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utorak, 23. srpnja 2019.

Another Humanitarian Crisis Prevented As New Split Airport Terminal Now Officially Completed (Photos+Video) &...Owen Wilsonović In Croatia?

All the local stabbings and shootings are getting boring so I might as well quickly update and finish this topic I mentioned in February this year, and because it's finally a happy conclusion to the humanitarian crisis that was threatening to get even worse this year if the airport terminal project was not completed in time.

That original post I reposted again below explains a little better the horrors that could very well have taken place again, if the Split Airport authorities and Croatian Government didn't step in and put an end to the humanitarian crisis once and for all that is. At the end of the day the main thing is that the godforsaken passenger's suffering and calamity has been stopped, now there will be ample room, more shade, more fresh air, more food and snack shops opening up soon, more fresh water and liquid refreshments to alleviate dehydration and thirst, and of course more seating for the weary travelers.

This terminal project and official opening wasn't as big as the 2017 Zagreb Airport terminal project because that's the capital city and receives more of the Trans-Atlantic and Australia flights, but almost equally as important especially in the busier summer season when the most flights are from Central European and wider continental routes (and because there were only literally minutes to spare to avoid the humanitarian disaster as the photos show so no time for hoopla, dancers and fireworks). I should also note that recently the new Zadar Airport terminal and Dubrovnik Airport terminal were also recently completed and in full operation now, and so similar humanitarian crises happenings were prevented there also, I briefly mentioned those topics previously below also. Anyway here's some pics of what to expect if landing at Split Airport this summer...

The vile and sickening days of the summer of 2018 Split Airport humanitarian crisis are now officially over.

Text source:

CROATIA. Split Airport opened its new €60 million terminal on Saturday, featuring much-expanded commercial areas, notably for retail and dining. The terminal was inaugurated by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković, among other dignitaries.

The airport’s duty free space has increased by around three-fold compared to the previous facility, to around 1,030sq m. The retail business is run by Split Airport with Gebr Heinemann as exclusive supply partner for all but local products.

The food & beverage offer has been greatly enhanced too, with a 500sq m restaurant on a mezzanine level, plus two café/bar options on the ground floor in around 500sq m combined. These, like the retail stores, are managed in-house, the new Split Airport terminal will have around three times the retail space of the previous facility.

The terminal has a footprint of around 50,000sq m, over three times the previous size. It features 30 check-in desks, seven semi-automated security lanes, a premium lounge and an automated baggage sorting area. A new car park has 900 spaces, 5 new baggage carousels and a larger new baggage sorting facility, large 3rd floor observation deck, catering facilities, restaurants and shops, a 50-bus station, 30 check-in counters as well as offices for rent-a-car agencies, currency exchange etc.

The facility takes capacity to 5 million passengers per year. Split Airport will handle around 3.3 million passengers in 2019, from around 3.1 million last year. As a seasonal airport, it struggled to cope at peak times with large passenger volumes in the former terminal.

Following the opening, the previous passenger building will be overhauled and the two structures will be combined to form a single entity.

Split Airport said: “The extension coordinates capacity with expected traffic demand, meets high levels of security and service quality, as well as ensuring the preconditions to become Schengen-ready.”

Croatia is due to join the Schengen Area in the coming years, which will mean a reconfiguration of the airside space, splitting Schengen and non-Schengen departure areas, and once that happens, a new shop layout.

A sneak peek behind the scenes look at the new Split Airport terminal two weeks before being officially operational. Video from

Here are some World Exclusive views from the official opening day. Video from

"Mission Accomplished",  a repeat of the 2018 humanitarian crises has been prevented, the passengers will now be able to arrive and depart safely and be treated as humanoids instead of as pointless godforsaken luggage carrying cattle or other animals.

And a few in no particular order images since the recent new terminal opening. Images:,,

In Croatian "Zračna luka" literally translates to meaning "Airport" and "zrakoplov" means "airplane" btw.

