too much pointless crap and bs, however some of the Croatian programs and films seem interesting.

Anyway the article explains more, at the bottom is a bunch of other Croatian related television shows and films post links...

Croatian Series Sold to UK & Swedish Networks

Article source:

Croatian drama series Čuvar dvorca (Guardian of the Castle) has been sold to television networks in the UK and Sweden and will be available to watch on demand in the United States, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre reported on Friday.

Guardian of the Castle, which was directed by Lukas Nola and produced by Kinorama for Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), has been sold to the Swedish public media service SVT and the British public service broadcaster Channel 4. It will soon be available on demand in the United States. The series premiered on HRT in September 2017.

Guardian of the Castle is set in Croatia in the 1980s wherein politics things are happening that will change the map of Europe by the end of the century. The National Security Service (UDBA, the equivalent to the Soviet KGB and Czechoslovakian StB at the time) is still one of the most active and most effective intelligence and misinformation communities in Europe. Boris Bišćan, UDBA’s old employee, is a witness to all the changes going about – the professionals are replaced by the criminals from UDBA, who are willing to deal with political emigrants, offering them political protection in return for their services. Boris is lost in this new world, and the old one has obviously come to its end.

“My intention was to tackle the breakdown of the intelligence community and with it communism. The breakdown of one system, empire or political order, in general, has always been an interesting topic of art, and I think that this component of our history has not been filmed so far as in-depth,” said Nola, who is also the screenwriter.

Producer of the series, Ankica Tilić, points out that the goal was not to offer only a political thriller, but a faithful reconstruction of a period of time.

Earlier this month Novine (The Paper) also became the first Croatian series sold to Netflix, a 2016 series about a construction magnate who takes over a struggling newspaper and attempts to wield editorial influence for power and personal gain.

More information:

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