Btw, if travelling through the airport do not try to lurk and pet the dog unexpectedly, you may startle it and come across as just another pointless annoying danger, then it may leap and rip your fucking throat out and kill you. Do not try to pet the dog without permission, don't pet the dog whatever you do or you'll just end up like any another dead pointless humanoid.

Arriving and departing passengers on the first official operational day of the new Split Airport terminal, the look of relief and joy on the faces of the travelers without a doubt proves that last year's humanitarian crisis and tragedies will not be repeated and that glorious freedom has finally arrived, and the newer larger duty free, snacks and other shops opening will ensure that malnutrition and dehydration will never be an issue again either.

Ample comfy seats means no more sitting on luggage outside in the elements and among the seagulls, the travelers just want to visit and then go home and not endure many hours long trials and tribulations, glorious freedom has officially arrived.

And as for the 2nd part yes of course I meant Owen Wilson obviously, I just changed it up a bit because I remember an article a few years ago when they humorously tweaked it regarding Ivanka Trump vacationing in Croatia as Ivanka Trumpović (although she does have Czech background so it's not that far-fetched) and they did the same thing for Brad Pittović, Bill Gatesović, Mickey Rourkević, Catherine Zeta-Jonesović and Tom Cruisević before, I think it started when the highly esteemed American humanitarian author, chef and musician Anton LaVeyević was rumored to be vacationing in Croatia, but had to cancel his flight last minute when his snake was feeling liverish and had laryngitis (more about all that surname stuff at Anyway, I don't really do celeb posts anymore, but Hollywood actor Owen Wilson just days ago after the airport terminal opening arrived in Split to start filming a movie with co-star Salma Hayek, (the science-fiction vampire horror supernatural futuristic thriller superhero zombie romance drama "Bliss") and since then he's been spotted and photographed at the very recently opened Game of Thrones museum in Split, eating and shopping at various places, buying groceries, and then seen again below at a local Split family run konoba along with Salma Hayek, spotted all over the place in people's pics almost like that Where's Waldo character but just wearing a different hat (a "konoba" is a common laid-back style tavern/restaurant in Croatia and especially the Dalmatian coastal areas where you don't have to dress it up fancy but the food options, portions and prices are usually very good, this particular Konoba Fetivi is a Michelin Bib Gourmand award winner especially known for traditional recipes, local meat and seafood dishes and excellent apple strudel). So it's all sort of related to the Split Airport terminal topic, more pics Here for those gotta know celebrity news types readers.

*Repost from February 2019.

Photos Of The Day: New Split Airport Terminal Construction Update (Viewer Discretion Advised)

These fairly recent construction update photos for the new Split Airport terminal seemed interesting enough to put here. The new terminal is over 4 times larger than the current airport terminal and is scheduled to be fully complete and in service for June or July this summer. In 2018 the airport was the second busiest in Croatia after Zagreb Airport handling around 3.12 million passengers, as it's a major destination for leisure flights during the European summer holiday season especially. Because of that it's been operating at over initial intended capacity during the peak summer season, at times with even more arrivals than Zagreb Airport in the summer (Interestingly in 1991 the passenger figures were nearly zero and most of the traffic were NATO and UN cargo planes, and the airport didn't even hit the million passengers mark again until 2006), and so construction was officially started by the companies Kamgrad, Viaduct and KFK Tehnika in 2017.

For those reasons a new airport terminal ball finally got rolling for a bigger more modern facility. The new passenger terminal building will have 3 floors with a circular 50 meter high round wooden domed ceiling main entrance hall and a spacious 35,000 square meters interior, (to be connected to the current 11,000 square meter terminal that will also be upgraded) which will increase the capacity of the terminal to 3,000 passengers per hour during the peak hours, and able to easily 5 million passengers annually. There is also going to be parking available for 900 cars, 5 new baggage carousels and a larger new baggage sorting facility, large 3rd floor observation deck, catering facilities, restaurants and shops, a 50-bus station, 30 check-in counters as well as offices for rent-a-car agencies, currency exchange etc. There will also be a covered 120 meter long bridge above the Kaštel road, which will make it much easier for passengers to travel between the parking lot and bus station to the new terminal, consisting of two automatic moving walkways and an elevator for access to people with disabilities, and in the middle will be the pedestrian walkway area.

I did regular photo updates when the new Zagreb Airport was being built but this is as far as I'm going here, I'm not going to get into all the specs or what stores and shops may or may not be inside. (There was also a new Terminal C completed in Dubrovnik in 2017 which also alleviated lots of the same peak summer season crowding issues, more about that HERE). The main thing though is that after this summer those recent overcrowded summer airport scenes will be a thing of the past (a few example pics at the bottom). I'll probably do a more complete post when the new terminal is officially opened...

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Images:,, are in no particular order.

Although one of the design changes to the ceiling from the original building plans was this wooden wavy effect domed ceiling as well as wooden hanging ceiling they decided upon for the main entrance, I like it and think it suits the building by giving the terminal a unique earthy naturalistic ambiance while filtering in natural light. Some footage of how they did it below.

A few of the preliminary visualization photos from before construction commenced, even with the few slight design changes the overall finished terminal will still essentially be as planned.

And lastly for some interesting contrast views, the main Split Airport terminal today and during some of the record breaking peak summer season over the past few years. Located 19 km west of Split and 6 km east of the town of Trogir, the new terminal will be over 4 times larger than the current one and easily process 5 million passengers annually, so these packed crowded scenes should be history soon. (Warning: contains shocking chaotic scenes of the hellish airport torment and suffering, viewer discretion advised)

During the non-peak summer season a few years ago was bearable, however soon the very gates of hell opened flooding the airport to above capacity.

The new Split Airport terminal will be completed and operational just in time for this summer to prevent another catastrophic humanitarian crisis as seen below, instead there'll be much more room, seating areas and quicker processing times for passengers. The largest top share of Croatia's annual visitors traditionally come from countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Czechia with Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain and Australia in the top 15, and by gosh they should not be victimized and treated in such a dehumanizing hellish fashion without the bare essentials of life like a bunch of KFC farm mutant chickens and that's the truth.

Disturbing scenes of the humanity crisis as people were literally almost crushed to death attempting to flee the chaos, being treated as pointless godforsaken humanoid cattle animals. One UN representative on the ground reported it was a humanitarian disaster that could have been averted if only more nations had sent humanitarian aid and committed to direct military security forces involvement.

The terror-filled days at Split Airport was a passenger humanitarian crisis nightmare not seen since the Siege of Vukovar, Siege of Sarajevo and aftermath of the Kosovo War in 1999. Here below casualties are seen finding refuge on the 2nd floor but many were not so lucky. 

The scenes of godforsaken passengers attempting to escape the calamity and carnage below will be a thing of the past in just a few months.

During the worst of the crisis there were even instances of some passenger victims having to sit outside on the grass and even their very own luggage used as pillows, abandoned in the summer heat, sunburned and surrounded by dangerous swirling seagulls and with no hope or any chairs. The vortex of horror was best summed up when a reporter quoted a casualty still in shock: "We barely escaped, I drank my last pop and I think I swallowed a bug". 

Above and below are more scenes from some of the worst crowded summer crisis moments, visible faces of godforsaken people in shock attempting to flee the airport horror, many were lucky enough to have barely escaped with their luggage and lived to tell their tale, just barely. However, soon justice will prevail as the previous airport victims can rest assured that at their next visit they won't have to endure the blatant despicable conditions and crimes against passengers humanity, circling attacking seagulls, bugs and lack of shelter, snacks and chairs as seen here, the previous Split Airport victims will finally be able to freely live and enjoy their full passenger rights and freedoms.

Floor plans map of the new terminal.

And lastly some interesting footage of the old terminal from a few years ago, this first one also mentions the Include Steora clean/green smart benches at the 3:13 mark which I just happened to have talked about before HERE...

...some rare close-up views driving around the old terminal tarmac...

...and an interesting landing approach view (the aerial views here are not the city of Split btw, the airport is actually in the Kaštela area about 19 km west from Split and 6 km east of Trogir).

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